Del Monte Pineapple A Day! 

IMG_3649More and more Filipino children nowadays are becoming sickly, why? Because of weak immune system, a recent clinical study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism reveals. My firstborn, Cyler became sickly ever since he started schooling, and we know that whenever schoolchildren get sick, they miss valuable lessons that may prove to be crucial later on in the school year. I actually don’t what to do because I always give him vitamins and he always eat veggies too. But then I found out that giving him vitamins and veggies is not enough, I learned in this event that fruits specifically those rich in Vitamin C helps boost immune system.

With school in full swing, it’s important to make sure that your children are kept safe from infection. Thus, there is a strong need for better ways to give children the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Thankfully, parents have an easy, enjoyable way to help protect kids from infection and keep them in school – pineapples.

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Kids Gone Kawaii! SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest 2014

A prominent aspect of Japanese culture, and embraced by the most fashion forward of stylephiles, “Kawaii” is the theme of this year’s SM KIDS’ FASHION TOON FEST, incorporating bright colours, graphic visuals and everything cute and lovable.


For this stand out collection, three categories take the lead—Princess, Cutie and Hero.

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The Ogalala System In Play

Amina and Kids With Ogalala (3)

As a mom, I believe that play is very vital in my child’s development because it enhances his skills and development. Play gives your child a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills at her own pace by following her unique interests. So buying the right and perfect toy for our kids is very important too. That’s why I am very keen and happy to share with you what Ogalala System in Play are all about.

So first things first, what is Ogalala?

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SM Kids’ Fashion Denim Launch


Disclaimer: Most of the photos were grabbed from ARC_PR Official FB Page.

SM Kids’ Fashion Denim is taking young style to another level. The collection offers the widest range of denim pieces to keep kids looking their best. Now young ones are free to mix, match, and create outfits for any day and occasion.  The SM Kids’ Denim Launch were held at SMX Convention Center last June 28, 2014.  Continue reading

Ban Kee Trading Inc: Where Toys and Fun Are One!


Believe it or not  toys are essential to every child’s development. Play is crucial to your baby’s development. But how do you know which toys will be a hit with your little one and which toys is age appropriate and safe for them? Ban Kee Trading, Inc. is the country’s leading distributors of toys and baby product in the Philippines. Ban Kee currently represents companies such as TOMY, IN TEX, GRACO children products, The First Years, Zhuzhu pets, Chuggington, Speed Stacks toy line, loom band, Hello Kitty, and many more. And they don’t just create/make toys they do consider every little things in every toy they created because for Ban Kee our child’s safety and development is their number one priority. Continue reading

Introducing Lemon Square Power Pops Cereal Snack!


As a mom, one of our major difficulties in life is keeping our family healthy. And in order to keep them healthy, We, moms are constantly looking for the perfect and healthy food for our kids. Of course we want to give the best for our kids, right? Thing is that there are tons of different snacks available in the market but still we don’t know what’s the best for our kids and worst, we get confuse which one we have to try first. Agree moms and dads? I bet you can relate to this. Finding the perfect snack for our kids is also a hit and miss process. Continue reading

Gingersnaps: Celebrating 20 Years of Style


 Gingersnaps celebrates its 20th Anniversary Fashion Show at the SMX Convention Center last February 1, 2014 at SM Aura Premier as the leading brand for children and maternity wear in the Philippines. And it was such an honor to be part of this meaningful event because my child, Cyler grew up with clothes from Gingersnaps. And I’m proud to say that we really love Gingersnaps because their style never goes out of style and fashion. Gingersnaps is really loved by moms, dads, and kids alike.

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The SM Kids’ Fashion Holiday Collection

Christmas means happenings and what better way to create the biggest one of all, than with the right outfits. Fret not Moms and Dads because SM Kids’ Fashion gives young girls and boys even more options to look their best, no matter the occasion. With themes ranging from crazy graphics to lots of sparkle and sporty get-ups, there’s a whole range of choices in store just for your kids!

 Black and White


Perfect for any occasion, this mix of eye-catching prints emphasizes sophisticated black and white tones for young boys and girls. From houndstooth minis to tribal-print dresses and striped trousers and jackets, the set works well for morning play dates or a grown-up dinner with Mom and Dad.

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DC and Res|Toe|Run First Action-Inspired Kids Event: The Rumble Yard

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend?! Me and my boys had a blast last Saturday because we’ve attended the Rumble Yard event at Nuvali. It’s a kind of event that we shouldn’t miss because it’s for the entire family. You know that my weekends are just for my boys so when the Primer Group sent their invites last week, I didn’t think twice and I accepted it especially when I’ve heard that this event are meant for kids.


Skateboarding and action sports brand DC Shoes, together with one of the country’s leading footwear concept stores, Res|Toe|Run, team up for a first-ever action-inspired urban fair for kids, the Rumble Yard. And it was held at the Solenad 2 Activity Center in Nuvali last weekend, December 7-8. There’s no entrance free needed at this event and everyone were invited to come and join. Continue reading

Baby And Family Expo Philippines 2013: Welcoming Life, Love and Care

The BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 – “Welcoming Life, Love and Care”, the country’s biggest family expo, will be recognizing celebrity families, parents and kids who have been a great inspiration and role model to Filipino families in the first ever Golden Family Awards on December 7, 2013, 6pm.

Baby-and-Fam-Expo-Poster copy(1)

Organized by MediaCom Solutions, Inc., Philippines preferred stakeholders’ advocacy communications and events enterprise and co-presented by Cordlife Philippines, the BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 will be held on December 06-08, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. It covers the stages of family growth from pregnancy to early childhood. Celebrity parents will also be present during the expo to give inspirational talks. Continue reading

Mango Rocks It Up Fashion Show


MANGO is shaking up the Manila fashion scene with the opening of their flagship store in Mall of Asia last October 28, 2013. They unveils their latest collection for men, women, and their new collections for kids at their new flagship store here at MOA.

Mommies and Daddies, get your wallet and get ready to shop because there are tons of fab and fashionable items for you and your kids here at Mango new flagship store!

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