KMS Beauty Tips: Keeping your skin healthy and glowing during Pregnancy


Keeping our skin healthy and glowing during Pregnancy is one of the most challenging thing to do, I tell ya’! With all the hormonal changes that is happening to  your body sometimes you don’t really know what’s the best thing to do. Some preggy moms just go with the flow and they don’t really care about how they look dahilan nila “Well, buntis ako normal lang na mag-iba itsura ko.” but for me being pregnant is not a reason not to take care of yourself especially your skin. Para sakin this is the best time to look good and shows off that pregnancy glow. I really hate it whenever I hear people saying “Halatang buntis sya kasi haggard siya” and sometimes telling the gender of the baby can offend you too especially when they say “Mukang lalake ang anak mo…” diba? Sometimes you don’t know if it’s a compliment or what. They say if you’re having a baby boy you’re going to look really haggard but when you’re having a baby girl you’re going to look beautiful…. I’d say it’s NOT TRUE kasi nasa tao pa rin yan.

I do believe that looking good is always an option. It depends on you on how you will handle things. Personally, I choose to look good during my pregnancy and this is something that I didn’t achieve overnight. It takes a lot of effort to look good when your pregnant and here are some of my beauty tips that I’d like to share to every preggy (and even for non-preggy) women out there:

1. Find the perfect and safe skin care products

I had a major pimple breakout during my first trimester (I think I’ve mentioned this several times already) so I decided to stop using my usual beauty regimen. And I decided to look for different beauty products that eliminates pimples and safe for pregnant woman like me. Of course, more than the pangpa-beauty our main concern here is the developing fetus in our womb so make sure that the skin care you are using are safe for you and your baby. For me, I tried The Body Shop Tea Tree concealer, gel, and night lotion to eliminate my pimples. I usually used the tea tree gel and lotion during bedtime and I only use it whenever I have pimples and I only use very minimal amount of it. As in konting-konti lang talaga. I only apply the tea tree lotion and gel in the area where the pimple is kasi it will make your skin really dry.  Eh pag pregnant kapa naman #1 kalaban natin yang dryness ng skin. Ang ginagawa kasi ng product nato is to dry the pimple. Mga 2 to 3 days lang wala na yung pimple and blemishes, depends kung gano ka-grabe ung pimple mo. Then during daytime I usually used the Tea tree concealer naman, like the other two products I only apply it dun sa area na may pimple. This concealer kasi is especially made to eliminate and at the same time hide pimples. Hindi sya pwede i-apply for eyebags, pang pimple lang talaga. So these are the skin care products that I use for my pimples.


For my daily facial wash naman I switched to Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar soap because it is soap-free and very gentle to skin. It is pH balanced too that minimizes skin irritation and contains no harsh detergents unlike other facial wash and soap, super safe for you and for the baby. And it’s not only perfect to use for the face kasi it is really used as body soap too. Actually it’s a body soap naman talaga but I find it really gentle for the face that’s why I decided to use it on my face also. Then I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream to moisturize my face daily. I apply it during day and night and so far hindi naman naging super oily ung face ko. I also apply this to my tummy kasi it really keeps my skin moisturize all throughout the day.


2. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of H20

I guess more than the pimples, dryness of the skin is our #1 major skin problem during pregnancy. So it’s really important to keep your body hydrated at all time. I always make sure that I drink  more than 8 glasses of water a day coz by simply doing that it keeps my skin moisturize all the time. Plus water is readily available just about everywhere (just make sure it’s clean and safe to drink!) diba? Kaya there’s no reason at all para di ka uminom ng tubig. And I bet that’s one of the main reason kung bakit hindi ako masyadong minamanas. Most people ask me bakit hindi daw ako minamanas and I simply tell them na tubig lang ang secret ko. It may sound so simple but that’s really true though.


Pag glowing ang skin deadz na deadz si hubby… LOL!

3. Eat more veggies and fruits

If you’re an avid reader of my blog I bet y’all know how I love eating fruits and veggies (hindi lang talaga halata!). When I found out that I was pregnant with baby#2 I become more keen on eating veggies most especially fruits. I make sure that I always have fruits with me. Most of the time I used to eat papaya, pineapple, banana, avocado, melon, and ripe mangoes! And did you know that many study shows that papaya and avocado works wonder to our skin?! Yep, that’s true! And it naturally give us glowing skin. I guess that’s one of the main reason why I have glowing skin during this pregnancy kahit ako hindi din ako makapaniwala eh. LOL! Kasi back then during my 1st pregnancy with Cyler I look super manas na wala pang 3rd tri pero ngayon mas muka pang manas sakin si Cj. WAHAHAHA!

See? My skin looks healthy, diba?! I’m sick pa during this time.


This photo was taken last week

 4. Get enough sleep (while you can!)

I know getting enough sleep is really hard to achieve especially during the last trimester of pregnancy kasi that’s the stage when the fetus is really active in your tummy not to mention you have a hyper-active toddler in tow.  How unfair that when you need it the most, you can’t get it. Don’t worry, I feel you. I know getting a complete and straight sleep is too impossible to achieve during this time but like what I’ve said do it while you can. Take a nap whenever there’s a chance.


5. And lastly, avoid STRESS

Kasi malakas talaga maka-pangit ang STRESS! I swear! And remember, when the mommy is stress the baby get stress too!  It’s pretty normal to be a bit stressed about the changes that are happening in your life and to your body but try to relax and focus on your baby instead. Ika nga nila… “look at the bright side”. If you feel like you can’t handle the stress anymore try to talk to your husband or with your friends who went thru the same thing, it’s really important na naiintindihan nila ang pinag dadaanan mo. Ako nga sometimes bigla nalang akong naawa sa sarili ko at biglang naiiyak ng walang dahilan (yes! Baliw levelz lang pero don’t blame me…blame the hormones!) pero after talking to my husband I feel a lot better na. Don’t be frightened to admit how you are truly feeling. If you are honest, you are more likely to get the support you need.


So there,  those are my tips on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing during pregnancy. Hope you find it really useful! 🙂


6 thoughts on “KMS Beauty Tips: Keeping your skin healthy and glowing during Pregnancy

  1. Hello! 🙂 I agree that #1 nakaka-pangit is STRESS. lol. My friends who have been pregnant kept telling me to eat fruits, fruits, fruits and lots of veggies. Medyo effective naman. haha.

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