Our First Youjie&Me Sale Experience!!

Hello my fellow mommies and single ladies! How’s your weekend?! Hope your having a blast!

O-M-G! Youjie&Me first warehouse sale was so HOT! There’s so many good baby stuffs that they sell in a much, much cheaper price! Oh well, warehouse sale nga eh so what do I expect diba?! #EngotLang But hey, I didn’t expect THAT it would be outrageous! I almost got stiff-neck because I kept on looking here and there, and I can’t stop myself from hyperventilating! My eyes were literally popped out from the moment we entered the place. In fairness the place that they get for their warehouse sale was sosi. You wouldn’t feel that you’re in a warehouse. My gulay! Boikido’s are on 20-30% off! The rest was up to 60% off! My goodness! I go cray-cray with their items! As in! I so love Youjie&Me that’s why when I heard about their warehouse sale I didn’t think twice and we go there immediately yesterday. Oh yes, as in agad-agad! Excited eh, sorry naman. πŸ˜›

Here’s what you can see there (get yourself ready!):

Warning: These photos are mouth-watering!


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Cyler’s Toy Rotation (2)

Last June, we decided to have a “monthly toy rotation” when Cyler received a bunch of toys on his first birthday. We don’t want to open all his toys because it will just gather dust and we don’t want him to get overwhelm with it, besides he can’t play all that stuff in just one stop. So, we randomly group his toys into two sets or more– he plays with one for the whole month while the other toys are kept out of his sight. This taught him to appreciate his toys more and it has also kept us from buying more toys. It benefits the child and parent as well. Also, this will keep toys new and fresh, and interesting for him.

Now, here’s the second batch of his toys.

This time I opened more musical toys and legos, I retained his Boikido activity table. I chose legos because Cyler is a big fan of legos. On the other hand musical toys has an immense impact to our lives and it affects our self-development. These effects our more beneficial to kids. Studies show that music helps in producing more nerve cells to the brain. I admit that I love music so much. I used to sing in front of the crowd when I was a little girl. I am also became part of the music ministry in our church and in school way back then. But now, I only sing inside the bathroom and karaoke bar. Hehe Oh, I remember when Cyler was still in my womb I used to listen on Mozart and lullabies songs everyday. And I am very happy because he really loves music so much now, sometimes he dance when he hears some music.

Our favorite brand of toy– Boikido! Oh, we love Boikido so much, it’s an Eco-friendly, fun learning toys. πŸ™‚

Cj decided to assembled this mini-race track because Cyler wanted to open this toy.

At first, he enjoyed playing it until…


Mommy: Oh-uh! What happened to your race track?!
Cyler: It was such a pushover!
And so, we decided to kept it again. Hehe

This strategy is very effective to my toddler because his face never fails to lighten up every time he see his “new” toys. I’m pretty sure this technique will work in your kids too. And also, this will keep toys new and fresh to our kiddos and will help us parents from buying new toys. πŸ™‚


Today is Cyler’s first Easterific Sunday and we want his first Easter celebration to be special and memorable. The main reason we are celebrating the Easter is because this day Jesus Christ has risen. So we started our day by attending the mass in the morning, to give thanks and glory to the Lord. When I was a little kid, me and my Tita Nanin always celebrate the Easter Sunday in our Church. We used to have an egg hunting game after the service, that’s one of my memorable childhood experienced. I want my son Cyler to experience the same thing too. I want his first Easter Sunday to become memorable too. I know he wouldn’t appreciate it for now, but I know he will remember all the good things that we did for him when he grow up. Anyway, after the mass we went to Trinoma for the Easter event. The Easter theme for this year is “Mad Lab Science”. We came a bit late on the event, the egg painting was finished already but it’s fine I know Cyler will not appreciate it for now. There are lots of booths on the event, so we just checked all the booths.

Here’s the sched of the said event:

The Event Program

Here’s the EGGzhiting photos:

Welcome to the world of EGG’s?!

Cuteee Lil’ Chick! πŸ™‚

In fairness, ang tindi ng spotlight dito ah! Dinugo ang kili-kili namin! πŸ˜›

The Booths:

Hobbes and Landes

Egg Painting

Toys R Us

Here’s mah ride! =p

The Riders πŸ˜€

Mom: He got this curious looks again. Oh-uh!
Cyler: Me likey! Broom! Broom!

The Walking Bebe:

Look at those happy feet. πŸ˜€

with matching sipol pa! Hehe

Daddy hurry up!:P

He really loves walking now. Good job Cyler! We’re very proud of you! πŸ™‚

After the event, we went straight to Youjie&Me boutique. We bought BOIKIDO eco-friendly learning toys for Cyler, just like what I said on my previous blog post we want more eco-friendly toys for our little boy. Not only because we care to our son, we care to the world too. πŸ™‚

Say yes to eco-friendly learning toys and no to plastic battery operated toys!:)

Here’s the sneak peek of BOIKIDO‘s eco-friendly learning toys:

WARNING: These toys are addictive! As in! πŸ˜€

Eco-friendly Learning Toys from BOIKIDO

Don’t you just love these colorful toys?! My goodness! @_@

Cyler: Me likey this Cart!
Mommy: Me tooo! πŸ˜€

He really likes these toys! Don’t worry Mom and Dad will buy you….one. =p

I must say, the price is right. You should see it yourself! πŸ™‚

I’ll make a blog post about BOIKIDO very sooon! I hope hindi na 48 years mag upload that time! πŸ˜› For now eto muna! Hihihi

BTW, here’s my kikay outfit for this day (singit lang!Hehe):

Tangerine Tees and Leggings from SM Dept. Store, Belt and Shoes from The Ramp, Body bag from NineWest

Anyhoo, let’s go back to my topic. Sorry for the singit outfit. Before we go home, we went to the family lounge to take some rest. Ayala Malls has the best family lounge, it’s cozy and clean.If you’re an A-Card or Ayala Card holder, the family lounge is for free.

It’s so cozy I’m gonna dieee! πŸ˜›

Not only cozy ang sosi too! πŸ™‚

Play area

He immediately fell in love with the Lego.

It’s time to go home, my bebe is tired already. πŸ™‚

Happy Easter! Celebrate the Easter like it’s your first! πŸ™‚

We had a blast! Thank you Lord for this wonderful day! πŸ™‚

How’s your holyweek? πŸ™‚