KMS Beauty Tips: Keeping your skin healthy and glowing during Pregnancy


Keeping our skin healthy and glowing during Pregnancy is one of the most challenging thing to do, I tell ya’! With all the hormonal changes that is happening to  your body sometimes you don’t really know what’s the best thing to do. Some preggy moms just go with the flow and they don’t really care about how they look dahilan nila “Well, buntis ako normal lang na mag-iba itsura ko.” but for me being pregnant is not a reason not to take care of yourself especially your skin. Para sakin this is the best time to look good and shows off that pregnancy glow. Continue reading


KMS Preggy Diary: It’s A Baby…….


Here’s a happy and quick update with my pregnancy. I’m already on my 26th weeks (13 more weeks left! Wooohooo!) guys! HOORAY! I just want to savour every minute of my pregnancy while the baby is still on my tummy. I just want to feel all the baby’s action inside my tummy (yes, including all the kicks and other karate movements!). Oh wait! Did I mention that today I’m going to reveal the baby’s gender?! Yep, this is the perfect time to reveal it. I’m pretty sure this is the most awaited moment of every parents and parents-to-be out there– to know their babies gender. So eto na guys! YES, we are having….

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KMS Preggy Diary (Part 1)

Yellow! How are you guys?! Did you miss me?! Raise your kili-kili if you miss me! Ako kasi super namiss ko kayo! Sorry if you feel like I neglected this blog already. Well, I really decided to take a break from blogging because I am having a hard time with my 2nd pregnancy. Ibang-iba talaga with my first pregnancy, before halos wala akong naranasan na morning sickness but now whole-day sickness mga ateng! Grabe! As a matter of fact naubos ko na ung sick leave ko for the whole year because of my condition. Major hilo and sukaness (pasintabi sa mga lumalafang!) talaga ako everyday. Meron pa din until now pero mejo mild na unlike nung 1st and 2nd month ko. I am now on my 12th week so hopefully mag subside na yung morning sickness ko. Continue reading