My Loot from the NBS Sale

One week ago, I dragged my husband along with me to shop for some cook books at National Bookstore, Glorietta. And in fairness to Cj eto lang ata yung sale na super willing sya na samahan ako. LOL! Bakit kaya? #PatayMalisya

I was really thrilled because it was my first time to experienced the National Bookstore cut-price sale and my eyes literally popped out when I saw the discounts. Most books are discounted up to 80% off! And I really had a hard time choosing what to buy for Cyler and for myself because there are tons of good choices. And I can’t decide which books I should buy with my self-imposed P500 budget. But boy oh boy I can’t believe because I was able to buy 2 cook books and 1 book for Cyler for less than Php500 petot, Php497 pesos to be exact ! Imagine?! I can’t believe na ganito pala kabongga mag sale ang NBS. I super love it!

Here are my loots from the sale.

A baking book that I purchased for…. (drum roll please!)…… a hundred bucks only! Yes, I got this book for Php100 petot only! Definitely a good buy! These baking book contains 100 mouth-watering and delectable recipe, every one of which can fit into a healthful eating plan. All recipe in this book are heavy decadence, but light on saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. So this baking book is perfect for all health conscious people out there who can’t resist eating sweets.

Now we can enjoy guilt-free desserts! YAY! 🙂

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Booksale: Our Happy Place!

Last Month, we went to our happy place– at the Booksale! Of course! It may sound boring for other people but for us this is definitely our happy place whenever we’re in the mall. That’s the first thing na hinahanap ko talaga once we enter the mall. Sad to say that Booksale are mostly located at SM Malls, wala pa sila sa Ayala Malls. And the nearest Booksale to our place is the one in SM San Lazaro lang. Anyway, last month we purchased another set of books for Cyler! Talk about book hoarding.. you know. Hihi

This time my target is to find and collect books from the Top 100 Classical Children Books of All Time. Medyo nakakahilo and really tiring because you need to have a keen eye and check every book shelves just to get a good books but it’s definitely worth it. I read on Maqui’s post before that most of the Classical books are placed in the lower bookshelves and it’s true! I found most of the classical books in the lower shelves! Thanks for the tip, Maquibels!

Luckily, I was able to purchase 11 books and it only cost Php600++! Not bad for 11 books, right?! And 4 out of 11 books are included on the Top 100 Classical Children Books of All Time! Hooray! Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss, Olivia, Guess How Much I Love You, and How I Became a Pirate are included on the list. Cyler’s top favorites are these books: How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Room, That Yucky Thing, Walter The Baker, and Blankie!

And while I’m sorting all his books I noticed our HUGE collection of Dr. Seuss books! Andami na pala noh?! Oh I guess we really need a bookshelf! Watchuthink? Hmm…

We also have Dr. Seuss pocket books version. The Tooth Book and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket are Cyler’s favorite!

Oh and look at these! I didn’t realize that we’ve collected 11 books already from the Top 100 Classical Children books. YAY! 89 books to go! LOL! Andami ko pa palang kakaining bigas bago ko to makumpleto! Hahaha! Kalurks!

Now these books are all about the Big D… Dinosaurs! Isn’t it cute?! Cyler loves all these Dinoasaurs books and so do I!

We purchased all these books from Booksale! Boy oh boy, Booksale is love. These books has so many good benefits with my toddler. He learned most of his words from the books. And reading books is one of our favorite bonding too. I find it so relaxing to read books with my son although I’m not really a bookworm. I only learned to love books when Cyler came into my life. And I’m very happy because he really loves books more than I do! And he really really do! 🙂

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Hello girls and boys! How’s your weekend? Mine was great, I spent it with my toddler! Cj was on a company outing last weekend so it’s just me and Cyler who’s left in the house. I super kaduper love weeekends talaga! As in! I share our home alone experience in another post. But for now lemme just share another children’s book review to start off our hot-hot-hot Monday.

Here’s another book from (our bookshelf? LOL! I know, I know such a Delamar-Level-Joke early in the morning) Top 100 Classical Children’s Book Of All Time, and it stands firmly in position 14. This book is a children’s picture book designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle too. Remember the previous book that I posted before The Very Hungry Caterpillar? He is the author of both book. We so love Eric Carle! Cyler is so into these books nowadays. I also purchased this book at BookSale for Php85 petot only, it really is a good find, right? This book helps toddlers to associate colors and meanings to objects, I guess it really does because it helps my toddler to distinguish more objects and colors.

