New Year, New Look, New You!


Is it YAY or NAY?

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Basic Pregnancy Tips for All Expectant Moms

I came up to this post since most of my friends are first-time expectant moms and since I always receive tons of queries about pregnancy.

Disclaimer: I’m NO expert in pregnancy, these tips that I’m gonna share are based on experiences and advices from my personal OB so I’m not forcing you to follow it, okay? Just to make things clear. 🙂


Pregnancy can be nerve-wracking (super!) not only does it entail drastic and a lot of physical changes, but preparing to become a parent can take a lot out of you, emotionally and physically. So I’m here to help you out in my own little way, I’m about to share the things I remember (so far!) that I’ve had to deal with when I was pregnant with Cyler. Being pregnant is no joke, I tell you. You have to deal and avoid a lot of things to be able to protect your baby’s health and your health too. So here are some of my basic tips for all the expectant moms out there:

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Reunited With My First Love

I mentioned in my previous post how I miss baking so much. After years of not doing it finally I have been reunited to my old love, which is of course baking! I started doing it last month and now I can’t stop myself from doing it all over again! Well, technically I grew up in a family who loves to bake A LOT! At a very young age I was exposed to the world of baking and this is my first-ever-love! When I was younger I used to help my Tita Nanin whenever she bakes. I used to mixed the ingredients and taste the batter using my little fingers. I also love licking(oops! sorry for the word!) and eating those left over batter in the mixing bowl. I guess most of the kids have gone through that! Aminin! This is one of the things that I enjoyed the most before.

When I got married, I stop baking too since there’s no oven in my in-law’s house. So the only time I get to bake is whenever I go to our house in Antipolo. Baking means a lot to me and this is one of our favorite bonding too as a family. Me and my sibling, Isang loves to bake a lot! We’ve tried baking different variety of muffins,carrot cake, chocolate cake, merengue, brazo de mercedes, and cheese cake before but we never tried baking cupcakes. It is actually my first time to bake cupcakes and I love it! Baking is so addicting, I tell yah! Especially when you get a nice compliments from the other people. And it really helps me to pursue my love in baking!

So far here are the cupcakes that I made.

From so-so cupcakes…

My first ever attempt to red velvet cupcake

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Stuffs for Babies

Every mom wants to give the best to their babies especially when it comes to baby stuffs. Of course we want something that is proven and tested by most mommies, and is baby proof. So, I would like to share some of the things that I personally use to my son.

So here it goes:

Cradle bottle and nipple cleanser

For Cyler’s bottle I only use Cradle because it is made from natural and edible ingredients found on plants extracts, and this is really proven and tested by most mommas. Most dishwashing liquids have Triclosan, a toxic chemical that are potentially quite dangerous. I tried using different bottle cleanser but it just leaves a bad odor to Cyler’s bottle, so I go back to Cradle.

Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent for babies

Cyler has a very sensitive skin and this one really works on him. Cycles is made from Continue reading

The Importance and Benefits of Breastfeeding to Mother and Child

August is the Breastfeeding month. Lots of mom bloggers shared their thoughts and story about breastfeeding, and as a tribute I also wanted to share my breastfeeding story.

Even before Cyler was born it was already set in my mind that I will breastfeed my son, even if my mom didn’t nurse me when I was a little baby. I know breast milk is still the best milk for my baby and the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. When Cyler was born I was so happy because I’m one of the lucky mom who is capable of producing breast milk, not all moms are blessed with abundant milk, right? So this newbie momma was really happy. Nursing my baby for the very first time is very emotional, the bond that it give us was extraordinary, it’s like we’ve known each other for the very long time. I didn’t expect THAT I am capable of nursing him, considering that I have a small breast (size doesn’t really matter though). For a first time mom like me, it can be very difficult although it’s a natural process that every mom has to go through. I admit it was really hard and having the right support is crucial to successful breastfeeding.

Cyler’s first glimpse to the world. Our first ever bond. 🙂

I remember myself crying because it was really painful especially when the boobs become engorge, I don’t have a choice but to pump it from time to time in order to ease the pain. Despite of that I feel so blessed because I had abundant supply of breast milk for Cyler. It takes few weeks for me and my baby to get the hang of it, but as time goes by it gets a lot easier. I undergone C- section but I chose not to rest because I know that I need to take care of my baby, I need to wake up in the middle of the night to nurse him, I need to carry him and cuddle him, I know he needs me and he depends on me. And I guess I made the right choice, Cyler is the main reason why I recovered so fast. Some says nursing can’t be successful for the mother who had a c-section, I say — hell no! This is not really true. As a matter of fact breastfeeding can help normalize the experience of an operative birth and it also reduces your stress level.

I am not complaining even if it really hurts on the first suck, what I’m trying to say is being a mother means a lot of sacrifices. Breastfeeding is the most wonderful gift from God, so share it with your child.

When I go back to work after my maternity leave, what I did was I used to nurse him before I go to work and I need to come home early to breastfeed him, but I know it’s not enough. So we started giving him formula milk, suddenly after few weeks Cyler decided, on his own, to weaned, just like that, and I’m feeling bereft. I’ve tried forcing him to but that only resulted to either chuckles from him or really annoyed baby, and the saddest part– he didn’t want my breastmilk anymore. Sad to say Cyler weaned that early, just like that. It was really devastating because I only breastfeed him for three months.

