Cyler’s Potty Train Success!

Teaching your son how to use the potty will require time, effort and patience on your part, it also needs a lot of motivation and cooperation from your son. For me the key to potty training success is when your child is showing interest and willingness to do so. Not all kids are ready for this change, it took us months before Cyler get the hang of it. I remember the first time when I introduced Cyler to potty training he was just two years old then and it really scared him to death. He was so shocked and just cried, of course it wasn’t successful. To be very honest, it wasn’t an easy (for both me and Cyler) transition but  of course I don’t want to pressure Cyler on this part so I waited until he’s ready.


Photo grabbed from Google Images

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Tips and Tricks For Surviving Toddler Haircuts


Hearing a loud crying kids and seeing a cranky and squirming toddlers is a typical scenario at most kiddie salons. It is very common for toddlers and young children to get hysterical during haircuts most especially if it’s their first time. Oftentimes, most parents especially the new ones have no idea why toddler haircuts can be such a miserable experience. Of course, going out of their comfort zone, having an unfamiliar and noisy environment, and getting cooed by strangers can be a traumatic experience for most kids. That natural fear may turn into phobia that’s why as a parent we have to show and teach our kids that haircuts are not scary at all.

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