See he really loves the book! He can now distinguish the following:
• pitcher (teacher)
• bwown(brown) bear
• pepel(purple) cat
• byu hos (blue horse)
• byak (black) sheep
• yellow fish or sometimes he calls it
orange fish. I guess medyo confusing nga naman ang color gold in the eyes of toddler (gold fish)
• chidren(children)
• wed bird (red bird)
• yeyow duck (yellow duck)
• and white dog (finally he pronounce it right!)

And there! Hooray for his new vocabulary! I’m so loving his buyoy(bulol) phase, it sounds so cute!!!!!

Weekend Booksale With My Toddler


Last Saturday we went to SM San Lazaro for our weekly grocery and for Cj’s new hairdo. When we arrived at the mall we headed to the salon first, while Cyler and I are waiting for his Daddy I decided to go visit Booksale. Cyler was sleeping then and I was carrying him in my arms the entire time since we decided not to bring his stroller that time. When we entered the book store he suddenly woke up and was surprised, amazed, and fascinated to the mountains of books that he saw inside the book store. He wanted to go down immediately and I couldn’t afford of carrying him anymore because he’s really heavy (and I’m so small), so I decided to put him down. Thing is, he will run for sure, so I decided to put him down… at the bookshelf instead.


Well, well let’s just say he pretended to be a salesman and guess what?! He was handing out the books to every people that he saw inside the book store! Kahit ako hindi nakaligtas! My gulay! He was rushing and giggling while he’s doing that thing. I was on guard of course in case he decides to throw all the books or jump on the floor.

Now here’s our booksale loots!

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My Weekend Booksale Loots

Haller, haller! It’s me again! My mind is wooshing now, and I need to share all my thoughts inside my head to prevent it from nerve-damaging (a.k.a Pagka-baliw). So, please please bear with me, guys. 🙂

It’s been a long time since I bought books for Cyler. I’m not a bookworm but my son is indeed a book sucker. You can check my post about Booksale here and here. Yesterday, we went to SM San Lazaro because of their 3-days sale. My gulay! Sale madness always sent chills to my spine! Can you feel a frugalicious momma talking here?! Anyhoo, we went to Booksale before we go shopping. The store was jam-pack already when we arrived, but I was really determined to buy books for Cyler so tiis-ganda ang lola ninyo. Happy to say that I was able to purchase six books, five for Cyler and one for mommy. I purchased three Christmas books for Php175 only, two Dr.Seuss books for Php160, and a cook book for Php90 petot only. Could you imagine how happy I am with my purchases? Super duper uber mega happy to the highest level! 🙂

Christmas by Charlie Brown (Php95), Christmas is Coming by Robin Carey (Php45), The Snow Must Go On by Hallmark (Php35)

It’s my early Christmas gift for my cutie patootie. He fell inlove with the book “Christmas is Coming” because it’s a touch and feel type of book. It really catches my toddler’s imaginative mind. And I think it’s a great way to introduce Christmas to Cyler through this book.

I saw “Goodnight Moon” on the shelves but it wasn’t in useable condition anymore, so I didn’t buy it. I also saw “Fancy Nancy”, pero naman! Di naman pwede yun kay Cyler! Kay Mommy, pwede pa. LOL

Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr.Suess (Php95) and The Tooth Book by Dr.Seuss (Php65) Continue reading

Introducing Baby Jesus to Baby Cyler

I always say that I want my child to grow in love and with God because I want my child to become God fearing and to build his “faith” in God. Of course every parents wish that too. I believe that if a man believes in God, he can do anything with God who strengthens him. And God will lead him to the right path. I guess, this is the biggest challenge to all the parents and this is the most important thing that we can teach to our child — to become “God fearing” and to have “faith”.

I was introduced to God by my Tita Nanin when I was a little kid. I was very active in our church at Antipolo before and I’m a child of daily vacation bible school or DVBS. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, at the same time I was able to build my faith with God at an early age. And now, I want Cyler to be able to learn and experience the same thing too.

When I found this book at Booksale I immediately bought it coz it’s very kid friendly and at the same time it’s like a baby bible. Lemme share the content of this book to all of you. The title of this book is “Mary and Baby Jesus” by Zonderkidz.

So here it goes..

That’s it! The book was simple but the content have it all. It’s all about Baby Jesus, our Lord and saviour. I usually read this book to Cyler almost every night because I want him to be able to familiarize with Jesus and to build his faith at this early age. I believe that this the best time to teach him how to grow with God.

So, share your first bible experience with your child, I love to hear it! 🙂

Cyler’s Toy Rotation

Aside from clothes, Cyler received a bunch of toys on his first birthday bash. But we opted not to open all the toys because Cyler got overwhelmed with all the toys and was starting to loose his focus. So, we decided to open three toys that suits for his age. We noticed that he get bored easily with his new toys and he tried to open another toy. And I also noticed that he started to loose his interest on his books due to his fascination to his new toys. Which is I do not wish to happen. So, I had this light bulb idea again.
These are the gifts that he received on his first birthday bash.

