Hello!!!!! I’m back balakubak!

Oh akala ninyo ata deads nako no?! Hahahaha! Yes, I’m alive! I’m still alive, inlove (maisingit lang kc Valentines bukas eh! LOL!), and kickin’ mga muthers! Last blog entry ko dalawa palang anak ko ngayon tatlo na! Hahahahaha! Gulat kayo no? Ako kasi hindi eh! Hahahaha!

Okay, so what makes me decide to post again?! It’s simply because I realized something today…I realized isang dekada ko na palang ndi nabibisita tong blog ko. LOL! Inamag na at pinamahayan na ng lahat ng klase ng insekto! Chos! Kidding aside. Na-realized ko na neglected na pala tong blog ko when one of my colleagues approached me and told me that her wife is an avid reader of this blog. Dun ko lang na realize..sh*t may blog nga pala ako no. Wahahahaha!

So sa wife ng officemate ko na si Mj, salamat po! Dahil sau naalala kong nag exist pa pala tong blog ko na muntik ng mabaon sa kalimot. I promise to update this, ay wag na palang promise… I’ll try my very best nalang to update this blog every once in a while. Ayan. So etong post na to ung simula. Lol!

So ayun gorabels na ulit ako mga muthers at may sakit ang anak ko kailangan kong umuwi ng maaga by hook or by crook!

Again, thank you MJ sa pag gising mo sa natutulog kong blog. Hahaha! No seriously, I really appreciate it kaya I dedicate this post to you and to my other blog readers (kung may isa pa!). Salamat ulit!

Happy Valentines na rin guys! 🙂

Till my next blog post… kailan kaya un?! WAHAHAHAHA!



…it’s me (yes mga bakla ako to! I’m still alive and kicking baby!).I’m just wondering if after all these years(yes it feels like years!)…errr..months you still miss me. LOL! Grabe ba ko magpa-miss?!  Nyahahaha!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

KMS is back..version 2.0! Charot!

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KMS Cooks: Ginataang Bilo-Bilo



Ginataang Bilo-Bilo(glutinous rice ball) is another authentic Filipino favorite and is widely popular here in our country. If you’re Bicolano/Bicolana (like moi!) then you probably know this Filipino dish. Bilbil (short for Bilo-bilo…chos! #imbentowords) is one of my favorite merienda, my paternal grandmother introduced this dish to me. And I swear my Lola cooks the best Ginataang bilo-bilo ever! She really is one of my pegs when it comes to cooking. Bilo-bilo is one of her specialties too so last Holy Week when we stayed in our house in Antipolo I tried to cook ginataang bilo-bilo. In fairness, my version of bilo-bilo was edible though I must admit that still nothing beats my Lola’s ginataang bilo-bilo. Continue reading

Lucas’ Yellow Themed Birthday Party


I love attending kiddie parties particularly birthday parties ’cause it brings out the child in me (I bet all parents can relate to this!). Last week we attended another birthday party it’s Cyler’s cousin, Lucas’ 3rd birthday party and it was held at Jollibee, Alabang. It was indeed a morning filled with so much fun activities for the kids and the kids at heart as well. Continue reading

Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ 2013

Hi everyone! Belated Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year!! How was your Christmas eve?! Well, me and my family celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with a bang! Every Christmas eve is memorable and unforgettable because we used to celebrate His birth like it’s his first Birthday though I must admit that we’re kinda sad this year because Mommy (my lola) and Tito Aaron weren’t here to celebrate with us. But I couldn’t be any happier because I know for the fact that they are celebrating this wonderful day together with our Lord God in heaven, right?! So there’s no reason at all to be sad. 😉


Home-made red-velvet cake from yours truly! 🙂

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Missing Him So Much!

Oh my, it’s only Tuesday and there are three more days to go before the weekend, I miss my little boy already! I miss his never ending “Oh no!” and his never ending laughters! And even the songs that he loves to sing over and over again, and all the kisses and cuddling! I miss all his lambing! I miss everything about him!

