Cyler’s 3rd Birthday Celebration at Nurture Wellness Village


My family had the most relaxing, incredible, and amazing vacation at Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay last week. If I could only stop the clock and turn back time we will definitely stay there a little longer. But time didn’t allow us to do so, nevertheless we enjoyed every bit of our time together. I’m still grateful and happy that we were able to enjoy this short but meaningful family-trip. This trip is actually part of Cyler’s birthday celebration but this time we opted to have some family time. Just the three of us– Cj, Cyler, and me. And I must say we did have the most amazing time together. And I thank God for allowing us to enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest.


WARNING: This post is photo-heavy. Really. πŸ™‚


Nurture Wellness Village or Nature Spa Tagaytay is indeed a sanctuary. It’s so serene and beautiful. You can literally see and feel the wonders of nature once you get in here. Cyler loves nature that’s why I chose this place to celebrate his 3rd birthday, he did enjoy every corner of this place. We actually had a bunch of photos here and I couldn’t even decide how will I filter all of it because every picture looks perfect for me. Every corner of this place is indeed camera-worthy. I bet once you see the photos you will definitely agree with me. πŸ™‚


There are so many lovely flowers everywhere!IMG_1612

It was raining when we arrived so they offered this hot jasmine tea. Oh I love their tea and their presentation. Flowers are indeed the best accessory.


Welcome drinks



It’s funny because Cyler was the one initiating to have his photo-taken with me or his Daddy. Sya pa yung magsasabi ng “Say cheese!”. I find it cute though. πŸ™‚










Aside from the nature’s beauty another things that I love about this place is that they have everything we need– playground, swimming pool, spa (they have the best massage EVER! It’s really a must try especially for tired body and mind) , ample space for the kids and kids at heart who loves to run and play, very accommodating and friendly staff (they have the friendliest staff! I swear!) , great food, superb ambiance, fresh air… I actually love everything here. As in everything. They have almost everything that every bakasyonista needs. If you want relaxation at its finest this is definitely the best place to go.



Btw, here’s the room that we got. It’s very classy, roomy, and minimalistic just the way I like it. I always say that I don’t want a room na maabubot because I have a very curious toddler who wants to touch and play everything. The simpler the room, the better, the safer for my toddler.


See how curious he is? He’d play everything he sees in the room, as in everything! Even the tiniest things! Even the tissue and telephone walang kawala. I swear that’s how curious Cyler is.



I purchased our reservation thru Deal Grocer so the accommodation that we got is cheaper than its original price and surprisingly hindi kami tinipid. Diba kasi usually when you buy the deal online madalas ang pangit ng kasamang services pero Deal Grocer is way better than others. I also noticed that all theΒ  hotels and resorts deals that they are offering/selling is not pipichugin. So it’s worth every centavo talaga. When it comes to buying online deals I highly recommend Deal Grocer to everyone. Plus their service is super fast and hassle free.

Anyhoo, I love our bathroom here. It’s very spacious and clean!


And I love that cabinet too! It’s looks kinda scary but it’s classy. Kaso they don’t have bath-tub, we love bath-tub pa naman. Isa pa naman yan sa mga qualifications ko when it comes to bathroom.

IMG_1631My little assistance was checking every corner of our room too.


Oh and here’s the breath-taking view from our window! Isn’t it lovely?! It IS! Now how could you not relax with that? View palang very relaxing na. And are you familiar with that soothing and relaxing music at every spa? Here at Nurture Wellness there is a music playing even outside the room. Yes, kahit nasa labas ka may relaxing music na playing on the background. So dun palang mare-relax kana feeling mo nasa gitna ka ng forest. I swear it’s super nice. Really nice.


Upon entering the room this swan(made of towel) welcomed us.


I love this chandelier made of capis. It’s very Filipino and classy, it makes the entire room cozier too.

IMG_1649Btw, they do have free-wifi too and the connection is really good. I’m not sure with the other areas but our wifi connection inside the room is quite fast.


Endorser lang ang peg! Teehee!

They also gave us complimentary sweets(yummy yema!!) which were gone in less than 60 seconds! That’s how sweet and thoughtful they are. πŸ™‚


Btw, they don’t have any refrigerator in the room because they’re encouraging their guest to eat fresh and healthy food. They used to offer some packages upon your check-in if you want to have detox or holistic weight loss,Β  it includes spa as well as food. What we got is just the accommodation (inclusive of 2 breakfast and use of their facilities) and I just added the massage. They also have some activities for the guest like tai chi (it exercises the mind and body) and nurture walk every morning.


We really love their outdoor playground most especially the trampoline! Well, obviously we enjoyed playing there a lot! πŸ™‚IMG_1762

Cyler was so delighted and joyful! This is the first time he tried trampoline. It’s not my first time but this is the first time I enjoyed it. Mas na-appreciate and na-enjoy ko sya this time because of Cyler. I realized that it’s more fun playing trampoline with my son. πŸ™‚

Our child really brings out the kid in me and Cj. Ganyan naglalaro lang kami pero super saya. Super saya na parang I just want to stop the clock and freeze that moment. Hay.


And I must say that they have the most accommodating, hospitable, cheerful, and friendly staff. From time to time they used to check us if we’re comfortable and ask us if we need/want something.Β  Even pag nakasalubong lang namin sila kakamustahin nila kami how’s our stay mga ganun. Sana lahat ng mga hotels, spa, or resort ganun ung mga staff para mas masaya ang bakasyon noh? I therefore conclude that good customer service has a great impact to every customers.


Of course, a visit to Nature Spa Tagaytay is not complete without trying their massage after all they won’t be considered as one of the Top Asian Spa for nothing, right?! Nurture Wellness Village or Nature Spa is the best spa in Tagaytay. So I tried it and oh my goodness…… their massage is sooooooooo good! I love having body massage but I must say that their massage IS really THE BEST. They offer local and foreign massage therapies, I tried their Hilot Kagalingan since I have cough and colds then. Hilot Kagalingan is a customized Filipino massage that uses a fusion of Asian therapies to prevent and cure common ailments like colds, sprain, fever and fatigue. And also their massaging oils are personally created by the of the owner of the Spa who is a Chemist by profession.

Β “Nurture therapists undergo extensive training for at least two months on Anatomy and Physiology, Theoretical and Practical Massage. They also go through 60 hours on the job practice before graduating. Their trainers are internationally licensed by CIBTAC, UK and by the Department of Health. ” – Nature Wellness Village

So we’re 101% sure that their therapist are all well-trained.

While I’m having massage, my boys enjoyed swimming together. And they definitely had the time of their life while I’m having my awesome and perfect Mom-me time. πŸ™‚


This is my favorite photo among all our photos– our family photo. For me it was perfectly captured. Cyler is such a big boy na noh? Time flies really fast!


We had loads of fun in our 1st day here at Nurture but the fun continues as we did more exciting activities the next morning. I’m gonna share that in my next post so tune in at KMS! πŸ™‚

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