Four Years of Happiness And Countless Blessings!


Hello guys! Yesterday, we celebrated our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary! WOOOHOOO! Akalain ninyo yun 4 na taon na kaming naglolokohan?! Charot! No but seriously we feel really blessed this year because aside from baby#2 mas naging okay din yung financial income namin mag-asawa so super ready na talaga kami for the arrival of baby tummy! Weeeeee! Cj and I are both so excited to fulfill all our plans for our family.

And you know what guys?

It really works talaga if you ALWAYS support each other kasi mas madaling gawin and tuparin yug mga plans ninyo for the family most especially pag si God ang nagco-control sa inio mag-asawa. I’m no saint but Cj and I do believe that nothing is impossible as long as you put all your trust unto Him. I swear it really works! Ngayon we just want to focus more on raising our family as you can see I seldom blog nowadays kasi busy ako sa pagtupad ng aming mga pangarap! Parang tunay noh?! LOL! No I’m serious hindi lang talaga halata at bagay sakin. I only wish that God would give me and my husband more strength and good health so we can fulfill all our dreams and goals for our children and for our family.

Anyhoo, you know how did we celebrate our anniversary?! We simply went out, did some errands and then we ate at our fave Japanese fast-food,Tokyo Tokyo! Nag-crave kasi ako sa beef misono nila so we ended up dining there. Hindi naman pumalag yung dalawang boys( you know Juntis always wins! Ahihi!).. naku subukan lang nila! LOL! Kidding aside. Nothing really posh, we just had a simple celebration. Cyler bought some books also (kala mo anniversary nya!), Mommy shopped a little too, then si Daddy happy na sya na happy kami ni Cyler. Hahahaha! Sa Christmas nalang daw ako mag-bigay ng gift sa kanya. Fine! Madali naman ako kausap. Nyahahahaha! Don’t worry guys bo-bonggahan ko ang gift ko sa kanya sa Christmas! Promise! 🙂

Thanks again Lord for leading our marriage, kayo ng bahala sa mga susunod pang taon! Alam ko aabot pa kami ng 100th Wedding Anniversary!! 🙂


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