A Weekend Story #13: Our Post Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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Yellow guys! Habang sinisipag uli akong mag-blog gusto ko lang i-share what we did last weekend. Since hindi kami nakapag celebrate masyado on the day of our 4th wedding Anniversary (read story here), Cj and I decided to continue the celebration last Saturday. That day was filled with so much excitement, fun, and memorable memories though we weren’t able to go out of town just like what we usually do during our anniversary. We still considered that day special because we were complete as a family, I guess nothing in the world is more important than celebrating this special day with your loved ones, right? 🙂

So how did we start our day? We started it by visiting our favorite pedia in the whole-wide-world, Doc Vienne-Saulog since last Saturday was Cyler’s scheduled check-up. Cyler was really happy to see his pedia and Doc Vienne was really happy too to see Cyler since our last check-up was last February pa.

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Back to his fave spot at Doc Vienne’s clinic in St.Lukes, The Fort

Docky was so happy on how Cyler improved (physically, mentally, and emotionally!), she always say that Cyler is a happy, brave, and smart kid. He never cries during vaccination, he just got a bit irritated when he feels the injection but good thing Docky is a pro. She make sure that Cyler never notice the injection, in just 3 secs she’s done with the shot. That’s how good she is. And she was so happy when we told her that Cyler is no longer wearing a diaper! She said that Cyler is so ready to enter school next school year since he know how to read and write already. And because Cyler was behaved the entire check-up, Docky gave Cyler a reward— a lollipop! At tuwang tuwa naman ang bagets. Oh the heart of an innocent kid! After the check-up, off we went to Powerplant Mall! 🙂

Look how busy he was with his lollipop. Seryosong dilaan ‘to! Believe it or not, this was his first time to try lollipop. 😉

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Anak wag masyadong seryoso ang ilong lalong lumalaki! LOL!


 He was happy and proud to show that his mouth and tongue turned black because of the lollipop.  He insisted to have his photo-taken just to show his black colored mouth. Oh kids!

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And when we arrived at Rockwell, he immediately insisted to have out photo taken beside the Christmas tree! 🙂

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Pati sa Christmas balls nag-picture kami! LOL! Ang nice noh?! 🙂

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Rockwell Christmas decor really rocks, I tell yah! Every corner of this mall is photo-worthy. I swear!

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The only thing I regret about this day is that I didn’t bring our camera, the photo’s would’ve been way better if I use our  camera. Sayang talaga on the mood pa naman ang bagets for photo-op! Dibale there’s still next time! But I hope these pictures will give justice kahit papano. 🙂


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Rockwell’s Christmas decor is not complete without the poinsettia flowers. That was Cyler’s first encounter with poinsettia flowers akala nya roses! LOL! Inamoy nya para sure, ayun kinilig sa amoy ng poinsettia! LOL!

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After our quick errrrr….photoshoot, we went straight at the movie house because we wanted to watch Big Hero 6 movie! We arrived there at 12 in the afternoon good thing there was an available scheduled at 12:35PM so we booked it immediately. Though their ticket is a bit pricey compare to other movie house, what I really love about their movie house is that it’s not jam-packed so it’s really kid-friendly and super hassle-free magpa-book kasi andami pang available seats. I think kami lang yung nakaupo sa row namin kasi medyo sa dulo kami umuupo pag kasama namin ang bagets para in-case mawala sa mood ang bagets hindi kami makaka-istorbo sa ibang nanonood. Thank God, Cyler was on the mood the entire time until the end of the movie! And he was awake the entire time too, actually mejo-sleepy na sya but we tried our best to keep him awake. And the funny thing was he was laughing in some scene also, meron time na sya lang yung tumawa sa isang scene so napatingin lahat sa kanya ung audience. And natuwa sila to see Cyler laughing all by himself.  Wahahaha! Alam na kanino nag-mana ng kabaliwan!