Mommies did you ever feel this kind of longing even if you always see your kids most of the time? Parang kulang parati ang oras to be with them noh especially when you’re working. Is it just my hormones that I have this longing for my son at this moment? Or it’s just that I really miss him? Sorry for the drama but I just miss my son so much! I miss him so badly, I’m still at work now and I have so many things to do, so many project deadlines, my goodness! So little time too many things to do! Oh God, I miss my son so badly!

Just wanna share his video that I keep on watching while I’m working because I miss him so badly. This little boy never fail to amuse and surprise me.

Is it 7pm already? Not yet? Oh boy! I wanna go home and be with my baby! 😦

I hope he’s still awake when we get home. 😦

KikayMommySha’s 1st Blogversary Giveaway!

Hellllooooo everyone! This is it! This iz really, iz it iz it! I know you’ve been waiting for this post, sorry if it’s a bit delay because we just got back from our staycation in my hometown. Anyhoo, to tell you honestly I’m actually not prepared. Hahaha! Cramming is my forte, you know! And while I’m doing this post may bata pang makulit na naka-upo sa lap ko, namely Cyler. My gulay! I am actually using my right hand for typing and my other hand for my toddler who kept on pulling me out of the computer. You know the travails of being a MOM! So forgive me if I sound crazy or annoying in this post, ngaragers na ang lola ninyo! HAHA! Masyado akong nag-enjoy sa long weekend that I almost forgot about the giveaway. My bad! Churi! Churi! Anyhoo, I already finalized the prizes and good news– we’ve got more prizes for the giveaway. My fellow mom blogger and momprenuer friend Erlaine of Shopping Spells will be giving away a passport holder and a glamma momma shirt! Bonggels, diba?! Don’t you love the prizes?! I definitely love it!

Alright, tama na ang chika, let’s go to the contest proper. I’m pretty sure you are all excited kasi excited na din ako! Here it is!


Baby Mum-mum and Snackin Fruit Heart from Ygo’s Organic, Handmade craft felt gift set (consist of 1 Mini Tissue Holder, 1 Pen Holder (for 3 pens) and 8 pieces gift cards. Artwork on Gift Card: Gratitude Tree by Amadea Carrillo) from The Wagon Shop, Cycles liquid and powder laundry detergent, and Cycles Pretreater Pen from MomCenter Philippines


3 handmade classic hairpieces from M+K=a, Cycles liquid and powder laundry detergent, and Cycles Pretreater Pen from MomCenter Philippines and Fab Glamma Momma’s shirt from Shopping Spells


2pcs Cradle Baby bottle & nipple cleanser and Cradle Toy & Surface cleaner from MomCenter Philippines, 3 Dozen Mini-Cupcakes from Sweet Treats (you can choose any flavor! Your choice), Stylish Passport Holder from Shopping Spells, SeriAsia Slendering Package (contains therma oil, mineral crystal, purifying treatment oil, slendering treatment oil, and e-action cream)


1. Submit your entries and follow the instructions/steps by clicking this link to rafflecopter. You can earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway on Twitter and Facebook! You can actually do it everyday! The more entries, the more chances of winning! So share lang ng share!

2. This giveaway is valid for readers with a valid Philippine address only. The raffle starts today and will close on April 20,2013 at exactly 12AM.

3. I will be choosing three winners, the announcement will be on April 21, 2012 (on my birthday, yes that’s my birthday!). I will contact the winners through email. So stay tuned on April 21, 2013!

3. Items from The Wagon Shop, M+K= a, and Ygo’s organic will deliver the prizes to the winners. Please take note that I won’t be shipping some of the items(like cupcakes from Sweet Treats due to food and quality control and because some of the items are fragile) so the winner must be willing to meet up within Metro Manila.

4. And lastly, please follow the instructions thoroughly because we will validate all your entries and we don’t want you to waste your time and effort. Okidokie?! 🙂

And there you go! So easy to join, right? So join now and share the good news to your friends and family!

