Getting Rid of UTI

I’m pretty sure you’ve all noticed that I seldom write a blog post these past few days and it’s because lately I’m not feeling well. Last week I’ve been diagnosed with UTI again. I used the word “again” because obviously it’s not the first time I had this. The last time I had it was when I was pregnant with Cyler and back in my college days.

I become prone to this infection because I love eating junk food and I controlled my pee most of the time especially when I’m busy at work. I felt the sympthoms last month but instead of going to the doctor I did some self-prescription. I drink cranberry juice and lotsa water hoping that it’ll cure this infection. I also tried to stay away from having junk and salty food but there are times when I couldn’t resist it. Sorry naman ang sarap ng bawal eh! 🙂

Little did I know the infection was getting worse. Last week I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt this burning sensation again. Alam mo yung feeling na parati kang naiihi and after you pee parang naiihi kapa rin. And the urination was really painful. Kasumpa-sumpa yung sakit, I swear! It was so painful that I couldn’t even go back to sleep. So I decided to see a doctor, yeah that’s how bad I am when it comes to my own health.

So last Monday I went to the doctor, she prescribed an antibiotic and she told me to come back this Friday for another round of check-up and laboratory. A few days after my check-up I felt a little pain in my back and pelvic and everyday it becomes more painful. And then yesterday, the pain was accompanied with fever too. But thank God the fever subsided not completely though. Then I recalled,
the doctor told me that the pain from the pelvic can be a sign that your kidney is affected too due to UTI. Yes, UTI may lead to some serious problems, such as kidney infection. But I’m crossing my finger now and hoping that my case is not so serious. Tomorrow, I’m going back to the doctor to have it check again. I’m really praying that this infection won’t go to the next level. I feel really bored lying in the bed the entire day, hopefully I won’t hear any bad findings from the doctor tomorrow. Hay! I hate being sick. 😦


15 thoughts on “Getting Rid of UTI

  1. I hope this wont be any bad Sha! I had UTI too when I was pregnant with James and still can feel that burning sensation when I pee sometimes. I don’t know if I still carry the infection. I am just waiting for our company health card to be released then I’ll have mine checked too. Get well soon Sha! =)

    • Thanks, Jen! I’m really hoping that this won’t be really bad. Hay! I’m super pasaway kasi. 😦

      You need to have it check mahirap na pag lumala baka matulad ka sakin. Kaka-bukas ko lumala tuloy. Hayayay!

      • For the meantime, iwasan mo na lang ang softdrinks and junk foods and any salty food para ma lessen yung infection saka mag meds ka on time ha?! Take care Sha! =)

    • Not yet, ndi pa inadvice ng doctor. Kakatapos ko lang kasi mag antibiotic so antay pa atleast a day or two bago mag take effect. Pag same pa din nararamdaman ko another test uli tapos they might recommend high dosage this time. Hay! I can still feel the pain in my pelvic, sometimes tolerable pero during night time ang sakit talaga sobra I can’t even sleep. 😦

  2. oh. get well soon sha! i had uti before same as yours. ang hirap talaga. tama si mommy jen, iwas ka sa softdrinks at kape and salty food. and drink lots of water.

    Hindi ako nakakapag comment sa posts mo before, ayaw kasi bumukas ng page. good thing ok na. =)

  3. Praying for you, Sha. I’m prone to UTI too so I really avoid junk food and holding my pee. Like you, though, I usually hold off a doctor’s visit. I try home remedies muna. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced the kind of pain you described. I’ll remind myself to see a doctor first thing I experience the onset of UTI again to make sure that it won’t lead to a serious problem. Take care!

  4. i just saw this now Cuz. I had recurring UTI too before and the best preventive solution is to drink cranberry juice (more than buko juice). One glass a day is fine. It really helps. I hope by this time you are feeling much much better

    • I feel way better than last week, thanks cuz! no more pain na just finished taking antibiotics too. Hopefully magtuloy-tuloy na and yes I drink cranberry too everyday now, from now on it’ll be staple in our grocery list.

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