Cyler’s Potty Train Success!

Teaching your son how to use the potty will require time, effort and patience on your part, it also needs a lot of motivation and cooperation from your son. For me the key to potty training success is when your child is showing interest and willingness to do so. Not all kids are ready for this change, it took us months before Cyler get the hang of it. I remember the first time when I introduced Cyler to potty training he was just two years old then and it really scared him to death. He was so shocked and just cried, of course it wasn’t successful. To be very honest, it wasn’t an easy (for both me and Cyler) transition but  of course I don’t want to pressure Cyler on this part so I waited until he’s ready.


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Yes, it takes time but once your child is ready teaching them how to use the potty will be as easy as 1,2,3. I’ve read in some parenting site that boys tend to stay in diapers longer than girls, but this doesn’t mean that we should stop training them as early as possible. Potty training is definitely not as easy as what you think because it also requires timing. Once you introduce your son to this process and they’re ready to start you also needs to focus on timing. There are times when Cyler doesn’t want to tell us that he’s about to do #1 or #2, so I learned how to focus on timing and follow my instinct. Our pedia, Dra. Vienne Saulog suggested that we should bring Cyler on the toilet every hour because most of the kids used pee every hour (it depends on the fluid intake). So I followed her suggestion and now Cyler used to tell us if he’s about to pee or poop. But there are times when he still pee on his pants, I guess those are times when he couldn’t control it at all. He still wear diapers during bedtime and when we’re out of the house but during day time he doesn’t wear diapers at all.

We’re taking this process one baby step at a time because we don’t want to pressure Cyler at all, we want this potty training to be as fun as possible. So for those mom and dad who are just starting to potty train their kids here’s a couple of tips for y’all:

1. Don’t force/pressure your child. The more you pressure them the longer it takes, remember patience is the key!

2. Let him watch and learn. This is the first step that we did with Cyler. Bear in mind that toddlers learn by imitation, and watching you use the bathroom is a natural first step. By teaching them how to use the toilet bowl he will also learn that using potty is a natural thing to do.

3. Consistency is the key. The more he uses the potty, the better he’ll be at it. If at first he doesn’t succeed just try and try again. Be sure that his routine is well established.

4. Focus on timing. Learn how to decode your child’s body language. Sometimes toddler’s has tendency not to tell their parents/guardian that they’re about to do #1 or #2 because they couldn’t control it at all so be extra-sensitive and focus on timing. I’d say this is one of the most important thing on potty training most especially if your child is not yet talking and you started potty training early.

5. Make potty training fun time. If you approach potty training with a little panache, your child will be more likely to stay motivated. In our case, Cyler loves going in the bathroom because he loves playing in the water so while he’s sitting in the toilet bowl I used to sprinkle some water on his face and it triggers his excitement. So using the potty became a fun time for Cyler too. Another method is to use stickers and a calendar to keep track of his successes every time he goes to the potty.


So there, hope you find these tips useful! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Cyler’s Potty Train Success!

  1. thanks for the tips, Sha. I just have a question on #2. kasi I know kids learn from example e. kaso hindi ba super hirap ng example ng pagpopotty train? I am really thinking of potty training Neo na by the time he turns 3 kasi.

    • Hindi naman mahirap. We usually sit in the toilet bowl tapos pretend that your doing #2 kunwari umiiri din kami so by doing that Cyler learned that pooping in the bowl is a natural thing to do, when it comes to peeing si Daddy nya ung nagsa-sample sknya kc syempre nakatayo ang boys pag nag wiwi diba. Yun walang daya talagang actual wiwi. Haha!

      So from then he learned na how to sit in the toilet bowl and how to pee properly. Hindi na namin nagamit ung potty chair nya (na gift sknya) kasi mas madali pag direcho sa toilet bowl mo na iti-train. Pero we usually used it pag nasa room kami dun sya nag wi-wiwi kc nasa baba pa ung cr namin.

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