Oh, I remember he never get sick when I’m still nursing him until he weaned, that’s the only time he get sick. Truly, weaning is not just about breastfeeding thing or parenting attachment, it’s also about your baby’s health. Breast milk is packed with vitamins and nutrients that your baby needs, and is also packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. Studies have shown that breastfeeding can reduce a child’s risk of developing certain childhood cancer.

If I have a choice I will still nurse Cyler, but he weaned, just like that. So to all the mommies and mommies-to be please breastfeed your child even if it hurts (and hard). You think you don’t have milk (I also did!)? Yes you do! You just don’t see it. Trust your bodies– you have milk!

Cyler was two months old here, now tell me does he looks like starving? Do you think my milk is not enough?

You think it will make you losyang?! No, it’s not true! It will make you feel better and eventually will make you look better.

This is me six months after giving birth to Cyler. Now tell me do I look like losyang?.. Slight lang naman diba?! ;p

And here’s some of the importance and benefits of breastfeeding to you and your child:

• Breastfeeding protects your baby from illness. Numerous studies shows from around the world have shown that illnesses and infections occur less often in breastfed babies and are less severe when they do happen.
• It also protects your babies from allergies.
• Breastfeeding benefits not only the baby but the mother as well. It help new mothers shed the baby weight. It’s true, because it happened to me even if I only breastfeed for three months. I lose weight so fast!
• Breastfeeding may boost your child’s intelligence.
• It also helps your child from obesity.
• It also reduce stress level and your risk of postpartum depression. I feel relaxed while breastfeeding.
• And it also reduce your risk of cancer. Numerous studies have found that longer women breastfeed, the more they’re protected against breast and ovarian cancer.


These are just some of the good benefits of breastfeeding. I am encouraging all mommies and mom-to-be to breastfeed your babies. Our child’s health is the most important to us, so start nursing your child. Be glad and be proud of it! Breastfeeding is God’s gift for all of us moms, so let us share it with our child (or donate it). 🙂

Cyler’s Toy Rotation (2)

Last June, we decided to have a “monthly toy rotation” when Cyler received a bunch of toys on his first birthday. We don’t want to open all his toys because it will just gather dust and we don’t want him to get overwhelm with it, besides he can’t play all that stuff in just one stop. So, we randomly group his toys into two sets or more– he plays with one for the whole month while the other toys are kept out of his sight. This taught him to appreciate his toys more and it has also kept us from buying more toys. It benefits the child and parent as well. Also, this will keep toys new and fresh, and interesting for him.

Now, here’s the second batch of his toys.

This time I opened more musical toys and legos, I retained his Boikido activity table. I chose legos because Cyler is a big fan of legos. On the other hand musical toys has an immense impact to our lives and it affects our self-development. These effects our more beneficial to kids. Studies show that music helps in producing more nerve cells to the brain. I admit that I love music so much. I used to sing in front of the crowd when I was a little girl. I am also became part of the music ministry in our church and in school way back then. But now, I only sing inside the bathroom and karaoke bar. Hehe Oh, I remember when Cyler was still in my womb I used to listen on Mozart and lullabies songs everyday. And I am very happy because he really loves music so much now, sometimes he dance when he hears some music.

Our favorite brand of toy– Boikido! Oh, we love Boikido so much, it’s an Eco-friendly, fun learning toys. 🙂

Cj decided to assembled this mini-race track because Cyler wanted to open this toy.

At first, he enjoyed playing it until…


Mommy: Oh-uh! What happened to your race track?!
Cyler: It was such a pushover!
And so, we decided to kept it again. Hehe

This strategy is very effective to my toddler because his face never fails to lighten up every time he see his “new” toys. I’m pretty sure this technique will work in your kids too. And also, this will keep toys new and fresh to our kiddos and will help us parents from buying new toys. 🙂

Getting an Educational Plan and Securing Our Child’s Future

My mom is a single mom and we are six siblings, so she can’t support all our financial needs especially our studies. But I’m still blessed because my Tita Nanin(my mom’s eldest sister) supported my studies. I am really lucky to have her and I owe my success to her. I still support the studies of my younger sisters even I have my own family now. Not because I don’t have a choice but because I want them to have a good life and career also. So, even before Cyler was born education is my top priority. I want to secure his future, and I want to give him a better and brighter future. We all know that education is the greatest thing that we can give to our child but we also got overwhelmed by increasing tuition costs. So, Cj and I decided to get a college educational plan for Cyler. I asked my friends, office mates ,and even my boss about this. They say that when your kid is still a baby, it is the best time to get started and save for his education.


Educational insurance on a child is not for everyone. However, it is one option that can be considered when planning for your child’s college education. After reading, listening, and studying about educational insurance, finally we decided to get an educational plan for Cyler. Cyler was six months old then when we bought his educational policy. Most parents and insurance experts says the best time to save for your kid’s education is NOW. My office mate Anna recommended her insurance Broker to me. The Broker’s name is Reggie, she explained everything to us and I want it to share with you in case you want to learn about educational plan.

