KMS Preggy Diary: It’s A Baby…….


Here’s a happy and quick update with my pregnancy. I’m already on my 26th weeks (13 more weeks left! Wooohooo!) guys! HOORAY! I just want to savour every minute of my pregnancy while the baby is still on my tummy. I just want to feel all the baby’s action inside my tummy (yes, including all the kicks and other karate movements!). Oh wait! Did I mention that today I’m going to reveal the baby’s gender?! Yep, this is the perfect time to reveal it. I’m pretty sure this is the most awaited moment of every parents and parents-to-be out there– to know their babies gender. So eto na guys! YES, we are having….

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NYE Celebration 2015


Happy New Year guys!!!!! Oh ayan ah di na masyado late greetings. Medyo-medyo nalang. LOL! How’s your New Year’s eve?! I hope y’all had a blast! I have so many things to be thankful for last year, yung mga bagay na akala ko problema blessing in disguise pala. Minsan kasi masyado tau nagiging judge mental sa mga bagay-bagay diba, hindi pa ngyayare nagco-conclude na agad tayo. So isa sa mga natutunan ko last year is wag pangunahan ang mga plano ng Diyos sa buhay natin kasi He always has better plan for all of us. I also learned how to forgive and forget and let go of my problems, I realized walang mangyayare na maganda if maiinis lang tayo parati sa mga taong wala namang magandang nagagawa sa buhay natin. Kaya hayaan nalang natin sila at bahala na si Lord sa kanila. I also learned that next to the Lord, family ko lang ang next priority ko at wala ng iba pa. And most of all I realized ang daming blessing ang na-receive namin kay Lord last year including baby #2, this baby is also a blessing in disguise and for that I will always be grateful and thankful. I hope sana kayo din guys if may mga hindi magandang ngyare last year isipin nio nalang that this year is the year that God has prepared for you. I know He has a better plan for all of us. 🙂

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Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ ’14


Merry Christmas guys! I know my greeting is kinda late (I mean super late dahil 2015 na! LOL!), sorry my bad! I guess this was the busiest Holiday for me, we were out the entire Holiday so I don’t really have time to write but if you’re following me on Instagram (it’s kikay_mommy_sha) I bet you know what kept me busy these past few days. I’ve actually attended tons of Christmas reunion, events, birthday celebrations, and other gatherings. I was literally dead tired the entire Holiday but I’m not complaining though because those days are the happiest days of my life! I was already on Holiday leave two weeks ago so I made sure that I spent it well with my friends and family. Yes, nakakapagod ang kaliwa’t kanan na mga gatherings pero masaya diba?! It’s the time of the year talaga that I’ve been waiting for.  Continue reading