I almost lost my son!

Has anyone ever lost their child while shopping? I never thought it would happen to me, but it did! It was a busy Saturday at the mall when I almost lost my son and I felt like I’m the worst mom living on earth! I feel like I’m a terrible mom. Really. I can’t describe how I felt that day. It was a horrible and scary experience. We were inside the Department Store when Cyler was lost. He was just playing beside my mom and in just a snap he was gone! We couldn’t find him anywhere. I was so scared and paranoid, I actually don’t know what to do. My heart was beating so fast and my temperature was rising. I was just screaming his name and begging all the guards and saleslady to helped us out. Cj was still on his way home from their company outing so I called him right away to informed him. Of course, he got so worried too. After 10minutes of searching and while I was talking to Cj over the phone I saw a little boy in a red shirt running from afar so I ran as fast as I could to get him. And thank God it was my son, Cyler!

When I found him I hugged him tight and kissed him. I told him “Muntik nakong mamatay anak sa atake sa puso dahil sayo! Wag mo ng uulitin yan!” and he replied “What, Mommy?”. Fine. I just said never mind, the important thing is I found you. I couldn’t afford to lose you, anak. Mawala na ang lahat wag lang ikaw, Cyler. After that hindi ko na siya binitawan and from that day forward I swear to God that it will never EVER happen again! It was indeed the worst moment of my life. Hindi ko mapapatawad ang sarili ko if anything bad happens to him.

This was a true eye opener for me and it taught me so many things.  But I have to admit that I become more paranoid, fearful, and over-protective mom now. Of course, I still want to expose my child to public places and I don’t want to shelter him. I promise to be more extra-careful and vigilant now most especially when we go out to public places. I don’t think I can forgive myself if this happen again.

Any advice on overcoming this fear? Now I understand why some parents leash their kids, something I always swore I would never do, but I have to admit, the thought did cross my mind.


19 thoughts on “I almost lost my son!

  1. Omg 10 minutes! Si Meg nun sa aisle din ng grocery nag-ikot sya. Parang 1 min nawala sa paningin ko. Kaya ngayon doble ingat ako. People would always say OC ako pag nasa labas kami ni Meg, never ko pinapalayo sakin and di pwedeng di ko hawak even she’s a bit older na di’ba. Sobrang delikado ng panahon ngayon and you’ll never know what will happen in a short span of time. I’m glad Cyler’s ok. And the fear, natural yun. Take it positively na you’ll be on guard always. Hugs dear!

  2. HI sha! That’s scary a,10 mins ang tagal kaya nun! na experience ko yan sa niece ko we were looking for her, nun pala sumunod sa kasama namin sa ibang direction pumunta, Di namin makita yung paa, nun pala nakaupo! Nakakaba, pamangkin palang yun a! Mabuti at ok naman si Cyler. Kaya sobra ingat talaga tayong mga mommies e. Minsan mas ok na yung protective kesa yung masaktan sila.

  3. If it happened to me, I’ll feel the same way too. Iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon. Pati batang paslit, kina career na nag mga masasamang tao. Hay nku, I’m a paranoid mom when it comes to that. How doesn’t diba? Ako bahala nang matawag ako na OC and OA when bringing my kid sa public places, basta lang hindi sya mawala. Yun talaga ang akin. Kung pwde nga lang itali sya sa akin (like the ones I see na parang hayop ang mga batang tinatali sa kanilang parents), I’ll do it..

  4. 10 minutes? omegad. nakakaloka yun. this happens to me rin sometimes pero the most na ang 20 seconds and that feels like eternity na.

    Alam mo yun ginagawa daw dati ng father in law ko when Franco and his siblings were still kids.. tinatalian sila ng lobo sa kamay para kahit mapalayo madali mahanap.

    For us, we have a name tag that Aki wears when we go out to really crowded places. Pero the ultimate way to prevent him from getting lost ay wag umalis ng bahay

    • Yes, 10minutes syang nawala! Imagine kung anong pakiramdam nun. Umakyat na lahat ng dugo sa ulo ko sa nerbyos at kaba. As in! Hay grabe lahat ng santo natawag ko ata that time. It was really scary and traumatizing… Sobra. 😦

  5. Homay gulay!!!!! So glad you found him!! If that happened to me Sha, omg lahat yata ng police station gagambalain ko!!! Scary!!! Thank God happy ang ending and youre celebrating his 3rd birthday! Weeee!

  6. Naku Mommy Sha, sa kwento mo pa lang para na akong inaatake sa puso. It’s a good story to share though kasi it will be an eye opener din samin. Hayy.. I’m glad sa last part ng story mo eh, you found him. Nanlamig ako sa kwento eh. Hehe.

  7. That also to my son…he was with his Dad naman…what we do is talk to Mischa before leaving the house…remind him to always hold our hand…not to run away from us…if he gets lost he should stay at the last place we saw him…we had him memorize our names and other info…you just have to teach him what he needs to do in case he gets lost…it’s a good thing we saw Jericho Rosales’ film ALAGWA…we explained to Mischa that jericho’s son got lost…he now knows what could happen to him if he doesnt stay with us while in public places…he got so scared for the lost boy…hope this’ll help…

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