Cyler’s 3rd Birthday Celebration at Nurture Wellness Village (Part Deux)


Hello! Hello! Finally, here’s the 2nd part of Cyler’s birthday celebration at Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay. If you haven’t read the first part you can read it here. I’ve decided to take a break from blogging that’s why I put this blog on hiatus. I just need to focus more on my family and other important things in life but I never neglected this blog. But if you’re following me on instagram (it’s kikay_mommy_sha btw)  I’m pretty sure you know what keep me busy. Anyway, going back to our topic we just had an overnight stay at Nurture but every seconds of our stay here was super worth it (and super nakakabitin!). So what did we do on our 2nd day?!

We maximized it and made sure that every seconds are well spent. We enjoyed our family time together from the time we opened our eyes. 🙂


I know I’ve said this gazillion times but let me just repeat it once again– we are NOT morning person but every time we travel our body clock surprisingly change. We used to wake up early and we do our morning walk together which is very unusual for us. Teehee!


That’s Cyler picking up the little flowers but supposedly bawal pumitas ng bulaklak. Lagot, Cyler! Teeehee!


And did you know what he did with all the flowers that he picked?! He gave it to meeee! #HabaNgHair


We both love nature! I love plants, trees, and flowers because I grew up in a place where nature is my playground.  And I’m very happy that my son were able to experience the same thing too. Exploring nature is our favorite activity.




Beautiful flowers are everywhere! That’s why we fell inlove in this place. 🙂



Every corner of this place is indeed breath-taking. It’s so beautiful and wonderful.



And every moment we spent here is priceless.


Father and son having a serious 1-on-1 talk. 🙂

After our morning walk  we had breakfast.


I’m not a morning-person and I don’t really like breakfast but how can you not love these? I super love their tapa plus they used to serve brown rice so it’s not only yummy it’s healthier too! And their bacon is not tinipid too, alam mo yung tipo ng bacon na halos di mo na malasahan sa nipis? In fairness, their bacon is thick and hindi puro taba.



And the best part of our breakfast? Their surprised birthday-cake for Cyler! He was so delighted and surprised when he saw it!


Cyler don’t usually eat cake (yah, he’s a weird kiddo like that!) but he like this one because it’s not too sweet, it has the right amount of sweetness.


After having brekky, off we go to the swimming pool! This is one of our favorite activity together. We can stay in the pool for more than 4hrs, I swear! That’s how we love the water.





We stayed in the water for more than 2hrs without sunblock! But we’re still happy kahit nag-kulay kahoy kami… ay ako lang pala. LOL!


As usual we had a hard time convincing Cyler to get out of the pool but he doesn’t have any choice anyway. After swimming he requested to go back at the playground and he played in the trampoline.


After those happy moments, finally it’s time to go and we felt so so sad. But we didn’t say goodbye, because we will return and that is for sure. 🙂



Just a few more phot0-ops before we go. 🙂





Then before we go home, we went to one of our favorite dining place at Tagaytay– The Cliff House! Our trip to Tagaytay is not complete without going to this place. 🙂


We definitely had a blast! Can’t wait to plan for our next family vacation! Thank you so much Nurture Wellness Village for giving us that wonderful and relaxing experience. We will definitely go back some other time! And thanks to all the staff for being so hospitable to me and my family. Till our next vacation! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Cyler’s 3rd Birthday Celebration at Nurture Wellness Village (Part Deux)

  1. Lovely shots Cuz! At ang shoray ng swimsuit pic! Sana inalis mo na ang skirt! Oi seryoso let’s plan na to go to Tagaytay with Lucas and Cyler. Magzoo tayo dun please!

  2. It looks so relaxing! And parang masarap yung food, haha.

    Sorry, napadaan lang while looking for blogger communities here in the Phil. Thanks for the link to Mom Center and Ygo’s Organics (something to look forward to after I give birth this month). A Belated Happy 2nd Blog-sary as well, looking forward to more of your posts!

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