A Weekend Story #13: Our Post Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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Yellow guys! Habang sinisipag uli akong mag-blog gusto ko lang i-share what we did last weekend. Since hindi kami nakapag celebrate masyado on the day of our 4th wedding Anniversary (read story here), Cj and I decided to continue the celebration last Saturday. That day was filled with so much excitement, fun, and memorable memories though we weren’t able to go out of town just like what we usually do during our anniversary. We still considered that day special because we were complete as a family, I guess nothing in the world is more important than celebrating this special day with your loved ones, right? 🙂 Continue reading


Cyler’s 3rd Birthday Celebration at Nurture Wellness Village


My family had the most relaxing, incredible, and amazing vacation at Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay last week. If I could only stop the clock and turn back time we will definitely stay there a little longer. But time didn’t allow us to do so, nevertheless we enjoyed every bit of our time together. I’m still grateful and happy that we were able to enjoy this short but meaningful family-trip. This trip is actually part of Cyler’s birthday celebration but this time we opted to have some family time. Just the three of us– Cj, Cyler, and me. And I must say we did have the most amazing time together. And I thank God for allowing us to enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest.


WARNING: This post is photo-heavy. Really. 🙂

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Cyler’s 3rd FUNtastic Birthday Celebration!


Last May 28, 2014, Wednesday we celebrated our unico hijo’s 3rd birthday. Yep, he’s 3 years old already! Can someone tell me where did the time goes?! Where?! Where?! I feel bittersweet because Cyler is so getting older and older. As he gets older I feel more emotional, I’m scared for the day that he’ll ask for his own freedom. Uggghhhh… I don’t think I’m ready for that. Okay, that’s too much…. Note to self: Don’t worry too much about the future coz it will make you go crazy. Just enjoy every bit of your “now” moments with your son.  FINE.

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Mother’s Day Celebration


Belated Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mom-to-be, mother figure, and single dads out there! So how did you celebrate this day? I celebrated mine with my family together with my in-laws. I went to Batangas last Saturday for our Company Outing but I went back in Manila last Sunday so I was able to celebrate this special day with my family though I was really dead-tired from our long trip. Anyway, this day is a special day for me and it was extra special because I celebrated it with my son, Cyler and husband, Cj… for without them I won’t become a mother, right?! Continue reading

NYE Celebration 2014!


Hello guys! I haven’t shared my family’s New Years eve celebration yet, so here’s my NYE celebration post! Back to work nanaman tomorrow so might as well bonggahin ko na ang mga post ko! I still have backlogs though.

Anyway, our family has bunch of traditions every NYE and we really make it a point that we celebrate the NYE with a blast. But no we’re not really into fireworks, as a matter of fact lusis lang ang bukod tangi naming fireworks every NYE, then we used to watch fireworks in our roof-deck instead. Happy na kami dun.

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Celebrating Love!

Cj and I seldom go out on a date na kami lang dalawa, most of the time kasama talaga namin ang bagets. We always feel guilty every time we go on a date without Cyler although we both know that going out on date every once in a while won’t make us a bad parents at all. In fact, it can actually strengthen our marriage. For those who are married who have kids do you guys feel the same way too? I guess ganun ata talaga when you have kids noh? It’s so hard to leave the kids and most of the time kasama talaga ang mga kids sa mga lakad nio mag-asawa but I’ve read an article before that says married couple (especially the one with kids) should go out on a date at least twice a month despite your hectic sched at work and at home because it strengthen your bond as husband and wife.


I know it’s really hard especially if you have a  clingy kids (like us!) and busy schedules, and fitting a date in can be complicated  but believe me it’s a must and it’s really worth your time. Spending time with your partner is so important in a relationship. And they say that when you go out on a date make sure that you set aside the kids and never talk about the kids or even work, talk about the other things and remember the old days when it is just the two of you.

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Cj’s Big Three-Oh Celebration!

