Another Year for Hubby, Another Blessing For Our Family!

Today is Cj’s birthday! So let’s greet him a Happy happy Birthday! It’s his 18th bday today…charaught! Wish nya lang daw! But I couldn’t be any happier because aside from fact that we are celebrating his birthday, today we are also celebrating a new life that God has given to my family. Today, we shared to the whole world the reason why we are so grateful and that reason is because I’m pregnant with baby #2! Cyler is soon to be kuya! Yep, I’m positively positive and baby #2 is on its way!


I’m 8weeks and 3days pregnant as of writing and I must say that this pregnancy is way different from my first pregnancy. I always feel exhausted and tired and I become super sakitin too. I’m not complaining though I know it’s all part of the pregnancy. I just wanted to share how I feel right now. But I’m definitely thrilled and excited to see “baby tummy”. That’s how Cyler call his sibling. He always say “baby tummy” when pointing to my tummy. Cj and I are both excited for Cyler too! I know he’s been longing for a sibling for quite some time now.

Anyway, I’ll share my juntis stories in another post. For now I just wanted to share this another greatest blessing that we received from our Lord God. The best talaga si Lord! He knows that this is the perfect and right time to have baby#2 and I couldn’t agree more. Cj said this is the greatest birthday gift that he received. We’re just sooooooooo happy and excited with our growing family! 🙂


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