So here it goes:

  • Why do you need to plan early for your childs education? The cost of higher education is increasing, due to inflation or some other economic factors. The increasing cost can result in financial strain for parents/guardians when they begin higher education. Therefore, it is important to plan early to prepare adequately for their higher education.
  • How much coverage do you need? The first step in determining the amount is to have a goal in mind. Here are the factors you may need to consider in determining the level of coverage:
  1. Place of study
  2. Level of qualification
  3. University of choice
  4. Field of study
  5. Length of study

Tips when buying an educational plan:

  1. Ensure that you opt for the payor benefit rider. Look for a policy that waves premium payment in the event the parent/legal guardian can no longer pay for the policy. By opting for the payor benefit rider, your child’s educational fund will be taken care of should anything happen to you- reality check.
  2. Make sure that the premium is affordable. It is a long term process and therefore, you need to be realistic in estimating how much you can afford based on your current income and expenses.
  3. Do not add unnecessary coverage. Be careful about adding too much insurance coverage as the costs will eat the amount of savings.
  4. Make sure that the Insurance Company is stable. Ensure that you are getting the right one because investing your money into something is no joke at all. Remember, you are saving for your child’s future.

So, these are the important things that I learned from our insurance broker. Btw, we avail Manulife educational insurance for Cyler, they are top life insurance firm in the country.

Ensuring our child’s future is one of the best thing that we can do with them. Securing your child’s future is your responsibility as a parent and that makes a huge difference in your childs life. I know that no matter what happen to us, his future is secure. Remember, the best time to save for your kid’s education is now. Heavy education costs can not be borne without proper planning, so start saving for your children’s education today. It will provide a brighter future for them tomorrow. 🙂

How to Deal with Picky-Eater Toddler

His first solid food. Cyler was six months old here.

Many toddlers are picky eaters. Being picky about food is a normal behavior for many toddlers but it is also frustrating to every parents. Cyler became a picky eater when we introduced table foods to him. Maybe because his taste buds is not used to tasty foods. As mentioned from my previous post Dra.Vienne recommended an appetite vitamins for Cyler. The name of the vitamin is Mosegor Vita, happy to tell that it was effective to our picky-eater tot. He gained one kilo in just one month compare to the previous month. His food and milk intake increases as well. Now, we don’t need to force him to eat because he eats everything we give him.

Doc Vienne said that we can allow Cyler watch the TV while his eating, if that’s the only way to distract him from eating. We used to turn off the TV when he doesn’t want to eat, we show to him that he cannot watch the TV if he will not eat. Doc said that eating should also be fun to every toddler. She also said that a big mistake parents make is believing their child doesn’t like something because they refused it the first time around. But that first try, the food is new, and your toddler may just be wary. So don’t give up after just one shot. Continue to serve up that new food, and eventually, once it becomes a familiar sight, your tot may venture a taste.

Here are the three things that I learned from dealing with my picky eater toddler.

1. Do not force him to eat. Watch the signs that your baby’s had enough, such as turning his head away. When moms are controlling during feeding, babies are less able to regulate their own intake. Offer your child a variety of nutritious foods and let him or her choose what to eat.

2. Food is fun. Talk to your child while his eating– saying “Yummy!” encourages the baby to eat. And also let him touch the food and use his hands too, experiencing the textures of food is an important part of learning process says SP Maganize.

3. Patience is the key. Be patient, though. It can take up to 15 attempts before your picky eater gets used to a new taste. And even it can take up to one hour before he finishes his meal. Don’t put pressure on your child. Again, eating should be fun. 🙂

Don’t worry if it seems that your child doesn’t eat enough at one meal. Doc Vienne said that if your child has plenty of energy and is growing, he or she is most likely healthy. I am happy because Cyler is gaining more now although he is teething (again). Btw, the best time to give Mosegor vitamins to your child is before bed time because it has sleeping side effects. Cyler slept the whole day when he drink this vitamin for the first time, and so we decided to give it to him before bed time. It also helps him to sleep better at night. And of course, wait for your Pedia’s prescription before giving it to your child.

Motherhood gets tougher when you’re dealing with your picky eater child and motherhood isn’t all we hoped it would be, after all this is what motherhood is all about. Motherhood is hard and wonderful all at the same time. 🙂

Pamper for Less

Have cracked heels? Now you don’t have to worry about those cracked heels because I have the easy-peasy step on how to have a baby-soft soles. Just want to share what I’ve read in YAHOO the other day on how to pamper for less. Being an internet savvy is (really) a big help. Anyhoo, Yahoo says that our feet are the most hardworking part of your body (aside from your brain!), but it is also the most ignored. And if you really want to keep a baby-soft feet try indulging your soles in a deep foot massage and moisturizing treatment. Concentrate your kneading motions on the arches and heels.

But if you’re budget conscious or you don’t have enough time to go in a Spa, you can also massage your feet with a big dollop of the following:
(1) Moisturizing lotion
(2) Olive oil (my choice)
(3) Petroleum jelly
(4) Olive body butter or any other body butter (this is optional)

Here’s watchunid:
Olive Oil, Petroleum Jelly, and socks! 🙂

I usually massage my feet every night using Body Shop Olive dry oil mist (it’s non-greasy and easily absorbed plus it has a lot of good benefits to our skin) or you can also use olive body butter, after that I used to apply a dollop of petroleum jelly on my soles, and then I cover my feet with socks and leave on overnight for super-soft feet the next day. And tadah! I pamper for less and it really works, really. If I can do it, you can also do it! This is perfect for all the working Mom’s who don’t have enough time to go to the SPA, especially if you’re always wearing high heels shoes like me.

