Cyler’s Spooktacular Halloween 2014!


I know it’s kinda late but I just wanted to share our memorable Trick or Treat experience this year. This could be the last year na mag-isa pa si  Cyler sa Trick or Treat or treat kasi next year dalawa na silang kasama namin. Eggciting right?! I’m actually really excited and a bit scared about it coz I don’t know if keri namin ni Cj pag dalawa na sila. LOL! I’m really happy kasi this time Cyler appreciates this event even more since he’s older na and he’s really into chocolates nowadays. And the best part about this year’s Halloween party?! Cyler chose his own costume! It’s not DIY coz we don’t have enough time to do it (excuses! excuses!) so I  bought the ready-made costume at Toy Kingdom. And the best thing about this costume?! Cyler really liked it so much kasi fave nya si Lightning Mcqueen. 🙂

Halloween 20141

And the good thing about this costume is that it’s not pricey at all, I bought it  for less than 1000petot. Not bad since it really fits Cyler very well and he really really liked it. You know naman he’s a big fan of Lightning Mcqueen.


The costume has cap too but we didn’t used it since it’s too tight. The Lightning Mcqueen cap that his wearing here is not part of the costume, it was actually a Christmas gift to him that he received from his Ninong Titoni last year. It really goes well with the costume parang terno lang, right?

Halloween 2014

emote-emote lang ang little frog before the Halloween party starts. 🙂

Halloween 20142

with Daddy and Mommy 🙂

Sakto nagkasabay pa ung Halloween party in my office and Cj’s office so what we did was we attended the Halloween party at Cj’s office first then we went to my office afterwards kaso super late na kami so we weren’t able to attend the program anymore. Cyler enjoyed the Halloween party here in Cj’s office very much, as usual pabonggahan nanaman ang every Department nila. Super nice their decorations! Grabe ang effort! This year’s theme was Disney movies.

Halloween 20143

KungFu Panda theme

Halloween 20144


Cyler enjoyed participating in the games though he didn’t win. Happy na sya na nakapag-laro sya.  He got a bit disappointed nga lang when his turn was ended ayaw na nyang mag-libot gusto nalang nya mag-laro. LOL!

Halloween 20145There is also Frozen (but I forgot to take a photo of Elsa and Anna!), How to Train your Dragon, and uhmmm…. I don’t know what theme is that Pirate eklavoo. Teehee!

Halloween 20146

We went around a total of seven floors! Super kapagod especially because of my extra-baggage (you know baby#2!), mas hiningal ako this time. Suko na nga ako nung naka 3 floors kami andami ko atang nakain na candies and biscuits dahil sa pagod. LOL! But nevertheless, it was super fun! Cyler had so much fun collecting candies, participating in the games, and playing with other kids. Yun nga lang since we were in hurry we didn’t finish the program anymore.

Halloween 20147

After getting candies we left Cj’s office already and off we go to my office at Makati. From QC tumalon naman kami papuntang Makati, ang hectic ng schedule! Kalerkey! We were all starving after that but we have no choice para makaabot sa party sa office. Unfortunately, when we arrived at my office the program was ended already and the kids are almost done collecting candies too. But Cyler still got 3 buckets of candies, imagine late pa kami nyan. Overall we collected two eco-bags filled with candies, ganun kadami! Haggardo Versoza na ang lola’t lolo ninyo after the party but we were so happy kasi super happy ni Cyler that day. Cyler was already tired, sleepy, and wasn’t on the mood too when we arrived at the office but good thing they were serving the food then so we decided to rest and eat muna.  And because tapos na the party I wasn’t able to take any photos anymore. Sayang! Dibale bawi kami next year hopefully di na sabay yung date uli! 🙂

Overall, it was indeed a fun-filled yet tiring Halloween parties! Looking forward on next year’s Trick or Treat event by that time dalawa ng makulit ang kasama namin! Weeeee! Eggciting (at nakaka-lerkey!)!!! 🙂


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