Gwyneth’s Hello Kitty Themed Birthday Party

Jollibee Bday

Last month, we attended a birthday party with Hello Kitty themed at Jollibee, Macapagal. I’m a big fan of this cartoon character when I was a small kid so this party definitely brought out the kid in me. It was a simple yet fun-filled birthday party and we did enjoy it most especially Cyler. I haven’t attended a Hello Kitty themed party in such a long time so medyo na-excite ako this time. Jollibee Bday2




Cyler and his cousins, Shin and Shaun. 🙂


Can you spot Cyler in the photo below? Super nakikigulo sya sa games as in literal na pang-gulo. LOL!


Imbis na tumulonglalo pa nyangginuguloyung game. Nalokayungmga ka-team nyasakanya. WAHAHAHA


Kung hindi pang gulo sa games kung sino-sino naman ginugulo nya. HAHAHA!


Look at my abs, yo! LOL!

Can you spot Cyler in this photo? He wanted to join this game kaso akala nung host nagjo-joke lang si Cyler so hindi nya sinali. Sayang!


Aside from the games, one of the things that he enjoyed the most in this party is the photobooth! Naku hindi mo talaga sya mapapa-alis sa photoboot, aliw na aliw sa muka nya. So tuwang-tuwa din yung mga tao kasi daw adik sa picture. Kanino paba magmamana? Teehee!


Here’s the close-up look of his photo-session. F na F diba? Nyahahaha!

Jollibee Bday3

He really knows how to make silly pose in front of the camera. Napaka camera-shy ng anak ko. Megad!


We’ve attended bunch of  birthday parties held at Jollibee pero takot pa rin si Cyler sa mascot. Kalurks! Look how afraid he was. Hahaha!


Thanks, Gwyneth for having us on your birthday party! May God continue to bless you and your family. And may you grow with love and with God. 🙂



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