Hello guys! I’m back balakubak! Sorry for the lack of post for the past two days! It’s not that I don’t have anything to share in fact I have lots of pending post in my drafts. Actually, nagpapa-miss lang talaga ako. LOL! #AsIfMayNakaMiss Anyhoot, grabe pinagod ako ni Cj last weekend! As you all know last Saturday, we celebrated Cj’s 30th birthday (batang bata!) at home. Sa house kami nag celebrate as per the birthday boy’s request, I spent my entire day being their cook-slash-yaya-dakilang asawa-slash-serbidora-slash-dish washer kulang nalang taga laba. That’s why I was literally tired the entire weekend. I’m not complaining though besides it’s his big day so pagbigyan, once a year lang naman. The birthday boy, Cj had the time of his life on his special day. I advised him to relax so he was just lounging, eating, and watching his favorite movies the entire day together with our unico hijo, Cyler while I on the other side are so busy in the kitchen preparing and cooking for our food.


So here’s what happened the entire day.

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Welcome To Terrific Twos, Cyler!

This is how we celebrate your 2nd birthday, anak. Daddy and Mommy decided to bring you at the Mall of Asia since you’re a certified mall rat (like us) and since you love to play a lot. And guest what?! We brought you at Jollibee and you ate your favorite food– jolly spaghetti! Yes, that’s your favorite food at this moment and I guess you got that from your Daddy. You’re the jolliest kid (ever!) whenever you eat jolly spaghetti! And boy oh boy, you had a happy and jolly time at Jollibee! And also, we went to one of your happy place– play area! We made sure that you will have so much fun on that special day because it’s your day. Your 2nd birthday to be exact. It was indeed a day filled with nothing but sheer JOY. You’re the happiest kid on earth then, I can see it in your eyes and thru your actions.

Let these photos do the talking. 🙂

HAPPY 2nd Birthday, anak!

Hello there, Jollibee! I’m Cyler!

If I can only stop the clock and enjoy each and every moment with you, ay naku anak I surely will! Look at you, Cyler you grow so fast! Seeing you growing is a bitter-sweet feeling for Mommy. I wish I can cuddle you like a little baby forever but I know this is too much to ask for.

And look at yourself here, you are so independent! You’re a baby no more(and it makes me wanna cry!). Glad to see that you enjoyed every little space in this play area. You climbed, you crawled, you jumped, you slide, and played non-stop on your own like there’s no tomorrow! You were full of energy and power to play all day long. You did everything that made you happy and giddy. And I couldn’t be any happier than that. Just seeing you happy makes me feel more happier, anak. 🙂

You also gained new friends when you were playing here. And look what you’re doing here…you and your new friend enjoyed throwing out the balls! Yikes!

Too fast, too curious!

Oh and you also tried riding in the car and train! You didn’t have so much fun with the car but you had a blast riding in the train and you had the time of your life!

I am the proudest and happiest Mommy on earth for having the sweetest son like you, Cyler. I wouldn’t trade this title for any title in this world.

And if I will describe this day in one word that would be….ecstatic. Truly, happiness comes from small things. Oh well, what else can I say to you? Welcome to the Terrific twos! Let’s create a more wonderful and meaningful memories together! Bear in mind that you will always be my baby boy kahit pumuti na ang mga buhok mo! We love you so much! Happy 2nd Birthday again! *mwuuuah!*

Cyler’s 2nd Birthday Party: The Celebration

Thank God for the weekend! Finally I will be able to share this wonderful celebration we had for Cyler’s 2nd Birthday. We decided to have a simple celebration for Cyler since it’s his 2nd birthday already. But then again this celebration happens once a year, so no matter how busy we are, we made sure that this celebration will be special and memorable. We wanted the party to be very simple as much as possible. What’s really important for us is to gather our whole family and friends. Hindi importante ang bonggang celebration, ang importante sama-sama. 🙂

Let us all greet the Birthday Celebrant a super duper happy birthday, Cyrus Schuyler!

Here’s a little trivia about the birthday boy’s name.

His 1st name Cyrus is a Greek origin and the meaning of Cyrus is “Lord”, while his 2nd name Schuyler (Skyler– that’s how you pronounce his 2nd name) means Sky! So basically his whole name means God/Lord in the sky. 🙂

The birthday boy, Cyler!

Special thanks to his Ninang Tenten and Tito Francis for sponsoring his birthday outfit!

