First Movie Date with Cyler!


Ecstatic is an understatement when we had our first movie date with my son, Cyler. Finally, we had movie date together! YAY! Cj and I are actually more excited for Cyler. We watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 at Robinsons, Magnolia a couple of weeks ago and I’d say this movie didn’t disappoint. The scenes are perfect for Cyler because most of it are kid-friendly. Well except the part when Hiccup’s Dad died and they’re all sad and crying… because Cyler got emotional too. He got carried away with the scene that he also cried when he saw the characters crying. But it wasn’t the tantrums-level-cry so it was totally fine. He did know that we were about to watch movie but he didn’t know that we will watch it in the big screen. So he was completely amazed when he saw the big screen.  I was afraid that he might freak-out once we enter the movie house but thank goodness it didn’t happen. I can see on his eyes how mesmerized he was and the good thing was he watched attentively. So two thumbs-up for my brave little boy! I’ll consider that as a milestone. 🙂

Well the funny part was when Cyler fell asleep on the first half of the movie. WAHAHAHAHA! He was just watching and enjoying eating popcorn when he suddenly doze off to sleep. Oh I should’ve let him take a nap before the movie. Teehee! My bad!  But the good thing was he woke up in the middle of the movie, akala namin tutulugan lang nya ung buong movie. NYAHAHAHA! Buti nalang talaga nagising sya kasi sayang ang bayad! LOL! Kidding aside for me this movie experience was so memorable for us because it was the very time we went out on a movie date together. Yes, the three of us together.  Yeah, it may be a small thing but for me it was one of the most wonderful experience as a family. It’s like having a first movie date with your partner but this time it’s more fun and memorable.

I know this is just our first ever movie date, oh I can’t wait to watch more movies together! 🙂


6 thoughts on “First Movie Date with Cyler!

  1. naranasan ko yan dati nung gf/bf pa lang kami ni hubby, nakatulog ako sa kalagitnaan ng palabas sa sinehan! hahaha! mabuti si Cyler na isama mo na dyan kahit sobrang lakas ng sounds at madilim sa loob.

    Excited na din ako makasama si baby A manuod ng sine, kami nila daddy J, pero sa ngayon ulit ulitin muna namin yung Frozen na palabas, hehe! =)

    • Sanayin mo muna sya sa house ninyo, manood kau ng movie na patay lahat ng ilaw para pag dinala mo sya sa movie house di sya mabibigla. Ganun lang ginawa namin kay Cyler, surprisingly it works! 🙂

  2. Let me guess, Cyler wants a toy dragon after the movie? First movie date naman namin we watched Frozen. I thought its going to be tiring but surprisingly she sat down thru the whole movie and she became a big fan of Queen Elsa 🙂

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