You can do this easy step at home. So what are you waiting for?! Do it now and say goodbye to those cracking soles and hello to baby-soft feet! 🙂

Giga Baby Products

I wasn’t able to buy Jar of Love as mentioned from my previous post and so I look for another baby products that is good for colds, fever, and flu and I was stumbled when I saw Giga baby cold rub. When I opened it, I instantly smell the mint, the smell is very relaxing and perfect for those blue days.  Giga Baby cold rub is an n effective yet gentle and safe soothing rub. It is intended to relieve babies of discomfort due to colds and cough. I was really opting to buy it since Cyler had a recent colds and cough , I don’t want to use those cold rubs for adults because it was too strong for Cyler. And I’m glad cause I found this perfect cold rub for my baby boo — the Giga Baby Cold Rub.

Gently soothes and comforts your child.

When I applied it to Cyler, he instantly got into a very relaxing state. I noticed that he’s no longer coughing in the middle of the night and I think this cold rub really soothes my little shaolin. It also helps him to sleep soundly at night.  Before, he used to wake up in the middle of the night because he was so irritated by his colds and cough. And now — goodbye to those blue days! Another good thing was his cold was instantly gone after two days. It’s really effective, I say. Every night I used to massage him with cold rub so that he can sleep better, I’m using it also. I always ask Cj to massage me using this cold rub because I really love the aroma and effect of it, especially this past few days because I was insanely busy at work. I was working over the weekend for the past two weekends now and going home very late at night. I’m not happy about it because weekend is so precious to me and it’s family time. Hay.

Here are some of their baby products:

Giga Baby Products

This cold rub costs Php100++ petot only (sorry, I forgot the exact amount), I also bought this at Sesou Nature Source, it was really cheap but the effects was really good. Plus it’s 100% natural, which I love the most. I think it’s much cheaper if you buy it online it only costs Php95.Oh, I’m really an eco-Mommy! I checked their official site but it’s not working properly but you can check this multiply site. Oh, I really love products that will not harm my little shaolin. Besides from baby products they also have home care and pet care products. I’ve read many rave reviews about Giga Baby and I’m happy because I found good baby products that is perfect for my delicate Tot. So, for my son I am only trusting these baby products, it’s clinically proven and tested. 🙂

How about you? What organic/natural products do you use? Share your feedbacks, I love to hear it. 🙂

A Jar Of Hope Saves the Day!

Cyler is very fond of insect bite and I guess most babies too. Our little shaolin got a terrible scar on his right leg when he was eight months old because of insect bite. We rushed him to Dra.Vienne’s clinic then because we can’t figure out if it’s a chicken pox or what. It was swelling and watery, and it looks like a chicken pox but Dra said that it’s not a chicken pox, it was an insect bite. She also said that all insect bites are allergic reactions and the size of the reaction depends on the degree of allergy your child has. Oh my, the praning Mom in me has began. Bites from insects in children can be itchy and painful. Dealing with insects is one of the most challenging part as a Mom too. Hehe Since then I always staple an insect repellant lotion and cream to Cyler’s closet.I also got paranoid every time I see some insects around the house. I used to spray Baygon everyday in our room, that’s how paranoid I am when it comes to insects. I hate them, really.

Moving forward, I was stumbled upon the rave reviews of Indigo Baby Products from Mommy Maggie Musing’s blog. The Mom behind that awesome blog was my CIL, her name is Maggie, the brain and beauty behind that awesome mommy blog. I find her post about Indigo Baby’s Product very useful. What I really love about this product is that it’s all 100% natural. I’m a big fan of organic products so when I saw her post about Indigo Baby I visited the Indigo Baby’s multiply site immediately. I instantly fell in love with all their products, it’s organic haven, indeed! The price was very affordable plus the fact that the product was all natural. I also like how they name their products, it’s so unique and cool. Soul sisters Monica and Denise are the Mompreneurs behind these awesome baby products. They advocate breastfeeding and practice attachment parenting. IndigoBaby is their brainchild, a collaboration of products to enrich you and your baby’s life.

When all things fails, A Jar Of Hope saves the day!

I checked their reseller outlets and visited the nearest one to our place but they also have delivery. They ship worldwide! I visited their reseller outlet at Trinoma, but sad to say not all their products are available at the store. The only available items then was the Jar of Hope and Sleepy Head spray. I was planning to buy the Jar of Hope and Jar of Love, but I ended up buying Jar of Hope and cold rub from Giga Baby (I’ll make another post about this product, so watch out for that!) only. The Jar of Hope only costs Php390 petot! The store name was Sesou Nature Source, they used to sell organic products and one of those are baby products like Indigo Baby, Giga Baby, and a lot more. Buying this was just in time because Cyler had a recent insect bite on his forehead when we got home. It was big and swollen. My gulay! And so, I immediately opened the Jar of Hope and applied a pea size of it on Cyler’s forehead, where the bite was. After two days, the swelling was gone.Oh, I love the chamomile scent of the Jar Of Hope, it was very relaxing.

Now I don’t have to worry about the insect bite because I know a Jar of hope will always save the day! Thank you Yummy Mummies of Indigo Manila for creating such a wonderful and very useful products for our babies! Indigo Baby is a one-stop online baby shop for green and hip parents like us. 🙂

My Instant Stress Reliever

Holla! What or who is your instant stress reliever?!

