Cyler Love For Books

As a parent, one of the best and biggest accomplishment I did for my child is introducing him to books at an early age. Back when I was a small (maliit pa rin pala ako until now btw) kid, I remember I never had the chance to experience reading books together with my parents or my siblings and as a child that’s one of my frustrations. They never buy us books and maybe that’s the reason why I never like books. I remember those times na nag-self pity ako whenever I see mother and child reading books together. I see it kasi as a good form of family bonding even when I was a young kid.


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Look It’s About Me: Personalized StoryBooks and Gifts

When I was a small kid I always had this dream of being the protagonist in my own story. I remember when we were young, my siblings and I used to had this “make-believe” play wherein all of us are the main character of the story. And you know what? I always play the mother role especially when we were playing bahay-bahayan. Even when I was a kid I love being a Mom na talaga, that’s why I do believe that motherhood is my calling in life. I was really born to become a Mom and nurture my family, that’s my purpose in life.

Anyhoo, back to the main topic…. so when I found this personalized storybook online I got so giddy and excited about it because I know for sure that my little bookworm will surely like it. My fellow mom bloggers kept on posting in IG about the book and I got so curious and I was really amazed. It never came across my mind that you (or even me!) can be the protagonist or main character in the book. Kasi most of the time when you buy a book the whole story was already there but you’re not part of the character. That’s why this personalized story book sounds really cool, unique, and so amazing for me. Would it be great if your child becomes the star of their own tale?! Of course! Lahat ng tao gusto maging bida kahit sa book lang. 🙂

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Little Bookworm

Photo grabbed from Google

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a children’s picture book designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle. This book stands firmly on position 6 in the Top 100 Classical Children’s Book Of All Time.This is my little bookworm’s current favorite book. He loves reading this book every now and then. And whenever he hears me or his Daddy saying some lines from the book he would rush towards us and he automatically sits on our lap. He even memorized every pages by heart, that’s how he love the book.

This book contains a little bit of biology and it’s pretty straightforward– a caterpillar eats whatever comes across until he become a fat caterpillar and soon it’s time to cocoon and become a beautiful and colorful butterfly. That’s how the story goes, see I memorized the book by heart as well! It’s has a very simple story with a little bit of biology.

He loves to read the book all by himself!

And here’s a video of my little bookworm while reading his favorite book. Enjoy listening! Medyo tatabingi lang ng konti ang mga face ninyo at mapapa-chinese nga lang kayo ng konti! :p

So how is it? Did you understand what he’s saying? If not, here’s the translation– he says red, red, red, yeyow (yellow), yeyow, yeyow, byu(blue), byu, byu, byawn (brown), byawn, byawn! Blah-blah-blah! Hehe

And because he loves caterpillar, he instantly fell in-love with this caterpillar toy that he saw at Doc Vienne’s clinic. Good thing, it isn’t a real caterpillar (remember I’m afraid of crawling creatures) because if it’s real…. boy oh boy! I don’t know what to do! *faint*

Cj and I are pondering if we will give him a Caterpillar Themed birthday party for his 2nd birthday. A car themed party is cool, my little boy will surely like it (he surely does!) but a caterpillar themed birthday party is more unique and I guess it rocks! Lalo na kung madaming caterpillars all over the venue! Of course, I’m just kidding! Baka nasa hospital nako bago pa mag-start ang party dahil sa heart-attack! But one thing is for sure, it will be so much fun! 🙂

Btw, do you know any store where we can buy this caterpillar push-and-pull thingy? If yes, please do tell us! Cyler go gaga over this toy!

Star Wars ABC

The Alphabet song was a big hit to my little shaolin, Cyler. He sang the Alphabet song on his own though he garbled the lyrics and sang with a passable rhythm but it made me so proud. He also has lots of Alphabet books but his favorite is the Star Wars ABC alphabet book. I find the book really astig because the graphics is really good that makes it more catchy to the eyes of my little bookworm plus the Star Wars characters itself. His Ninong Biboy gave this book to him on his first birthday.


This is Cyler’s favorite book now, he usually grab this book when he wakes up in the morning and even before bed time.

It’s the first thing that he grabs in the morning.

Cyler’s astig look! He just woke up at this photo. (Sabi nga nila biruin na ang lasing, wag lang ang bagong gising. Ayan tuloy, lagoot!)

Here’s some of the pages of the book:





I bet all Star Wars fan will go loco when they see this book! 🙂

On the other hand, Cyler’s favorite letter now is “Bey”(that’s how he pronounce it) or B. When I say “A”, he immediately say “Bey”. But when I say “C”, he used to say “Bey” again. Toink!

Here’s the other words that he can say aside from “bey”:
• Cha-ngle (triangle)
• Chic-kle (circle)
• Cheeee (three)
• Chooo (two)
• Chick (six)
• Beybey (baby)
• Mama
• Dada
• A-mah (sama or come)

Most of the time he’s talking in mandarin(it sounds like that) because we can’t understand him. Oh well, Cyler is now in his bulol phase and I’m loving it! I enjoy decoding what he’s saying and I find it really cuuuteee!

More alphabet and hopefully words to come! Keep it up, Cyler! 🙂