Getting Rid of UTI

I’m pretty sure you’ve all noticed that I seldom write a blog post these past few days and it’s because lately I’m not feeling well. Last week I’ve been diagnosed with UTI again. I used the word “again” because obviously it’s not the first time I had this. The last time I had it was when I was pregnant with Cyler and back in my college days.

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The Ogalala System In Play

Amina and Kids With Ogalala (3)

As a mom, I believe that play is very vital in my child’s development because it enhances his skills and development. Play gives your child a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills at her own pace by following her unique interests. So buying the right and perfect toy for our kids is very important too. That’s why I am very keen and happy to share with you what Ogalala System in Play are all about.

So first things first, what is Ogalala?

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SM Kids’ Fashion Denim Launch


Disclaimer: Most of the photos were grabbed from ARC_PR Official FB Page.

SM Kids’ Fashion Denim is taking young style to another level. The collection offers the widest range of denim pieces to keep kids looking their best. Now young ones are free to mix, match, and create outfits for any day and occasion.  The SM Kids’ Denim Launch were held at SMX Convention Center last June 28, 2014.  Continue reading

Cyler’s Potty Train Success!

Teaching your son how to use the potty will require time, effort and patience on your part, it also needs a lot of motivation and cooperation from your son. For me the key to potty training success is when your child is showing interest and willingness to do so. Not all kids are ready for this change, it took us months before Cyler get the hang of it. I remember the first time when I introduced Cyler to potty training he was just two years old then and it really scared him to death. He was so shocked and just cried, of course it wasn’t successful. To be very honest, it wasn’t an easy (for both me and Cyler) transition but  of course I don’t want to pressure Cyler on this part so I waited until he’s ready.


Photo grabbed from Google Images

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Gwyneth’s Hello Kitty Themed Birthday Party

Jollibee Bday

Last month, we attended a birthday party with Hello Kitty themed at Jollibee, Macapagal. I’m a big fan of this cartoon character when I was a small kid so this party definitely brought out the kid in me. It was a simple yet fun-filled birthday party and we did enjoy it most especially Cyler. I haven’t attended a Hello Kitty themed party in such a long time so medyo na-excite ako this time. Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Egg and Tortilla Cups

IMG_9844-001 Hallow! Hallow! Did you miss my recipe post?! Raise your left eyebrow (Uy nag-attempt syang itaas ang left-brow nya. NYAHAHA! ) if you miss this segment here in my blog. To be very honest kahit ako na-miss ko ng mag-share ng mga recipes here. This post has been sitting in my drafts for such a long time and this is the only time I was able to share it. I told you naman I have bunch of backlogs and this is just part of it. Anyway, I’m glad I was able to squeeze in some time to share this uber easy,healthy, and hearty recipe to y’all. This recipe is perfect for family breakfast because aside from the fact that  it’s very simple to make this recipe is also pack with vitamins, nutrients, and energy booster that will keep you going all throughout the day! Continue reading

First Movie Date with Cyler!


Ecstatic is an understatement when we had our first movie date with my son, Cyler. Finally, we had movie date together! YAY! Cj and I are actually more excited for Cyler. We watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 at Robinsons, Magnolia a couple of weeks ago and I’d say this movie didn’t disappoint. The scenes are perfect for Cyler because most of it are kid-friendly. Well except the part when Hiccup’s Dad died and they’re all sad and crying… because Cyler got emotional too. He got carried away with the scene that he also cried when he saw the characters crying. But it wasn’t the tantrums-level-cry so it was totally fine. He did know that we were about to watch movie but he didn’t know that we will watch it in the big screen. So he was completely amazed when he saw the big screen.  I was afraid that he might freak-out once we enter the movie house but thank goodness it didn’t happen. I can see on his eyes how mesmerized he was and the good thing was he watched attentively. So two thumbs-up for my brave little boy! I’ll consider that as a milestone. 🙂

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What Are You Most Grateful For?


After reading Ate Maggie and Maqui‘s recent blog post I got really inspired with their stories so I decided to share mine today. I’ve felt down and been very sickly lately but suddenly I realized that I had so many things to be grateful for in life. Sometimes it’s easy to feel bad because you’re going through a tough time in life. No matter how bad your situation may seem remember that there are million things to be grateful in life. Today, I realized that I am beyond blessed for having my family. God had given me a very kind-hearted, sweet, and loving son and husband who are always there for me no matter what. They are indeed my real source of happiness, strength, and joy.

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