Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake Giveaway Winner!!!!

Hello everyone! Finally, here’s the judgement day..the day that you’ve been all waiting for! The announcement of the winner of our Red Ribbon Dedication Cake Giveaway! Are you guys ready to know who’s the winner?! If yes, please raise your toes!!!!

Alright, here’s a little clue about the winner. She is dedicating her sweet and unique birthday message below to his son who will be celebrating his bday on January.


Get’s ninyo na who’s the winner?! If not then

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Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake Giveaway!!!! (CLOSED)


Thank you for being the best. Happy Birthday Daddy Cj! Love lots, Cyler, Mommy, baby Tummy

Birthday is the most important occasion in everyone’s life, right?!  So as a mom we have to make this day extra-special to our loved ones. And when I say special it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be super bonnga , of course we need to consider the budget that’s the one of most important thing. Our friends from Red Ribbon knows how important this day is that’s why Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication cake was created. It was created to make your birthday or your loved ones birthday extra-special. For only Php300 you can avail their 8×8 dedication birthday cake plus you can greet your loved ones and place a personal message that your loved one will truly cherish. With Red Ribbon Dedication Cake you can go beyond the usual “Happy Birthday” greeting on your cake just like what I did on my husband, Cj’s birthday cake.

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Another Year for Hubby, Another Blessing For Our Family!

Today is Cj’s birthday! So let’s greet him a Happy happy Birthday! It’s his 18th bday today…charaught! Wish nya lang daw! But I couldn’t be any happier because aside from fact that we are celebrating his birthday, today we are also celebrating a new life that God has given to my family. Today, we shared to the whole world the reason why we are so grateful and that reason is because I’m pregnant with baby #2! Cyler is soon to be kuya! Yep, I’m positively positive and baby #2 is on its way!


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