Special thanks to all our sponsors MomCenter Philippines, The Wagon Shop, M+K=a, Shopping Spells, Sweet Treats, and Ygo’s Organic for giving away all these items!


Guys, I’m seeing some invalid entries, you liked the pages but you didn’t follow the 1st instruction. Please don’t forget to leave your Full Name, Email Address, Facebook Accnt, or Twitter in the comment box that’s the first instructions in the rafflecopter. Please follow instructions so we can validate your entries faster and I don’t want your efforts to get wasted. Thanks!


Happy Easter and goodluck to all of you! XoXo

Saturday Malling With My Boys

Our Saturday started with chasing and running, and we love it! Daddy left the house in the morning for his Basketball Tournament, so it’s just me and my toddler again.Cyler ate pancake, mangoes, and banana for breakfast. After feeding him, I gave him a bath. In this usual routine, Cyler’s favorite part is taking a bath. He used to say “Shower! Shower!” while we were in the shower! And he loves soaking in the pail full of water. He loves water so much that is why I am having a hard time getting him out of the bathroom, once he dip into the water he doesn’t want to go out anymore!

Goofing around while eating! Mommy’s bad! churi! Churi! 😛

Finally, after many attempts to get him out, he finally gave in to Mommy. Sa wakas nauto ko din! What’s the trick?! Well, I showed his favorite toy car to him. Hehe While waiting for Daddy, we tried playing this “ga-la-sses” (that’s how he pronounce glasses). He used to call eye and sun glasses as glasses. He enjoyed wearing it but after a few minutes he gets bored wearing it. Oh well what do I expect from a toddler? Hehe

In the afternoon, after his Daddy came back from his Basketball Tournament, off we went to the nearest mall in our place, SM San Lazaro. Tamang pasyal lang ng bagets.

Strolling kung strolling ang bagets!

When we passed by at the movie house, Cyer was mesmerized by the moving led lights. He got really curious and stood (and stare!) in front of it for about 15minutes. He was so curious and was so giddy everytime he see the led lights moving. He was jumping and giggling the entire time. He looks so cute while watching the lights moving and he used to follow the direction of the lights. Silly and curious little boy, that is.

After watching the magnificent light show (for Cyler), we went at the arcade and we allowed our little boy to ride in the toy car and he enjoyed it A LOT! Well, it’s not a surprise because one of his current obsession is the car. This place is the best place for my two boys.

Too Fast, too Curious!

Broom! Broom!!

We went to Booksale (our favorite place!), we stayed there for about thirty minutes and I was able to purchased four books..only. Sob. These are some of our book loots, Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs by Karen Katz and Because You Are My Baby by Henry North. I’ll make another post for the book. These two books are my favorite!

After that, we went at the supermarket to buy some diapers and food for Cyler. I’m so happy because finally Cyler appreciates yoghurt, Dutch Mill yoghurt drink that is. I guess he is no longer a picky eater! Woohooo! And because of that we gave him reward– lotsa hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy! YEAH! 🙂

And there, that’s how my Saturday goes with my boys. Simple, cool, chillaxin’, and fun filled Saturday. 🙂


KikayMommySha’s 1st Blogversary/Birthday Sneak Peek!

O-M-G! I can’t believe that this little space of mine will be turning 1 in one week time! Yes, one year na hindi lang talaga halata. I know I’ve said this gazillion times but let me just repeat this once again— time flies so fast! Grabe! NKKLK to the highest level but I am super kaduper excited about it, as in mas excited pako sa excited! Did you know that this blog helps me a lot in so many ways? I actually didn’t know that until I realized that through this blog I gained a bunch of Mommy wisdom from my fellow Mom bloggers and readers as well. And not only that, through this blog I also found not only wisdom but real and true friendship from other bloggers and readers too. I guess this is one of the best thing about blogging– gaining friends and more parenting wisdom at the same time. I feel so overwhelmed and grateful with all those blessing that comes in my way. You (yes, you) have become part of my life already and without you (yes, ikaw nga!) I wouldn’t be here. I know I’m just starting in this battle called motherhood but I do believe that as long as I have all of you I can make it, no matter how hard or painful it is. I was super mahiyain before but this blog helped me a lot in building my confidence. I may not be a good writer but I know through my simple words I somehow inspire someone like you.