Mine is my little shaolin kid, Cyler. When I come home from work my little shaolin never fails to make me smile. Sometimes he pampers me with a massage, though sometimes he ended up karate-ing me, but I love it! Those times is precious to me.

Here’s Cyler and Mom-me while his giving me a head massage plus a bonus sabunot! Hehe

Nothing beats the massage-slash-sabunot of my little shaolin master. He is definitely my instant stress reliever. 🙂

Holy Seat!

Warning: This post is Rated PG! 🙂

Toilet bowls are one of the dirtiest, most disgusting, most vile surface in the whole wide world. Fortunately, there’s HOLY SEAT Toilet Seat Sanitizer that wipes all the yucky germs in the toilet bowls. Holy seat is a handy spray toilet seat sanitizer that kills 99% germs! O diba havey?! 🙂


It doesn’t matter whether you sit, squat or stand, save yourself especially your kids from the lurking evil in the bowels of the toilet. Just spray generously all over the bowl to disinfect and kill disease-carrying invisible germs. It’s fast and easy, perfect for on-the-go pipz! Now you can PEE (and P**P) in PEACE!

P.S. Pasintabi po sa mga kumakain! 🙂

F-A-T-H-E-R Stands For…

Cj is a really good father to our little shaolin, Cyler. He is very hands on and his giving the unconditional love to our son. He is Cyler’s best friend I must say, they are buddies and playmates. He can make Cyler laugh-out-loud without exerting so much effort, oh yes, he’s very good at it. And he never fails to give time and effort to our dear son, which I love the most. Oh well, they’re both God’s gift to me and I can’t imagine my life without them. Father has a big role in raising the kids , our sons learn about being a man primarily by watching their fathers. A father’s influence on his son’s personal development is often unseen but nonetheless real.

Pinag chi-chismisan nanaman ako nung dalawa. Hehe

Anyhoo, last father’s day we attended the morning mass (as usual), I really like the homily on that day and I wanted to share it with everyone. Father Ong was the mass presider at that time and his homily is about Father’s role to the family. Father Ong said that Dads play an important part in the development of their sons. The role of the father is, in fact, an important counterpart to the one played by the mother. Little boys look to their fathers for a representation of what ‘manliness’  is. He said that Father stands for the following:


 The father is the most influential person in their child’s life. The first and best thing that he can teach to his child is to build his “faith” in God.        Helping a son be grounded spiritually is an important role for a father. Whatever your faith tradition, help your son understand the deeper meaning of life. As a young man gets in tune with nature, God and himself, he will have a pattern in his life that will help him endure hardship and thrive personally.

Daddy: Where is the light?
Cyler: It’s up there!


Affirmation is a declaration that something is true. It simply means that when you say something to your child you must always mean it especially if its a promise. Whether we know it or not, our sons learn about being a man primarily by watching their fathers. From that they will learn how to be true to themselves, especially to others.


“There is always time for everything” is my motto in life. Time to play, time to go, time to eat, time to mingle with your friends, and last but never the least a time to your family. I do believe that no matter how hectic your schedule is you should always make sure that you’re giving your family a better and quality time. The kids excel more when their father gives them a quality time. Get involved in father-son activities. Remember, there is always time for everything. Enjoy every minute of your son’s childhood cause the next thing you know they would be opting to be on their own.


Humility signifies lowliness or submissiveness.  As a young man watches his father interact with his mother, he learns about respect (or disrespect). As a father, encourage your kids to admit mistakes and teach them how to apologize. An arrogant person can never teach humility.


Teach your kids to be servants. Jesus repeatedly taught this lesson to his disciples.  Be a Christ-like example to your kids, I know it’s hard to do that and nobody’s perfect in this world. But bear in mind that a father who bring his family to God will ALWAYS live  in God’s way.


When they fail or sin, tell them that they can always be forgiven and accepted. As a father teach your child how to forgive and forget.

Daddy: Blah-Blah-Blah…
Cyler: Ohhhh… I get it Daddy!

So, that’s how it goes. Again, the word “Father” stands for: Faith, Affirmation, Time, Humility, Example, and Redemption. The message is not only for the fathers but for both parents as well. It really taught me so many things and made me realized  how important is the role of a Father to their family. Hope you find this post useful. 🙂

A Working Mom’s Dilemma

Nowadays, a working Mom is usual to all of us. Before, mothers are supposed to stay at home and are assigned to take good care of their family but now it’s so hard to do that because of the high cost of living. Both parents need to work in order for the family to survive, of course you want to give the best to your child. And you want to secure your family’s future, sino ba namang may ayaw, diba?! And so, here comes my dilemma as a working Mom. Normally I try to keep my home life to my professional life separate. My Mom used to go here in our house on weekdays to look after Cyler while Cj and I are working. So, that’s are basic set up. Unless my son get sick, our basic set up become a big ‘ol mess.


The sick little baby. 😦

Last Sunday, Cyler gets a high temperature, a 38 degrees stupid high temperature plus a runny nose. It was his first time to have a fever, so we’re clueless why he had a fever then. And then I remember that he is teething again and three molars are peeking through his gums, that’s terrible for a baby. Three molars is no joke.


Our little gum drop, Cyler was having a hard time then but still he was able to manage to play just to forget the pain (at least for a moment).