Thanks for the presents! OOps! The baby is not included.

Our little boy go loco over his new toys! Oh, he received three Boikido, me likey! I mentioned on my previous post that as much as possible I want more eco-friendly toys for Cyler. That’s why when my friends asked me what gift do I want for Cyler’s birthday, I immediately say “Boikido”. Hehe

Unfortunately, we decided to kept it since we already open three new toys. Oh, it’s now four because he secretly opened another box.

Don’t know what to choose?

So here comes the light bulb idea —- I decided to have a “monthly toy rotation”. We randomly group his toys into two sets — he plays with one for the whole month, while the other set is kept out of his sight.

These are the 1st set of toys.

We hide most of the toys underneath the books. It became an instant book stand as well. 🙂

Mr. Pooh secretly hide some of the toys too.. Secret lang natin ‘to ah! Hehe

Now, who would have thought that there is a bunch of toys underneath the books? 🙂
Cyler is not a fan of stuff toys, so these stuff toys are just decoration for him.
Moving forward, after one month, we replace his toys with a second set. His face never fails to light up in excitement at the sight of his “new” toys. This taught him to appreciate his toys more and it has also kept us from buying more toys. It benefits the child and parent as well. Also, this keeps toys new and fresh, and interesting for the child.
P.S. Special thanks to Mr. Pooh and the rest of the gang for keeping Cyler’s new toys. 🙂

The Little Bookworm

I am not fond of reading books, but ever since Cyler was born everything has changed. I wanted him to be able to experience those things that I didn’t experience when I was a little kid. As I mentioned before, I grew up in a broken family and I’d never experience reading books together with my parents. Whenever I see parents reading together with their child, I really think that it’s priceless. Reading is the best family bonding cause the child we’re able to learn while having fun with their parents. And so, when Cyler came to our life, I learned how to love books, really. I can say that I am now addicted to all children books especially to Dr. Seuss and Karen Katz books. Cyler, loves it too! He would listen attentively when I started reading books to him especially at night. I consider it as one of our precious moments. Just like what they say, minsan lang magiging bata yan so make the most out of it. I also want him to remember all the great things that we did together when he grow up. The impact to your child is different, especially when they feel that their family value them. It also build your childs self-confidence too, because they know that someone believes on him.

Now, reading become part of his daily routine. Sometimes, he would just grab the book and read it. He used to point his finger on the picture and narrates while reading. Reading to your child is the first step in instilling in him a love for reading.

Reading fosters imagination and the idea of possible worlds.

He narrates while reading, sometimes he would laugh at the picture

I guess, reading is one of the best thing that I did for Cyler, I hope he will continue reading as he grow up.

I also read in SP magazine that reading can promotes your child’s language and early literacy. Parents should keep in mind that kids primarily learn while playing and having fun, so reading should be fun activity for them too.

Hmmm.. what am I gonna read?!

He can turn the pages of the book on his own.

Most of his books are Dr.Seuss. Thanks to his cousin’s Seussical Birthday party for introducing Dr. Seuss to us. 🙂

Mommy, can you please stop taking pictures? Can’t you see I’m busy here?

As a parent, we are the most influential teacher of our child and for me it was a great accomplishment as a parent that you’ll be able to teach your child to love books at an early age. I’ve read on one of his books from Lamaze that even at very early age, children begin to understand the process of reading. A child and parents can bond in a warm and loving way through the experience of sharing book.

So, start reading books to your infant. Today is the perfect time to do that! Happy reading everyone! 🙂

Love, Mommy

Finally, I’ve found the perfect book for me – Love, Mommy by Judith Siblin- Librach. This book is the most heartfelt book that I have read in a long time. I enjoyed every page so much that I could hardly put the book down. I can relate with the author, because we are on the same boat, we are both a child of divorce. This is why I have been so motivated to give my child the attention, close, happy, deeply safe and loving family I never had.

Author Judy Siblin-Librach are encouraging all of us to write a letter to our babies. She encourages mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other relatives and friends to join in and try to rebuild those early years for their children. It’s not important if you’re not good in writing, because there is only one person your children want to hear from: you, their mommy, or daddy and not some Shakesperian genius. Remember that love letters are always cherished.

This is a book that helps parents restore their child’s memories for them.