So please allow me to take this opportunity to thank all of you especially my readers (even though lilima lang kayo or pito. LOL!) for supporting and loving my family all throughout the year! Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, wisdom, and sympathy you have given me. My family and all of you are the reason’s why KikayMommySha’s blog was born (and still here), yes it’s all because of you! So blame yourselves! LOL! Kidding aside.

Anyhoo, in gratitude to your kindness I will be holding a giveaway in my blog on March 31, 2013!

Here’s the sneak peek of my sponsors!

Mom Center PH

Mom Center Philippines is a fast-growing, free online community with over 70,000 members. It’s an online parenting site and forum for all expectant Mums, new Mums and Mums with infants and young children. It’s not only a forum for parents; it is also a buying guide where products and services related to child-rearing are periodically reviewed and featured. They feature everything that a every parent needs– from toys, baby clothes, baby stuffs, gadgets, and even skin care products for mommies because they believe every mom is a woman that deserves a treat. They also features courses and events relevant to mother and kids too.

Ygo’s Organic

Quality organic food products need not be unattainable for your precious baby. Cost and accessibility should not be a problem.We offer blended food, snacks and other yummy items from tested organic brands at a lower price. We know you want the best for your baby, as we want the same for our very own Ygo!

-Mommy Karen of Ygo’s Organic

And of course, your’s truly!

And also I would like to say thank you to Mom Center Philippines and Ygo’s Organic for sponsoring my first ever giveaway. Oh and special thanks to Erl of Glamma Momma for helping me out and giving me idea on how to manage a giveaway. Thanks a lot, Erl!

I will be posting the actual prizes on weekend, so make sure to stay tuned at KikayMommySha! The giveaway will starts on March 31 (that’s Easter Sunday) and will run until April 20! The announcement of winners will be on April 21 (on my birthday!) here of course in my blog. More eggziting prizes are waiting for all of you! So tell your friends and family to join too! More entry, more chances of winning! Again, stay tuned!

Again, from the bottom of my heart…. Thank You So Muuuuuch! *cyber hugs and kisses*

For more info:

Visit and like their Facebook Page: Ygo’s Organic
Phone: 0917 826 8994
Email: teambaydo@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ygosorganics

Visit MomCenter Philippines

What is Real Happiness?

For me, it’s when I make funny faces in front of my toddler just to make him laugh and I don’t really care how will I look like. Baliw na kung baliw, be it. But that’s real happiness for me and my toddler.

Just like the saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness.

How about you, what’s your definition of real happiness? 🙂

The Most Awaited Meet Up

is the mom bloggers get-together!

Yes, that’s one of my most awaited meet ups, I must say. I don’t know, but it always thrilling for me to meet my fellow mom bloggers and their kiddos in person. This morning Studio 2716 (our official photographer that day) uploaded the teaser photos of our Fun Sun-date! It was awesome and so I got really excited to make a blog post about our play-date! It drives me to start writing this post. Thank you so much Studio 2716 for the encouragement, utang ko sa inyo ang kasipagan ko today! LOL! Another thing is I’m free today, no so much errand (you know baking stuffs and everything!) to do, so bago magka-labo labo nanaman ang sched ko I’d better write this post. This is actually my 2nd playdate together with these mommas already, read our first playdate experienced here. Alright so before I start about what happened lemme just introduce all the mom bloggers behind this fun and awesome playdate.

From L to R: Pepper, Em, Maqui, Aimee, Erl, Faye, Me, and Mommy Fleur (minus Dew and Ate Maggie)

We have Dew of MomsterTeacher, Pepper of Days in Wagon, Maggie of Mommy Maggie, Musings, Maqui of Familia Kiki, Erl of Glamma Momma, Em of Akira and Everything Nice, Fleur, yes the famous Mommy Fleur, Aimee of iamaimeediego, and Faye of Chronicles of Maia. Sad to say some of the mommie’s like Mars, Peachy, Khaye, Lanie, Rachel, Badet, Cai, and Sieggy weren’t able to come. I do hope next time everybody could join!Don’t you worry there’s still more play-date to come!

