Ban Kee Trading Inc: Where Toys and Fun Are One!


Believe it or not  toys are essential to every child’s development. Play is crucial to your baby’s development. But how do you know which toys will be a hit with your little one and which toys is age appropriate and safe for them? Ban Kee Trading, Inc. is the country’s leading distributors of toys and baby product in the Philippines. Ban Kee currently represents companies such as TOMY, IN TEX, GRACO children products, The First Years, Zhuzhu pets, Chuggington, Speed Stacks toy line, loom band, Hello Kitty, and many more. And they don’t just create/make toys they do consider every little things in every toy they created because for Ban Kee our child’s safety and development is their number one priority.


Ms.Jenny T. Fernandez, the Advertising and Promotions Manager of Ban Kee Trading, Inc. explained to us the importance of playing in every child’s growth. She also shared Ban Kee’s mission and vision.


Our mission is to provide our customers with service to the best of our capabilities; to offer them a wide array of popular toys and baby products and to serve their orders in a timely manner.


Our vision is to be the leading distributor of toys and baby products serving all retail trade categories. It is also to bring in quality toy and baby product brands and to ensure that they sell through by formulating and implementing sound advertising and marketing plans. Lastly, it is to instill a level of confidence among the consumers that they can get the latest, and most popular toys at competitive prices at their favorite local retail outlets

Jenny also shared to us the things that we should consider when buying toys:

  • It should be Lab Tested
  • For Plastic toys, it must be BPA-Free
  • Set limits on electronic
  • Must be age-appropriate
  • Don’t fall for toys that call themselves educational
  • Keep only a few toys at one time

And they also shared their newest product it’s called Chill Factor, all you gotta do is to put your favorite drink in this tumbler store it in the freezer for a minute and two and viola! Your kids can enjoy their home-made slushies! It’s perfect this summer season!


The First Years’ baby product are also produced by Ban Kee Trading, Inc. They are also the distributor of Safety First, if you’re a Mom you probably know this baby products.

IMG_1141And they do have Lalaloopsy and loom bands too!


In this event they also taught us how to make our own loom bands. I personally don’t know how to do it but they say it’s really addicting.


The kids also enjoyed playing with lalaloopsy. You can literally give this toy a bubble bath. The kids go gaga over it! And I find it cool too. 🙂


Cyler enjoyed The LeapFrog Tag Reading System. This unique reading system will engage children in the reading process.


And aside from the toys, they also gave us a post Mother’s Day treat. Thank you, Ban Kee! 🙂


We had an intimate lunch at Cravings, Shangrila Plaza.



I love the dessert table! It was overflowing with mouth-watering cakes and sweet candies! The chocolate caramel cake was a big hit.


Thank you so much again, Ban Kee Trading, Inc. for having me and Cyler at this event. Btw, most of their products are available at Toy Town and all leading toy stores!

Visit their website:

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