Here’s my love letter for Cyler:

Dearest Cyler,
The day you we’re born was the happiest moment of my life. I can still remember the day when I was pregnant with you, you always moved your whole body as if you are dancing on my belly. That’s one of a kind experienced for me. Oh, I can still remember the day you we’re born, I cry so hard because I was so happy. I know every pain is worth it, because I knew that at the end of it all, I’d have the greatest thing on earth, which of course, was you. Cyler, you didn’t cry when you we’re born and you’re the most quiet baby in the nursery room. It is the moment I will cherish forever. I can’t believe that miracle is happening to me. For me, you are heavent sent from above, you are miracle. You totally change my life completely, and you made my life more meaningful. Cyler, I just wanna say thank you for teaching us how to love unconditionally. You don’t have to do anything but just be, you are perfect just the way you are. Mommy and Daddy will always be here for you and will do anything for you. May you grow in love and with God.

I love you more than you’ll ever know.

Much Love,

And when I struggle intensely with putting all these wonderful feelings into words, one thing became clear: I wanted my son to know how I felt about him and this was a way to begin expressing that love.

Chronicling the precious memories of your child is priceless, because you are giving them back their memory that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Hugs and Kisses

Today, I went at Booksale and was able to buy 5 books for Php340 only. I was able to buy Hugs and Kisses by Loupy/Tarlet for 65 bucks only,There’s a Wocket in my Pocket by Dr. Seuss for 70 bucks only, The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss for 65 bucks only, Mary & Baby Jesus by Zonderkidz for 60 bucks only, and since today is my birthday (yes, it’s my birthday) I bought a book for myself, I was able to buy Love, Mommy by Judy Siblin-Librach for 80 bucks only. Going to Booksale has become a habit to me (Kahit birthday ko I was able to drop by at the store pa rin, adik lang diba? Hehe) . I guess, it was a great birthday treat for myself. 🙂

Here’s the books that I purchased today.

Anyhoo, I wanna share every pages of the book Hugs and Kisses to all of you cause I find it heart warming for a mother like me and I guess it’s one of my fave book now.

So, here it is..
Hugs and Kisses by Christopher Loupy/Eve Tharlet

Hugs want to know all about kisses. So he asks the farm animals.

A duck’s kiss is a bit hard, but quite refreshing.

A pig’s kiss is scratchy, but very tender.

A horse’s kiss is damp and sticky, but so warm.

A butterfly’s kiss tickles, but it’s simply wonderful.

But a mother’s kiss is the best kiss of all! The end..

I guess, nothing beats a mother’s kiss. 🙂

Btw, I love the book that I bought for myself, the title of the book is Love, Mommy by Judy Siblin-Librach. It’s all about writing love letters to your baby. I will make a blog post about this book soon.

Generally, my birthday is complete not only because of the books but because my family is with me on my special day. Thank you Lord for this wonderful day! 🙂

Booksale is Love!

This Frugalicious Kikay Mommy just found a new love or should I say addiction –Booksale! It never came across my mind that I could find interesting and good books from a second hand book store. Plus you can avail the books for the cheaper price evaahh! I’ve read on my CIL Ate Maggie’s blog post about Booksale, I was really amazed about the prices and the books that she bought at Booksale. Thanks to her very informative blog. And so, I visited the nearest one in our area, at SM San Lazaro. I usually buy magazines at Booksale, but I never tried to buy a book. It’s my first time to buy a book there and I really enjoy it. Sa sobrang tuwa and enjoy ko nakabili ako ng 8 books for 800 bucks only! Imagine?! It supposed to be 10 books, but the two books are not in good condition anymore so I didn’t buy it. Anyway, there’s still next time, I guess 8 books are not bad.

These are the books that I bought from Booksale. I soo love it, really! 🙂

Booksale is a great place to find obscure and cheap used books. Perfect for frugalicious Mommies and book lovers out there! I was able to buy six Dr. Seuss’ books for 120 bucks each, can you imagine that?! Those books would cost around Php300-Php500 if bought brand new. I was able to buy Excuse Me by Karen Katz and Cars by Disney & Pixar for 65 bucks only (Havey na Havey!). My goodness! All books that I bought are hardbound and in a usable condition. Btw, the prices range from Php20 to Php 300+ depending on the title and condition of the book. And here’s the good thing, the books at the Booksale branch in SM San Lazaro are organized per author and genre. I feel so lucky coz I didn’t have a hard time finding the books that I want.

Here are the things I learned on buying preloved books:
• Some of the books are not in good condition anymore, so ensure that the books that you are going to buy is in a usable condition.
• Check the book pages if it’s still complete.
• If you want the book then buy it now,
most of the books have limited copies only.
• Make sure you check all the shelf, because I noticed that the good books are placed in the farthest shelf.

Overall, it was a great shopping experienced for me. I’m pretty sure that all budget-minded person will love this too! I love all the books that I bought for Cyler. Me thinks that I will go there more often, maybe once a month or twice.. or thrice..