Losing My Blogging Mojo

Hello! Hello! I miss blogging a lot and I feel so outdated too. So sorry for being MIA for the past days for I’ve been very busy with my family (most especially with my uber demanding toddler!), work, and with a lot of things! I hardly blog too when I’m at home because Cyler wants my entire attention all the time plus our room is always a big mess so I don’t really know how to include blogging in my little time. Most of the time I found myself snoozing right after playing with my toddler because while we play I also do some cleaning on the side. Talk about multi-tasking ‘eh! Sorry but I’m really bad at time management. Uggh! But fret no more because I’m gonna write a quick post tonight before I go home. Hopefully this post will bring back my blogging mojo coz I have a bunch of pending stories and advertorial post too! So please please bare with me, okay?!


Did you ever experience or feel like you want to do something (in my case I want to blog) but you don’t really know how to fit it in your sched?!

I do and I feel that all the time! Alam mo yung feeling na sometimes you have spare time pero pag humarap kana sa harap ng computer blangko na ung utak mo. And then pag feel ko naman mag-blog wala naman akong pagkakataon to do it. In as much as I want to blog unfortunately there’s no enough time to do it.


My son becomes more clingy nowadays, he wants our whole attention all the time. One time when my mom and I are busy with gadgets Cyler suddenly told us “Mommy, Wowa no iphone and ipad please!”. Oh.My.Gee. I felt really bad and super guilty after hearing that from my son. From then ayoko ng pakita sa kanya na busy ako sa ibang bagay pag kasama ko sya. He’s very consistent with that kagabi lang after playing with him nagcheck ako ng IG ko patago and guess what?! He still caught me partida tinago ko pa sa pillow yung phone ko. LOL! And you know what he told me? “Mommy, I want you. Please play with Cyler. I love my Mommy!”. Awww! He strikes again and it was bullseye! Sapul na sapul ako mga ateng! So tell me how can I say no to that?!

I’m not blaming my son, okay? I’m actually happy that he’s more aware now with his feelings and that he wants me and his Dad all the time. Minsan lang yan maging bata kaya gusto kong sulitin tong pagkakataon nato na mas maging malapit sa anak ko. And I think it’s the best reason why I can’t blog all the time, right? Alam ko naman I have my loyal readers who will surely come back kahit minsan nalang ako mag post. I want to keep this blog so I don’t really like the idea of shutting down this blog. Mejo pag-pasensyahan nio nalang if madalang nako mag-post ngayon, promise babawi ako! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Losing My Blogging Mojo

  1. Tha’s really sweet! Syempre importante ang family lalo na ang mga kids. kapag may sinabi sila, alam mong totoo yun at sincere. Minsan lang sila bata, kaya enjoyin na ang quality time dahil mabilis silang lumaki!

    Andito lang kami Sha na mga readers mo, hehe! =)

    • Ayieee! Thank you, Mary Joy sa walang sawang pagtitiis at pagtya-tyaga sakin. Teehee!

      Ay naku truelaley! Habang kailangan pa tau ng mga junakis natin dapat tlga ituon lahat ng oras sknila lalo na sa case ko na working mom dahil buong araw ko ginugugol ko na sa trabaho. Kaya paguwi ng bahay ung mag ama ko nalang inaatupag ko. 🙂

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