From L to R: Pepper, Dew, Aimee, Me, Fafa Khan (the one who’s hiding behind Em), Em, Faye, and Erl (Photo grabbed from Em)

Alright without further ado, here’s the kwento behind the fun play-date that we had!

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BabyPalooza Bazaar at Ateneo de Manila University

Calling all shoppingera’s Mommies and shoppingero’s Daddies! The most anticipated bazaar is finally coming here on February 16 & 17, 2013 at Ateneo de Manila University! Kindly read the full details below!

Date: February 16 & 17, 2014
Time: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Venue: Walter Hogan Conference Center, ISO, Ateneo de Manila University, QC campus.
Site: www.babypalooza.com.ph

The BabyPalooza bazaar focuses on items and services for babies, toddlers and expectant moms. It features both preloved and brand new premium items from widely trusted local and imported brands. Items from Phillips Avent, Vulli (Sophie the Giraffe), Carter’s, Dr. Brown, Calvin Klein, Tiny Buds, Red Tag, Gap, Human Heart Nature, Osh Kosh and tons of other stuff produced by Manila-based mompreneurs and from well-known brands will be sold on-site at negotiable, parent-friendly prices.

Unique shopping experience. Special feature of this bazaar is its Vendor Protection Program (VPP). The VPP ensures that items that will be sold by one Babypalooza vendor will not be sold by another. This will ensure that buyers will not see the same stuff from several vendors over and over again, making their visit and shopping experience much more fun and worthwhile.

Items that will be sold are baby clothing, shoes and accessories, gear, strollers/baby furniture, feeding bottles, nursing wear, breast pumps, skin care and cleaning products. Edible products such as organic baby food, pastries, pasta and other food items will be sold on-site.

Family-friendliness is also another unique feature of this affair, certain areas of the venue will be designated as Special Function areas to further ease the usual hassles that parents face when visiting the average bazaar. Air-conditioned areas will be designated for the following: breastfeeding & diaper changing area, children’s play zone and the Daddy lounge. Clean rest rooms are also just a few steps away from the bazaar stalls for added convenience.

Venue is fully air-conditioned.

Free parking and entrance

List of brands, items and more bazaar information can be found on www.babypalooza.com.ph

So what are you waiting for?! Hurry and do your baby shopping at the BabyPalooza Bazaar!



Do Not Leave Your Toddler Unattended

….for even short periods of time because you’ll never know what will happen next until..

…… these things happened.

Last night, while we we’re playing I turned my back for a few seconds then I came across with this little boy who kept on pulling the wipes one by one and can empty a packet in just 30 seconds.

Uhmmm, sweetheart… what do you think you’re doing? I think that’s your baby wipes…

Baby wipes, what happened to you? You should’ve save yourself from this toddler.

I tried to stop him from doing (but I know it was too late) this and this is what I had.. a crocodile tears from my dramatic toddler.

Now how can I react with this? Too cute to give punishment, right?!

And do you believe in the saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover”? I dont.. why?

This book looks good outside but when I opened it.. this is what I saw.

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Chasing Cars

Hello friends! How’s your week so far?! Hope you’re having a good one! Anyhoo, just want to share a song that will surely make your day. The title of the song is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. We watched the movie “The Mistress” last night and I must say… na Last-Song-Syndrome talaga ako. LOL

I won’t make a review about the movie because I don’t wanna be a spoiler, so it’s for you to find out what’s the story is all about. Isa lang masasabi ko– the best talaga si John Lloyd at Bea! Teehee! 🙂

So here it goes.. enjoy while listening. 🙂

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Raising a Brainy Baby

Cyler is so into alphabets and numbers nowadays. I remember, we started introducing alphabets and numbers to Cyler at the tender age of three months old. I always sing the alphabet song to him (I even use it as his lullaby), we used to count (his toys) while he’s playing, we read alphabet books, and we allow him to watch Brainy Baby ABC’s and Charlie and the Numbers educational programme. To make the long story short — alphabets and numbers became part of his daily life. Continue reading

Blog Post- Epic Fail!