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After watching movie the boys decided to play at Power Station while Mommy was busy shopping at the bazaar (at the Rockwell Tent). Actually that’s the reason kung bakit sa Rockwell kami nagpunta this time coz I really wanted to go at the Bazaar. Ahihihi….. *insert evil laugh here*


 Look! Even their arcade has Christmas decor too! Super nice noh?! 🙂

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Here’s what I bought at the Bazaar. I bought these bags at Shiq Bags (you may visit their online shop here). I’ve been eyeing these bags for the longest time so when I visited their site last week and found out that they’ll having Bazaar last weekend ay naku hindi nako nagpa-tumpik tumpik pa so I decided to go at the Bazaar. 


I really love this bag, its simple yet classic parang ako lang…. Charot! Alam ko naman hindi kayo mag-a-agree! LOL!

Sa sobrang type ko yung bag I purchased another one in different color naman pero same design. O diba adik lang?!  I love this bag kasi pang corporate sya so pwede syang everyday bag and it’s classy too! The materials of the bag is really good also, you can really see it even sa tahi nung bag.

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Who would’ve thought that these bags only cost (drumroll please!) Php500 petot/ea only?! O diba bonggangvilla?!

Sa sobrang enjoy ko kaka-shop sa booth nila napabili na rin ako nitong pouch nato. Ang ganda diba?!


And guess how much it is?! Ay naku secret! It’s for you to find out just visit their online shop here! Teeeheee! 😛

 I also bought a kimono that cost Php150 petot only kaso I forgot to take a photo kasi sabi ni Cj mukang pang-LOLA! Echoserong palaka! hmmmp! Post ko nalang dito pag nasuot ko na para tayo-tayo lang makakita. Nyahahahaha! Walang laitan ah! LOL!

After shopping naalala ko may kasama pa pala akong nag-aantay sakin sa loob ng mall. LOL! Buti nalang busy sila kundi namuti na mga mata nila at kinatay na nila ko. Teehee! So dahil nagutom ako sa mga pinamili ko at nagutom din ang mga boys kakalaro we decided to dine. We ate at Kenny Rogers “Bistro” (take note of the Bistro! LOL!). Dito kasi hindi self-service unlike other Kenny Rogers branch kaya tinawag ko syang Bistro. LOL! And mas pricey kesa sa ibang branch. Bistro din yung nasa Robinsons Magnolia branch try ninyo. We ordered ribs and roasted chicken that was gone in 5seconds sa sobrang gutom namin. LOL! Eto nalang ang nakunan ko ng litrato. LOL!

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And because may energy nanaman ang pamilya ko… this time ginulo namin si Santa since pakalat-kalat lang sya sa loob ng Rockwell. We saw 3 Santa Claus roaming around the mall, good thing may Santa na napagod na kakalakad so eto dali-dali ang bagets magpa-picture. LOL! Actually, extra lang si Cyler dyan hindi pa nya yan turn pero nakisali na sya sa picturan. LOL! Pasensya na atat lang ngayon lang uli sila nag-meet ni Santa Claus. Teehee! 😛

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And because the bagets was so amazed with Santa nakipag-high five pa sya ng ilang beses kay Santa! 🙂

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Syempre papatalo ba ang mga magugulang (si Cj lang yun!)?! Of course, nagpa-picture din kami…hindi nga lang kay Santa kundi sa mga reindeer’s nya!

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Again….super kaduper nice ng Christmas decors noh?! Feel na feel mo talaga ang Christmas here! Sana next time mag lagay sila ng snow para mas makatotohanan! Suggestion lang naman. 😛

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And we ended this special day by spending our time with the Lord, we attended the Holy mass before we go home. We glorify Him and give Him thanks for without him we are also nothing. After hearing the words of God we felt beyond blessed. You’re truly the best, Lord!

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And after attending the Holy mass, Cyler silently whispered to his Dad “Thanks for watching, Papa Jesus!”. Now how in the world is that?! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Weekend Story #13: Our Post Wedding Anniversary Celebration

  1. Ang sarap naman ng post wedding gala nyo! Tsaka feel na fee na ang pasko, mabuti hindi nagtaka si Cyler bakit 3 ang santa claus? Hehe! Ang gaganda ng mga bags, i post mo din yung kimono para mahusgahan na yan,hahaha! Happy Anniv ulit Sha! =)

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