So the first question is: how did we come up to the theme? Well, we based the theme on the personalized book that we bought for his 2nd birthday. The book is all about Cyler’s Birthday celebration so it didn’t give us a hard time to think about the party details. It’s anything whimsical, magical, and colorful that’s why the title of the book is “Cyler’s Super Duper Birthday Party“. Actually, our initial plan was to have The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme however we didn’t have enough time to prepare, mejo ma-detailed masyado yung theme na yun eh. So we chose our 2nd plan instead. This was an advance celebration for Cyler because we wanted to celebrate his birthday on the exact day of our fiesta here in our place so this is actually a joint celebration.

That’s for me coz it’s my birthday!

Here’s how we decorated the entire house, I’ll make another post for the details and DIY. 🙂

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Mother’s Day Celebration!

Yep! I know what your thinking (I can read your mind!… Of course that’s a joke!) this is a super kaduper late post! My gulay! What took me so long?! Dalawang K lang yan… Katamaran at Kabusyhan! I supposed to write this yesterday, but I was dead tired already so borlogs agad after playing with Cyler. As a matter of fact naunahan ko pa sya matulog. LOL! Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post (read it here, baby!) that this celebration needs to be remembered because this day was a special day for me and my family. T’was so memorable, exciting, and super fun!

We rented a private resort in Pansol, Calamba Laguna last Mother’s Day and the best part of this celebration?! T’was my SIL, Tenten and CIL’s mother’s day treat for the whole family! Ang bonggels diba?! Ganyan sila ka-sweet and generous samin! Sana next Mother’s day mag level up… Boracay naman sana! Todohin na dapat ang pagiging generous 1 beses lang naman sa isang taon, why not diba?! LOL! The bad news is… I forgot the name of this private resort! HAHAHA! Sa sobrang delayed ng post nato nakalimutan ko na rin pati name ng resort… blame my MOMnesia! Don’t worry I’ll ask my SIL tomorrow kung anong name ng resort then I update this post.

The facilities of the said resort is so-so meaning pwede na for a simple family trip (if you’re not so OC). Libre naman ‘to kaya magre-reklamo paba ko?! LOL! And as long as the water in the swimming pool is clean, I’m fine with that! Well, you all know how Cyler loves the water diba? That’s why I’m really OC when it comes to swimming pool. In fairness, kakapalit palang ng water sa pool when we arrived at the resort kaya pinagpahinga ko lang ng mga 20mins si Cyler then swimming na agad. Agad-agad! Day tour lang kasi kami kaya time is gold!

The house consists of two bedrooms with bathrooms. There’s no TV, the bathrooms isn’t that clean, and the aircon looks like kopong-kopong pero medyo lumalamig naman. Sorry for the rants, oh well we were there to have fun so dedma nalang! Anyway, we stayed in the pool most of the time so hindi talaga nagamit masyado ung room. They also have refrigerator and gas stove so we cooked most of our food there.They have videoke too, kaya buhay na buhay ang dugo ko that time! Di ninyo po natatanong nasa lahi talaga namin ang mga “songer”, di lang halata. LOL!

This post is quite photo-heavy so get ready baka di ninyo kayanin ang mga 2pc shots ko!… CHOS! Isang malaking CHOS! No, but seriously each photo has lots of happy and fun memories that’s why I wanted to share most of the photos with you. 🙂

with Daddy

Anak, maghunus dili ka may bukas pa! 🙂

Ligayang ligaya ang bagets!

Anong tawag sa pose na yan, anak? 😛

Oh and while I’m writing this post he’s here lying on my lap while trying to turn off the laptop. HAHA! Okay, sige bilisan na natin! Sleepy na daw sya..pati ako kaya kung ano-ano ng nasasabi ko! 😛

We took turns in accompanying Cyler at the water kasi ayaw ng umalis ng bagets sa pool (as usual!)! Good thing kasama ang buong barangay so inisa-isa sila ni Cyler. Hehe

with Tito Jus

We played non-stop in the water like there’s no tomorrow!

It rained for half an hour and we allowed Cyler to experience bathing in the rain. That’s his 1st time to experience bathing in the rain! And boy did he have so much fun!

We all had a good good time! It was indeed a fun family bonding and a special Mother’s day celebration.

Daddy and Cyler trying out the slide!

It was Cyler’s 1st time to slide and he loved it! He was giggling and so giddy the whole time while I’m having a heart attacked! My heart skipped a bit because he tried it not once, not twice, but thrice! My gulay, anak! Oh well what do I expect? He’s a boy. Fine. I rest my case.

And wait there’s more!

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