My Bestfriend’s Wedding


Last December, my best-friend, Katey finally tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend of 6yrs, Jun-jun. Yes, si junjun anak kinasal na! LOL! Alam ninyo ba this is the very first time na nakasama ulit ako sa isang wedding entourage. Yung last time was when I was 6 yrs old pa, nag flower girl ako sa wedding ng Tito ko but that was a long-long-long time ago at bungal pako nun! My gulay! So imagine my excitement nung nalaman kong I was part of the entourage and sa wedding pa ng bestfriend ko! 😀 Continue reading


NYE Celebration 2015


Happy New Year guys!!!!! Oh ayan ah di na masyado late greetings. Medyo-medyo nalang. LOL! How’s your New Year’s eve?! I hope y’all had a blast! I have so many things to be thankful for last year, yung mga bagay na akala ko problema blessing in disguise pala. Minsan kasi masyado tau nagiging judge mental sa mga bagay-bagay diba, hindi pa ngyayare nagco-conclude na agad tayo. So isa sa mga natutunan ko last year is wag pangunahan ang mga plano ng Diyos sa buhay natin kasi He always has better plan for all of us. I also learned how to forgive and forget and let go of my problems, I realized walang mangyayare na maganda if maiinis lang tayo parati sa mga taong wala namang magandang nagagawa sa buhay natin. Kaya hayaan nalang natin sila at bahala na si Lord sa kanila. I also learned that next to the Lord, family ko lang ang next priority ko at wala ng iba pa. And most of all I realized ang daming blessing ang na-receive namin kay Lord last year including baby #2, this baby is also a blessing in disguise and for that I will always be grateful and thankful. I hope sana kayo din guys if may mga hindi magandang ngyare last year isipin nio nalang that this year is the year that God has prepared for you. I know He has a better plan for all of us. 🙂

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A Weekend Story #12: Double celebration, double the Fun and Happy (and crazy!) Memories!


Just a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my sister and my cousin’s birthday in my hometown, Antipolo. Yep, it was a back-t0-back birthday celebration and it was double the fun and double the happy and crazy memories! Did I mention before that I have the craziest family ever?! If I haven’t well, I am telling you now that I have the silliest, funniest, and craziest family EVER! Wag na kayong magtaka kung bakit nagka-ganito din ako. WAHAHAHA! May kasabihan nga tayo…. “mana-mana lang yan!”. LOL!  Continue reading

The Ogalala System In Play

Amina and Kids With Ogalala (3)

As a mom, I believe that play is very vital in my child’s development because it enhances his skills and development. Play gives your child a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills at her own pace by following her unique interests. So buying the right and perfect toy for our kids is very important too. That’s why I am very keen and happy to share with you what Ogalala System in Play are all about.

So first things first, what is Ogalala?

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Gwyneth’s Hello Kitty Themed Birthday Party

Jollibee Bday

Last month, we attended a birthday party with Hello Kitty themed at Jollibee, Macapagal. I’m a big fan of this cartoon character when I was a small kid so this party definitely brought out the kid in me. It was a simple yet fun-filled birthday party and we did enjoy it most especially Cyler. I haven’t attended a Hello Kitty themed party in such a long time so medyo na-excite ako this time. Continue reading

A Trip at Mckinley Hill Clubhouse


Last week, we attended a Christening at Mckinley Hill Clubhouse, Taguig City. I was kinda (I mean totally!) impressed with their clubhouse interior. The venue is indeed perfect for any kind of gathering plus it’s centralized too so that’s a two thumbs-up for me. And I also love the fact that they have swimming pool and outdoor playground too for the kiddos and feeling kiddo (like me!). 🙂 Continue reading

Ban Kee Trading Inc: Where Toys and Fun Are One!


Believe it or not  toys are essential to every child’s development. Play is crucial to your baby’s development. But how do you know which toys will be a hit with your little one and which toys is age appropriate and safe for them? Ban Kee Trading, Inc. is the country’s leading distributors of toys and baby product in the Philippines. Ban Kee currently represents companies such as TOMY, IN TEX, GRACO children products, The First Years, Zhuzhu pets, Chuggington, Speed Stacks toy line, loom band, Hello Kitty, and many more. And they don’t just create/make toys they do consider every little things in every toy they created because for Ban Kee our child’s safety and development is their number one priority. Continue reading

Kevin’s Graduation Celebration

KEvin's Grad Celebration

Kevin is my youngest brother(that turned sister), he just finished his college degree (though it’s a vocational) last month so I thought of giving him a simple celebration. I’m not the eldest among our siblings but ever since I started working I also started supporting my sibling’s studies. Of course, as their sister I want them to have a better and brighter future. I want to secure their future in the best way I can. So even hirap sa buhay I tried to support their studies even now that I have my own family. It’s really self-fulfilling to see my siblings having a better life and no amount of money can ever beat that. Nothing compares than knowing that your loved ones are on the right track/path. Continue reading

Easter Sunday: The Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ


I noticed that nowadays some people tend to forget the real essence of Easter Sunday. I’m no Saint neither a preacher but I just wanted to remind all of us that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bear in mind that Jesus Christ sacrificed his own life just to save us from our sins so let us not forget the real meaning and purpose of Easter Sunday. It’s not about the Easter bunnies and candies that we used to get at Easter celebrations.

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The Ricafort Family Reunion 2014 (Part Deux)


Finally guys, here’s the 2nd part of my previous post about our family reunion (read here) that happened three weeks ago at Lucena City. So going back on the topic…the committee also prepared a program during night-time. At 4ish the first part of the program was ended and it was the time for kids and the kids at heart to go swimming. As usual, my little bunny was so excited to dip in the pool! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know how Cyler loves the water, I swear he super-kaduper love every bits of it. He can even stay in the pool for more than 2hrs, wapakels if below zero lamig ng tubig. Continue reading

The Ricafort Family Reunion 2014


Last weekend, we attended the Ricafort family (on Cj’s side) reunion. The event was held at Nap and Rose Private Resort, Lucena. It was indeed a day filled with so much happy and unforgettable moments.  I was pregnant with Cyler  when they did the reunion 3 years ago, so technically it’s Cyler and my first time to attend this family event kaya naman I’m sooo excited about it. The location was really far but the 4hours travel was worth it, super-kaduper worth it.

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More Photos From Lucas’ Party By Studio 2716


We love Studio 2716! Remember our playdate photo-shoot with Dom of Studio 2716 (read here) last year? He captured so many great photos then that’s why I was a bit ecstatic when I’ve heard that he will cover my nephew, Lucas‘ birthday party last February 8 (read here).

Anyway, here are more great moments captured by Studio 2716Continue reading

Happy Hearts Day!




Anong konek? Wala lang! LOL!  I just wanted to greet all of you a Happy Happy Hearts Day!


Happy Hearts Day from our Little Mr. Kupido! 🙂

Enjoy this day with your loved ones, not necessarily with your spouse or bf or gf, it can be your friends or your family members too! Valentines are not only meant for couples it’s for everyone! It’s a constant reminder that we should always love one another kahit yung taong kinaiinisan mo pa. Ika nga ni Kris Aquino… love, love, love!

So Happy Hearts Day everyone! Enjoy this lovely day with your lovable loved ones! 🙂

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