Happy Birthday My Love!

Happy happy birthday to the man who stole my heart, my one and only true love, my life, the craziest and silliest person I know that makes me laugh endlessly like nobody can, my number one enemy, my forever love, my best-friend, the greatest father I know, and my soul-mate, Cj!


May God grant your wish, I know it’s for our family! Thanks for your undying and selfless love for me and Cyler! Let’s enjoy this day like it’s your 1st birthday! I love you, Hon! You know I always do!


I’m off now to the kitchen to prepare your favorite food! 🙂


It’s Mommy’s Birthday Today!

We were supposed to celebrate her 86th birthday today however she’s celebrating it now with Jesus.  For the new comers, my Lola died not so long ago(read here), she passed away last February. Everything is still fresh in my memory, we were just celebrating her 85th birthday last year(read here) and now…….. she’s gone. I know people come and go but the memories stay in our hearts forever.

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Another Year Gone By

Howdy! How’s your entire week?! Mine was pretty hectic and tiring but it was great! I had a long week birthday celebration with my family and friends. Last Saturday, I attended the Blog Inspired workshop (I’ll share it another post) hosted by Martine and three other inspiring woman. I inspired and learned a lot! That day was full of life and new beginnings for my blog! And I can’t wait to share it with y’all!  On Sunday, we went out for a birthday dinner with my family and on Monday the three of us(Cj, Cyler, and I) went to a beach trip which I will share in another post too. It was fun and memorable! Oh but I miss this little space of mine, this blog has been in hiatus for quite some time now. And it feels SO great to be back! I miss reading blogs too! I think tonight I need to do a lot of catch up!
Anyway, I celebrated my birthday last Sunday and sorry if I kept on bombarding you my birthday celebrations photo in the social site. I just can’t help it because I just want to share my happiness to other people. My birthday was filled with lots of unforgettable and happy moments with my friends and family.

The Birthday girl, yes that’s me!

On Sunday night we all went out for a birthday dinner. It wasn’t my birthday treat though, it’s my CIL’s, Jus treat for me and his father. How thoughtful right? All of us were invited– when I say “all” it means isang barangay talaga kami! Ang saya lang because It’s been awhile since we went out together. We dine at Shakey’s, SM North Edsa. But before we went to the resto, we met one of my Blogversary winner’s at Trinoma.

Here she is, her name is Judith. Together with her is her unico hijo. It was nice meeting my readers in person! It was super fun and bitin at the same time. But we had a little quick chikahan.

After that, off we went to Shakey’s. Everyone was there! I told yah, isang barangay kami that time! Now define LOOOONG table! LOL! Muntik na naming ipa-closed yung resto nahiya lang kami. Teehee! 😛

Meet the Montegrejo Clan!

Happy birthday to us, Tito Sid!

With my loves!

My in-laws!

And of course hindi mawawala ang “mandatory” birthday girl pose! At kailangan hawak talaga ang cake!  😛

I purchased that skirt from Divi for only…. (drumroll please!) Php150 petot! Fab find, right?! 🙂

The love of my life!

Everyone was full and happy most especially the birthday girl, of course. I feel very blessed for having them all and it feels great to spent this wonderful and special day with the whole family. I didn’t wish for any material things this year (well except the house and lot. Hehe), I feel contented on what I have right now– a healthy and happy family that brings never-ending joy to my life! Well I already have my two loving boys who is so patient with me, who loves me to the moon and back, who never fails to make me feel so happy, and always there for me. Now tell me, do I need more? Believe it or not that’s all I ever wanted for my birthday. I only wish that may the Lord God continue to bless, support, and guide us in every step our lives. And I wish nothing but happiness for each and everyone. 🙂

Thanks again, Jus for the bonggang bonggang birthday dinner treat for me and your Papa Sid! Binusog mo kaming lahat! May the Lord blessed you a hundredfold! And also a big thank you for all the birthday greetings and well wishes for me! I really appreciate it. I really really do. Thank you for all the love and for the gift of real and true friendship. Love y’all to bits! You make my life worth living for! 🙂

Cj’s Birthday Treat at Esprimere Italian Deli

Before anything else let us all greet the birthday boy, my husband Cj. 🙂

The Birthday boy on his Kore-Korean pose!

Alright, so there you go, happy birthday Hon!

I discovered Esprimere Italian Deli at the awesome site Run Around Girl. Her post about this Italian deli/restaurant is indeed mouth-watering and convincing, so I decided that we will going to celebrate my husband’s birthday there. Esprimere Italian Deli is located at the heart of Ortigas, you need to have a keen eye for you to discover this wonderful place because the resto is quite tiny and you can find it at Pearl Plaza ground floor just across the University of Asia Pacific and a few blocks away from the Philippine Stock Exchange. Esprimere serves authentic Italian food, yes you read it right. They serve an authentic Italian food like cold cuts,cheese, roasts, pizza, pasta,wine,and beer.

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To the Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Hon! My goodness, birthday mo pala! Happy Yipee Birthday, honey bunch! Can’t imagine that you’re forty years old already! Parang kailan lang! Hahaha! Alright, I know it’s your birthday so I’ll stop bullying you, at least for today. I guess no words can express how I really feel for you. You know what? I love you though most of the time you sleep very late and you hate veggies, daig mo pa si Kuya Germs of Walang Tulugan kung mag puyat. I know I kept on nagging you to sleep early because I am just concern to your health. And you know that, right?! (with matching taas kilay!) Sometimes I wanted to ask you this– in scale of Kuya Germs how puyat are you?! 😛

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