Cyler’s 3rd FUNtastic Birthday Celebration!


Last May 28, 2014, Wednesday we celebrated our unico hijo’s 3rd birthday. Yep, he’s 3 years old already! Can someone tell me where did the time goes?! Where?! Where?! I feel bittersweet because Cyler is so getting older and older. As he gets older I feel more emotional, I’m scared for the day that he’ll ask for his own freedom. Uggghhhh… I don’t think I’m ready for that. Okay, that’s too much…. Note to self: Don’t worry too much about the future coz it will make you go crazy. Just enjoy every bit of your “now” moments with your son.  FINE.



Please don’t grow up too fast, Cyler! Kasi bukod sa matatangkaran mo ko anak hindi pa kaya ni Mommy na tanggapin na hindi mo na sya kailangan. #DramaRamaSaUmaga

Anyhoot, sorry for the drama. Just wanted to share what we did for Cyler on his 3rd birthday. This time we went low-key, we didn’t invite any friends at all unlike what we did on his 2nd birthday (read here), we had an intimate celebration together with our family and some of Cyler’s playmates. It was indeed a simple yet FUNtastic birthday celebration for Cyler. We also surprised Cyler, we started decorating the house right after he take his afternoon nap.

Cyler's 3rd bday

We reused all the party decors that we used on his 2nd birthday party (you can read the details here) except the balloons of course.


Thank you so much Tito Francis for sponsoring the balloons! The kids loved it especially the birthday boy! He was so happy to see his name written on each balloons. 🙂





Nothing really fancy, we just hanged everything and viola! Our house is party-ready. 🙂



I prepared lasagna, potato salad, hotdog-on-stick-, leche-flan, puto, smores, and cakes for our few guests. Everyone loves the lasagna and the ube leche flan cake! They even ask me if they can order lasagna from me. Well, let me think of that first. Chos! #PaHardToGetKuno


When Cyler woke up from his afternoon nap he was really surprise when he saw the entire house. His jaw literally dropped. He said “It’s Cyler’s birthday! YEHEY! FUN!” and I told him “yes baby! today is your special day, your birthday!”. And he WAS tremendously happy, excited, and giddy most especially when we started singing the birthday song to him. He couldn’t believe it’s his birthday and I can see the joy through his eyes. It was pure bliss. Pero mas masaya pa rin ata akong makitang masaya ang anak ko. 🙂


He couldn’t get over it and he was in awe. He was sitting in that chair for about 3minutes and he was just reading the birthday banner and the message in every balloons over and over again. He was so surprise and so happy. 🙂


As soon as his playmates arrived we started singing the birthday song to him. Yep, he got 3 cakes! One from Mommy, one from Daddy, and one from his Tito Francis! My fave is the ube leche-flan cake! It’s sooooooo yummy! Promise! I didn’t know then that leche flan and ube cake are perfect combi until I tasted this cake. Btw, I bought that ube leche flan cake at Angelica’s Desserts. You can order and check their FB Page here.


I also bought these mouth-watering smores from Anghelica’s Desserts. It was also a big hit to everyone.


Cyler got confused which cakes will he blow first so ze Daddy helped him while the stage-Momma took the pictures. 🙂


Here’s Cyler entertaining his guests while they’re enjoying the food. 😉


Together with the Montegrejo Clan (Cj’s side).


Cyler even requested to have his photo taken with his cousins/playmates. Syempre dahil birthday nya siya daw ang leader (aka pasimuno). Teehee!


They look so happy….and cute together! 🙂


Well the party didn’t end here… they continue the party outside the house. The kids were so happy playing with Cyler and with their balloons. 🙂

Cyler's 3rd bday1

You know what makes this celebration special? It’s the memories and priceless moments that we shared together on this day and the people who becomes part of it. No bonggang party could ever beat that. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cyler’s 3rd FUNtastic Birthday Celebration!

  1. super like ko yang ganyang mga intimate party. Mas masaya talaga kesa sa big party. Ang pinaka importante ng enjoy si Cyler! Mukhang very happy nga talaga sya e. Cute baby Cyler! =)

    • Thank you, Tita Mary joy! 🙂

      Yes, super nag enjoy sya at na-surprise ng bonggang-bongga! Mas preferred ko talaga tong mga intimate party kasi mas hassle-free din. 🙂

  2. So many kids, that must’ve been super fun for Cyler. Celeste is turning 3 pretty soon and I have not really planned anything except for her cake, yikes! I love the lanterns, you made them? Belated happy birthday to Cyler 🙂

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