Meet Samuel Caeden Ricafort!


1 day old Caeden

Hello World! Meet the newest member of #TheRicaforts…. Samuel Caeden Ricafort, our bunso! Last April 8, I gave birth to this healthy and bouncing baby boy via C-section. It was scheduled birth and I really chose this date because 8 is a lucky number. Teehee! Giving birth via C-section was really hard, yes walang labor pain but the recovery part for me was the hardest part. Sobra. I’m not yet totally healed but I’m on the process na, I know that in just a few weeks I’ll be totally fine. Actually, I was able to go out na after two weeks of giving birth because I was advised by my OB to go out and unwind since I’m having Post-Partum depression. That PPD is another story to tell and deserve a separate post. I know a lot of Moms out there has been going through the same thing and I wanted to help them in my own little way. I’m still in the process of coping up with my ppd so gusto ko pag ni-share ko dito eh masasabi kong na-overcome ko na sya totally. For now let me just share my birthing story first, shall we?! 🙂

Caeden at 2 weeks old

Caeden at 2 weeks old

 Having a newborn feels like I haven’t slept in such a long time but it’s the kind of sleep deprivation that’s really worth it, I must say. You know what? It’s like dejavuh when I saw Caeden for the very first time, parang naulit ung moment when I saw his Kuya Cyler for the very first time too. I felt ecstatic and I got very emotional when I saw Caeden for the first time most especially nung nilagay nila sa chest ko si Caeden. I was chilling that time because of the anesthesia  If I could only stop the clock at that time I would definitely stop it para hindi na matapos ung moment. I was so groggy then pero feeling ko huminto ung mundo ko when I’ve heard Caeden’s voice for the very first time. But this time around it was double the joy and happiness. Andun din ung kaba kasi hindi ko alam how are we going to handle two kids! The first few nights wasn’t easy, super laki ng adjustment. NKKLK! Oh well, having a two kids in a tow is no joke. You need to triple your patience and you really need more energy for you to be able to adjust.


Cyler and Caeden both at 2days old(4yrs apart)

I admit I’m having a hard time with these two now. I feel guilty kasi hindi ko matutukan masyado si Cyler ngayon kasi mas kailangan ako ng kapatid nya lalo na dahil I exclusively breastfeed his younger brother. So kahit san ako magpunta kailangan talaga kasama ko si Caeden. After a week of giving birth I was rushed at the ER pa and I had no choice but to bring Caeden at the ER too and left Cyler to his Lola. Ang hirap nun sobra but I know in time maiintindihan din ni Cyler ang lahat, I just hate it and I cry buckets talaga every time I think of it. Feeling ko I’m not good enough to my kids. Mahirap pala talaga maging magulang pero pag inisip mo na para sa ikabubuti naman ng mga anak mo ung mga sacrifices mo nawawala lahat ng worries and fears mo for them. I know in God’s perfect time ma-overcome din namin ‘to and this is just God’s one of many challenges to us as a parent. So kering keri yan, daba?! 🙂


For now, I’ll just take it one baby step at a time. And I’ll just cherish every moment with my kids and my husband. I’m still grateful because despite of all the challenges that I am facing as a Mom I have a friends and family who are always there for me and supports me all throughout the way. And most of all… I have a very supportive and understanding husband na andyan for me and for my kids 24/7 kahit wala pa syang tulog from work. So mage-emote paba ko, diba? Lahat ng kailangan ko andito na. I just have to remind myself that I am beyond blessed…. ALWAYS. Lahat tau blessed kailangan lang natin buksan ang ating mga isip at puso para makita at ma-appreciate natin ang lahat ng blessings natin sa buhay. It may be small or big…. still blessing pa rin yan. Even problems that’s a blessing in disguise. 🙂

So there guys! Pls pray for my speedy recovery! Till our next chikahan! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Meet Samuel Caeden Ricafort!

  1. Congrats Sha and CJ! 🙂 I super feel you dun sa feeling mo hindi mo masyado napapansin si Cyler because of the new baby. Exactly how I felt nung kay Skye and sa baby brother ko. Feeling ko hindi ko na masyado napapansin baby brother ko dahil kay Skye. But now na medyo malaki na Skye, I love it kasi she really loves her Toto! Super love actually na she would always kiss him. Nakakaloka nga. It feels good kasi I know may isa na namang nagmamahal kay Boi. 🙂 So chill lang. Cyler will have a kasangga in the future, diba?

    • Salamat, Aubrey! Atleast alam ko ndi ako nagiisa sa mga pinag dadaanan ko. Actually, naatat na nga ako na mejo lumaki si Caeden para matutukan ko na sila parehas ng kuya nya pero pag naiisip ko na lalaki agad sya parang nalulungkot naman ako gusto ko baby nalang sya forever. LOL! Happy for you, your baby brother, Boi and Skye. Ang saya lang makita na love nila ang isat isa. 🙂

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