Cyler has a high tolerance in pain, he doesn’t cry even when he’s not feeling well but I can see how he struggle because he can’t eat and sleep well. And he started to become clingy and irritable. It was Monday and he was still sick, and so I immediately file an emergency leave. On those days, work has to be put on back burner. I texted Dra. Vienne to tell her about Cyler’s condition and I asked her what could be the best thing to do which she responded very quickly. She said that we should continue giving him Paracetamol (for pain and fever) and Disudrin (for colds) for 3 to 4 days. She also mentioned that if the fever subsides and colds clear up, I can discontinue the medicine earlier. And she told me that if the fever persist we should bring Cyler to her. I told her that Cyler is teething again and she said that it can be the cause of the fever. What I really love about Dra. Vienne is that she answers all my queries even thru text, we’re so lucky to have her as Cyler’s pedia. Having a helpful Mom and pedia is really a blessing.I went back to work on Tuesday since my mom was there to look after Cyler and my husband was there too. His sched is more flexy than mine cause he can work from home especially when times get rough for our son. I’m lucky enough to have a mom and husband who graciously step in when my job is too hectic to miss.

His fever subsided last Wednesday, thank God! So, we didn’t bring him to Dra’s clinic anymore. His cold was still there and he got cough also, but it’s not terrible unlike the first few days. And he is totally fine now. Thank you so much, Lord! I O U a bunch!

My company aren’t a monster who refuse to grant a day off or make me feel guilty about taking good care of my child. But there are days when I have a million things to do and I don’t have a choice but to go to work and leave my sick child at home. The guilt feeling was there, really, but I don’t have a choice because I have a deadline to meet. I feel the type of guilt that I would imagine comes with committing a crime. I want to stay at home and take good care of my little one but sometimes I really need to work. Hay. Project deadlines is sometimes a bitch especially when you want to file a leave but your deadline stopping you from doing it. So, that’s one of my biggest dilemma as a working Mom.

There are times when juggling your family life and professional life wasn’t easy especially on those days when you can’t leave your work. Every time that daily routine gets off-balanced, one side of the scale gets neglected and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sick days are just one of those work-life crossovers that muck up the waters for working mom. It’s a good thing that you always have a back-up system around you, like your Mom or your relatives who can look after your sick child especially when your job is too hectic to miss.

Cyler’s Toy Rotation

Aside from clothes, Cyler received a bunch of toys on his first birthday bash. But we opted not to open all the toys because Cyler got overwhelmed with all the toys and was starting to loose his focus. So, we decided to open three toys that suits for his age. We noticed that he get bored easily with his new toys and he tried to open another toy. And I also noticed that he started to loose his interest on his books due to his fascination to his new toys. Which is I do not wish to happen. So, I had this light bulb idea again.
These are the gifts that he received on his first birthday bash.

Thanks for the presents! OOps! The baby is not included.

Our little boy go loco over his new toys! Oh, he received three Boikido, me likey! I mentioned on my previous post that as much as possible I want more eco-friendly toys for Cyler. That’s why when my friends asked me what gift do I want for Cyler’s birthday, I immediately say “Boikido”. Hehe

Unfortunately, we decided to kept it since we already open three new toys. Oh, it’s now four because he secretly opened another box.

Don’t know what to choose?

So here comes the light bulb idea —- I decided to have a “monthly toy rotation”. We randomly group his toys into two sets — he plays with one for the whole month, while the other set is kept out of his sight.

These are the 1st set of toys.

We hide most of the toys underneath the books. It became an instant book stand as well. 🙂

Mr. Pooh secretly hide some of the toys too.. Secret lang natin ‘to ah! Hehe

Now, who would have thought that there is a bunch of toys underneath the books? 🙂
Cyler is not a fan of stuff toys, so these stuff toys are just decoration for him.
Moving forward, after one month, we replace his toys with a second set. His face never fails to light up in excitement at the sight of his “new” toys. This taught him to appreciate his toys more and it has also kept us from buying more toys. It benefits the child and parent as well. Also, this keeps toys new and fresh, and interesting for the child.
P.S. Special thanks to Mr. Pooh and the rest of the gang for keeping Cyler’s new toys. 🙂

Are You a Tough Competitor?

As a newbie Mom, I know that I’m in the stage wherein I want my child to be the best (yes, Of course) that he can be and I guess every parents out there wants the same thing too. They say, “walang magulang ang naghangad ng masama para sa anak nila.” which is true. But then sometimes we don’t noticed that our self-worth tied up with our child’s success. And (worse) sometimes we don’t notice that we are competing with other parents already. I’m not expert in parenting. But lemme just share with you what I have read and learned at Smart Parenting Magazine. Last night, while reading the super old issue of SP this article suddenly caught my attention and I wanted it to share with you especially to all the parents and parents-to-be out there.

No one is born knowing how to be a parent. Competitive parents are just really trying to find reassurance that they are on the right track. Some people need to be extrinsically motivated. They need to see their children are “better” or that they are doing “bigger” things to believe they are good parents. The extreme cases can also be caused by transference. This parents feel that it’s not their child’s glory but theirs. If they’ve always wanted do something but never got the chance, they force their child to do it even if the child doesn’t want to.

The experts says that if you’re always pushing your child to be the best, he might think that you’re love is conditional. You may unconsciously or worse consciously push him to excel and forget to see your child as he really is. As a result, your child may be cranky, touchy, clingy, or just plain difficult to handle. He may also feel that your love is connected to his doing things that will make you proud.

