KMS Preggy Diary: It’s A Baby…….


Here’s a happy and quick update with my pregnancy. I’m already on my 26th weeks (13 more weeks left! Wooohooo!) guys! HOORAY! I just want to savour every minute of my pregnancy while the baby is still on my tummy. I just want to feel all the baby’s action inside my tummy (yes, including all the kicks and other karate movements!). Oh wait! Did I mention that today I’m going to reveal the baby’s gender?! Yep, this is the perfect time to reveal it. I’m pretty sure this is the most awaited moment of every parents and parents-to-be out there– to know their babies gender. So eto na guys! YES, we are having….

another BABY BOY! Wooohooo!


Last Saturday, I just had my 2nd ultrasound and baby tummy’s gender was finally revealed! Hooray! We can finally call him baby “brother”. If you will ask me what’s the gender I want for baby #2… Yes, I want to have a baby girl too (para quota na like what every people says) but all I prayed for is a happy, healthy, and normal baby. And God answers my prayer because He gave us a normal and healthy baby boy. So what else can I ask for?! I bet this is every parents wish for their child. Wala naman sigurong naghangad ng hindi maganda para sa sarili nyang anak, right? That’s why my husband and I are overjoyed with this blessing that God has given us.

I can’t really wait to see the newest member of our family! But for now I will just cherish and savour every moment with him while he’s still in Mommy’s tummy. Please pray for my baby’s and my safety. 🙂


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