Kikay Finds: The Face Shop WaterProof AutoLiner and Gel EyeLiner

What part of your body is your best asset? Mine is my eyes and nope! it’s not a self-proclaimed. Most people says that they love my eyes most especially when I don’t wear my eye-glasses and it get dolled up. They say that my eyes are so expressive (maybe because it’s big!). If some women can’t leave their house without their brows, well in my case I can’t leave the house without my eye liner!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am no beauty expert, all opinions expressed in this post are my honest opinions based on my personal experience.

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Childrens Book Review: Discover English with Ben and Bella

From birth on, children are constantly learning. Like tiny scientist they listen and observe closely and experiment daily with the world around them. That’s the natural way of kids learning process. They are thirsty for new knowledge and enlessly curious and they acquire their language by being exposed to it- by hearing and mimicking it and by playing and living in it.


Discover English with Ben and Bella comes in different topics that our child would be most interested in: the farm, the zoo, the circus, transportation, going shopping, special day at the beach or at the picnic. We chosed the Going Places or trasportation set for Cyler because he is a sucker of anything with wheels.

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Mcdonalds Happy Meal Box is Back!

Yay! Mcdonalds Happymeal box is totally back! Isn’t it a great thing that our child can experience the excitement and surprise that awaits them in this super cute red box?! This Happy Meal box brings so much memories of my childhood! Actually, aside from the toys one of the things that I look forward too in every happy meal is their box. It’s old school but it’s full of surprises! And it’s so iconic, isn’t it?! 🙂


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New Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu

People need to eat. That’s a given fact. But with our active, busy lifestyles, oftentimes we find ourselves without the time or the energy to prepare a decent meal, that is, if we even know how to cook in the first place. For us, the usual option is to order food for takeout or delivery, or just rely on bland, ready-to-eat items like canned goods or processed meats.

The people at Bounty Fresh know that this shouldn’t be the case. As the first Philippine company to win the Best Poultry and Livestock Company Award at the 2009 Asian Livestock Industry Awards, Bounty Fresh continues to provide delicious and top-quality chicken products, making it deserve its tag as being “Asia’s Best.”


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The Magic of Magic Bullet!

Guys, I have a new baby now and it’s called the Magic bullet! The domestic goddess in me was super kaduper happy with her new baby! Oh yes, I feel really grateful and will be forever grateful with my new baby, I just hope magtagal sya sakin kasi mukang gagamitin ko na sya every now and then. LOL!


For those who are asking where did I buy it and how much did I get it for the answer is I got it……

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King Sue Products

Last Friday, I received a sweet and yummy surprise from King Sue and it really made my day! I was really happy when I received the package from King Sue and I was thrilled when I opened it and saw these yummy goodies.  I was really surprised and speechless when they left a comment in one of my post at Instagram and asked me if they can send some of their products to me. Of course, hindi nako nagpakipot pa (di na uso yan sa panahon ngaun!) and I agreed to them immediately and gave my email address. LOL! 😛

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