Nevertheless, my point is don’t make your child suffer to fill something that’s lacking within you. Remember he is seperate from you and what he need most from you are unconditional love and acceptance.

Cyler, I love you from infinity and beyond!

First Digiperm Experience at Beauty Brick Salon

Finally, after forty eight years I had the guts to try a new hairdo. My hairstyle is always plain-long-straight-hair and I always wanted to try curly hair. It’s just that I’m scared to try something new. At first I was skeptical because of the following reasons: (1) bigger possibility to have damaged hair (2) I’ll be needing more hair maintenance (like hair mousse, wax or conditioner which will add up to my daily budget) (3) What if it doesn’t suit my look?! Daba?! My hair is my crowning glory and it’s a matter of life and death! Chos!

Anyhoo, how did I find the BEST digiperm salon?! I simply asked my office mate Irene. Why her?simply because she had a beautiful digipermed curly hair and it lasts for almost one year now. She highly recommend Beauty Brick Salon to me. I didn’t think twice, kasi obvious naman sa ganda ng curly hair nya. I also searched the net and checked all the forums and I was stumbled upon the rave reviews at the forums. They say the salon is the pefect place for digiperm and the staff was friendly. I immediately called Beauty Brick salon and made my appointment three days before Cyler’s birthday party. Para bongga ang hair ni Mother sa big day ni baby, diba?! Sorry naman excited lang ang lola ninyo.

Anyhoo, back to my topic, I arrived 30 minutes late at the Salon(as usual,hehe). When I entered the salon I was greeted a warm welcome by all the staff including Mr. Shin(the Korean salon owner).I look at my back akala ko kung sinong artista dumating..Ako lang pala! Chos!

When I got to the reception, the receptionist-slash-assistant-slash-translator of the salon asked me if I’m Ms. Sharon and I said “hindi po imagination ninyo lang po ako”, just kidding, I didn’t say that. I said “yes, it’z me!” And so, my attempt to have my hair baptized into the chemically treated mane world began. I was scheduled last Thursday at 1pm, but then the salon was a bit jam pack already. Good thing they assisted me immediately even though I am 30minutes late.

First, they wash my hair. After having my hair shampooed, Mr. Shin trimmed my long hair. Then they gave me several Korean magazines full of images with digipermed hair. After the quick trim, Mr. Shin approached me and checked the condition of my hair and he noticed that my hair is damage due to hairdye. He suggested medium sized curls for me, instead of large ones, because the large one may loosen up quickly. He was speaking in Korean and was translated by his receptionist-slash-assistant-slash-translator. A keratin treatment was applied first then they rinsed off. Afterwards a solution was applied to my hair and was told to wait for about 15-20 minutes after which they rinsed off.

Eto na! Eto na! Eto na! Waaaah!!!

Then they started to curl my hair, Mr. Shin did the curling with the help of his two staff. They even gave me a head, back, and shoulder massage while my hair was being soaked. They also kept on talking to me while I’m waiting to get my hair done. The staff made sure that I was comfortable the entire time and kept offering me pillows and magazines. I love how efficient the salon is. Then after curling my hair they wrapped up my hair and placed underneath the heating hat.

In fairness, ang bigat nito sa ulo ah! Parang may 10kilos na bigas sa ulo ko. Joke!

The assistants told me to call them if I feel uneasy or a little warm. She told me that it is important to tell them if you feel even the slightest discomfort to avoid having your scalp burned. 20 minutes later, they removed the machine and applied neutralizer on my hair. Mr. Shin then checked the curls, applied treatment to my scalp. The four staff blow-dried my hair and I’m literally drowning by the air that comes from the blower. Na-sobrahan sa pag assist, but it was so nice how they take care of their customers.

Don’t mind my facial expression here, baka ma-stress ka lang! Hehe

After all the procedures and three hours of waiting, I finally had my kikay curly hair!
Now here it is.. Drumroll please!


From straight hair to kikay curly hair!

They told me not to use shampoo for two days, but I can wash my hair the day after my treatment. Mr. Shin taught me how to style it – let the hair dry naturally and apply mousse or wax to maintain the curls, shape and bouncy hair. I didn’t add any bangs anymore cause it’s not bagay to me, magmumuka lang akong si Dora na kulot version. When I left the salon I was greeted again with a big “thank you” by all the staff. I said thank you to Mr. Shin and he said “Selemet pow!”, ang taray ni Mr.Shin lakas maka-slang! Gusto ko sanang sabihin “Weleng Enemen Pow!”. Hehehe Mr. Shin opened the door for me when I left the salon.  See how nice they are?! My gulay! They’re exceptionally nice and very professional.

Btw, I only pay Php3,300 and I found it reasonable considering that I had a long and thick hair plus the awesome and great staff and very hands on owner-slash-stylist, Mr. Shin. I must say, it’s WORTH EVERY PENNY! This Frugalicious Momma will surely go back there. I must say that Mr. Shin and his staff are perming genius! Hats off to all of them. So when it comes to my hair I definitely trusting no one but BEAUTY BRICK SALON.

I love you curly hair! LOL

Overall, I was so happy with the results, in fact when I posted it to FB nag-trend agad ung post ko. Chos! Everybody liked my new kikay hairdo, which is I like the most. I even asked hubby if I look beautiful to my new hairdo and he said “oo naman! Kaso di ako makapag-isip ng maayos ngayon gutom nako.” Boom! So, does it mean naghaha-hallucinate lang siya sa gutom kaya niya nasabing maganda ako?! Kaloka!

