KMS Cooks: Fresh Basil Pesto Sauce

I really thought that it’s so impossible to make your own pesto sauce at home kasi feeling ko ang hirap nyang gawin but boy oh boy….. I was wrong! Totally wrong! Just a few weeks ago, I decided to make a fresh basil pesto sauce from scratch so I asked my very reliable friend, Mr. Google for the recipe. When I saw the recipe in the world-wide-web I was thrilled because the ingredients are so easy to find in the market plus the recipe was so easy to do! It’s indeed a no-brainer recipe, all you need is food processor, basil, nuts, and garlic and you’re good to go!  As easy as that!

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KMS Cooks: Super Easy Corn in Butter Sauce

What’s your favorite side dish or merienda? Mine is corn! I love corn whether its side dish or something to snack on. I love any dish with corn even if it’s just plain corn. Japanese corn is my favorite and kernel canned corn from Del Monte.

Corn is also one of my favorite food when I was preggy with Cyler, I love it with butter and salt just like this easy peasy dish that I’m going to share with you. All you need in this recipe are butter, corn (I used canned kernel corn because it’s better than the frozen ones. It’s softer and yummier!), and iodized salt.


Easy Peasy Step:
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SumoSam Olympia

We always wanted to try Sumosam Olympia at Somerset Building in Makati Ave because of its catchy buffet signage (READ: Php499 only!) outside the resto but t’was never (ever!) been push through. You know naman basta lafangan go na go ako dyan at hindi ko aatrasan yan! So when we had our post birthday celebration last May we decided to pay a visit. Sumosam Olympia is situated along Makati Ave at Somerset building right beside Manila Peninsula Hotel and across Ayala Triangle.


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Dinner with the “Baboy Gang” at Uncle Cheffy

I remember the last time I dine here at Uncle Cheffy was when I’m still pregnant with Cyler (that was more than 2 years ago) and t’was my friend’s birthday treat to our group, until now I can still remember the delicious food here at Uncle Cheffy. I guess, ganun ata talaga when the food is really good it leaves mark to your taste buds.

Then last Friday, when my closest office mates (whom I fondly called the “Baboy Gang”) set a dinner date I suggested Uncle Cheffy to them and they accepted my suggestions wholeheartedly (which seldom happens) since most of them haven’t tried Uncle Cheffy yet. So after our Town Hall Meeting at Makati Shangri-La off we went to Uncle Cheffy, Burgos Circle branch at The Fort. Maybe you’re wondering why did we chose to go far even though there are thousand of restos around Makati? It’s simply because the food here in Uncle Cheffy is travel worth it. Big word? IKR! 😛


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KMS Cooks: Homemade Burger and Potato Fries

Kung ikaw ay masugid na mambabasa ng aking talaan sa web (aka BLOG), malamang sa malamang alam ninyo na kung gano ako katakaw. LOL! This post is all about home cooking and food tripping at home. Hooray for long weekend because I have more time to cook for my family! Hooray! Don’t we just love long weekend? It simply means more quality time for the whole family, right? 🙂


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