I was supposed to create a blog post tonight but I ended up fixing my out-of-the-world blog layout. Yeah, I know my layout before was so ugly-ish.. The only best thing (?) in my layout was Cj and Cyler’s photo that has a poor resolution. Haha! I modified my layout into a simple but more motherly and girly layout. Na-achieve ko ba yung motherly and kikay layout ko?! Watchuthink?! Ay wait I’ll ask Yoda nalang baka umiyak ako sa answer ninyo eh.. 😛

Anyhoo, another cause of my epic fail blog post was Continue reading

Cyler on Manila Bulletin Kids Birthday Corner

Even before Cyler was born I already have this stage momma in me. I love posting stuffs about my pregnancy, I even post my preggy photos in Facebook and twitter. Darn, I just can’t help it because this first time momma is too excited for her little one’s arrival. So, when the little shaolin was born, ay naku natadtad na ng photos niya yung buong wall ko sa FB! From time to time I would post his photos here and there because I wanted to share my happiness to everybody. So when my CIL Ate Joy told me that she wanted Cyler to join on Manila Bulletin’s Kids Birthday Corner, I didn’t think twice and I said “Go ahead!”. Walang keme-keme! Go na agad! Oh well, my stage momma spirit began.

Here’s Manila Bulletin’s May Birthday Celebrants:

Can you spot my baby here?! 🙂

She sent an entry on Manila Bulletin and Cyler was featured on their “May Birthday celebrants”. He was featured last June though he didn’t win, but I’m still so proud of my little one. Can you feel a proud stage momma talking here? 🙂 Seeing your child on a magazine or news paper will make you a proud parent and indeed heartwarming. Actually, I just got the newspaper today from Ate Joy, we forgot to buy the newspaper before. Antagal kong hinintay na makita ‘to and finally it’s here! This is Cyler’s first ever exposure and I’m soo proud of my baby! 🙂

I proudly present my son to y’all! (Drum-roll please!)

Oh, there’s my cutie patootie, loaded with cuteness! 🙂

Oh, I remember I also sent an entry for Smart Parenting Kiddie Greets, however I didn’t know that there is a voting system on their Fan Page, it was too late when I found out that there is a voting system, so Cyler wasn’t featured on the magazine. I am so devastated to my katangahan. Cyler’s photo was on their Fan Page but due to my ka-engotan he didn’t get any vote. Oh, he got 4 votes though. Thanks for the votes! Hehe Anyhoo, there’s still next time and more time. 🙂

Special thanks to Ate Joy for sending an entry to Manila Bulletin. If you want to feature your kids on Manila Bulletin’s Birthday Corner kindly check the mechanics on their Fan Page. Btw, my nephew Lucas won on Manila Bulletin’s February celebrants. I guess stage mommas is flowing in our blood line, right?! Hehe Oh, I soo love being a stage momma! Tahee!

My Blog’s New Look and Feel

I’m pretty sure that some of you will be shock when you see my site. Don’t worry you’re not entering a wrong site, this is still Kikay Mommy Sha’s blog however I modified my blog’s layout.

I decided to modify the layout because as mentioned from my previous post someone’s trying to.. you know what I mean if you’re visiting this site regularly. That’s why I made it more personalized. I’m not yet done with the header, I edited the header in paint that’s why if you will notice the pixels are not really good. Sorry for the poor resolution, pag tiisan nio muna yan at least for now. Hehe I’m not really good when it comes to graphic that’s why I’m still looking for someone who will make my header. Definitely, it’s not my hubby cause he’s not good in photoshop either. Hehe

Any comment and suggestions regarding my blog’s new look and feel?! Feel free to comment and suggest because I love to hear it! 🙂