Want this superb digipermed hair?

Calling all the certified kikay single girls and mommies out there, want a gorgeous digipermed hair?! Then go to Beauty Brick Salon now! Find out the details below. Today is the perfect time to have a great hair! Remember it’s your crowning glory! 😉

More info:
Visit Beauty Brick Salon
Located at Dona Consolacion Bldg.
122 Jupiter St. Bel-Air Makati City
Or Give ’em a call! 473-5108/0917-520-0044

Love, Mommy: The Birth Of Cyrus Schuyler

Dear Cyler,
The most awaited moment of my life finally arrived. It was my weekly checkup when the doctor’s found out through my ultrasound that my amniotic fluid was leaking already. I was almost one week overdue then, so the doctor decided to induce me. We went back home to get all the things that we needed for your arrival. I was admitted to the hospital on May 27,2011 at exactly 9pm. I went straight to the labor room, I feel really nervous and so excited at the same time. I feel nervous cause it was my first time to be admitted at the hospital, I hate the smell of the hospital, really, and I feel dizzy every time I smell blood. But I am ready to conquer my fear just for you, sweetie. I am also too excited cause I can’t wait to see the miracle inside me, which is of course you, Cyler. I can feel you in my tummy at that time, you would move the whole time. I get so distracted by the other woman inside the labor room, she started to freak out and she’s freaking me out too. And so, I asked  permission from my OB if I can stay in our room, luckily she allowed me to stay in the room until the morning. They started to induce me at 12am. I’m trying to sleep but I can’t cause I’m starting to feel the pain, I tried to visualize calm and serene thoughts. And indeed, I got into a very relaxed state and I fell asleep. I feel very calm cause you’re Daddy and your grandmother was on my side the whole time. When the morning came, they bring me back to the labor room and they induce me again, I was only 1cm at that time. After 3 hours they checked me again, and it still 1cm. Oh, it was already set in my mind that I am going to have a normal delivery but I was already expecting and preparing myself for a C-section delivery, I was praying hard at that time. They check me again at 12 noon and nothing happens it was still 1cm. After 12 hours at the labor room, your Daddy and my OB finally decided to give me an emergency Cesarean delivery. You’re Daddy was really worried about us, he knows that we are both having a hard time and he wanted to ended up the pain, that’s why we decided to have a cesarean delivery. It was 3pm when they finally bring me to the OR and I had an epidural. I feel so dizzy, but I fight my dizziness cause I want to see you’re arrival. Finally the long wait is over, you we’re born at 4:00pm on May 28, 2011. You weigh 7lbs, such a big baby that came from a little Mommy. I really cried when I saw you. I love you instantly. It’s like I’ve known you for a long time. You are so quiet and you didn’t cry. Your Daddy and your Grandma was so excited to see you.

All of our family and friends came to the hospital to welcome you to the world. Everyone was so happy to see you. Cyrus Schuyler (pronounce as Skyler) was the name Daddy and I picked out for you. Cyrus means a persian God and Schuyler means sky, it’s like God in the sky. You are the best gift that God has given to us. Three days later and it was time to take you home already. Daddy and I feel so blessed because you are in a good condition and a very healthy bouncing baby boy. Everything has change since you we’re born, our life become more meaningful. And we we’re so happy that you are home at last! I love it when I’m cuddling you in my arms and for the first time I discover the true meaning of motherhood. You make me realize how good is life.

Cyler, the day you we’re born was the happiest moment of my life.


Happy birthday, baby!

I love you to the Nth power!


Improvise Boxes and Buckets

From time to time, I have these light bulb moments and I never jot it down and share it to anyone. Today, I decided to do so. Allow me to share it with you guys. Improvising, is one of the best things that I learned when I became a mom. When Cyler was born, the house became a big mess . Most of his stuffs can be found anywhere in the house, especially his toys so it just gathered dust and  it is prone to germs as well. Cyler is very sensitive to dust, I guess most of the kids are allergic to dust. He also loves to put everything on his mouth and I need to make sure that everything is germ free (at least 95%).  So I decided to put his things in a container, so it won’t get as much exposure to dust and germs. The question here is should I buy a new storage container for that? Remember ever since I became a Mom, I’m trying to be a Frugalicious as much as I can.

There are numerous items that can serve as a resource and the most useful and versatile thing that I found are boxes and buckets. Since I’m trying to be a Frugalicious Mom (malapit na, promise!), as much as possible I don’t want to buy new storage containers, unless it’s necessary. So what did I do? I reuse boxes and buckets! And viola! I have my storage container in an instant!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the improvised boxes and bucket:

We can use these super cute buckets from our fave fast food restaurants

Toys are now dust and germs free!

You can also use it as toiletries storage.

You can also use an empty boxes as well.

gift boxes from your fave stores

Toys are germs free- check!

Stylish and very useful boxes

A box can be used to store a variety of gear and food items.

You can also keep your kikay accessories inside the box.

By doing this you are not only improvising, you are also organizing,  and recycling as well. Nakatulong kapa kay Mother Earth! Oh diba bongga?! These buckets and boxes is not only a storage container, it can be  a tool box, plant container, water container, a toy, etc. Your resources in any situation are limited only by your imagination and your need.

Let us all reduce, reuse and recycle and save mother earth!