Raising a Brainy Baby

Cyler is so into alphabets and numbers nowadays. I remember, we started introducing alphabets and numbers to Cyler at the tender age of three months old. I always sing the alphabet song to him (I even use it as his lullaby), we used to count (his toys) while he’s playing, we read alphabet books, and we allow him to watch Brainy Baby ABC’s and Charlie and the Numbers educational programme. To make the long story short — alphabets and numbers became part of his daily life. Continue reading


Big Bugs Band

Just wanna share Cyler’s new possession right now. Cyler loves watching BabyTV A LOT, as a matter of fact his first birthday theme was a programme from BabyTV also. I guess you already know the theme as I mentioned it from my previous birthday posts, yes you we’re right it was Charlie and the Numbers.

Big Bugs Band (Photo from BabyTV site)

Big Bugs Band is Cyler’s fave cartoon in BabyTV as of now, it ‘s really a big hit to my little shaolin tot. I have to admit I like it as well. Maybe because I love music a lot. Big Bugs Band is a spectacular 3D animated programme in which a group of bugs performs a variety of unique musical pieces to an audience of fellow animals in the woods. Each bug plays a different instrument – improvising, dancing and singing as the band introduces viewers to a wide variety of musical styles from different cultures around the world. I like how the different bugs plays different instrument and how they sing, it’s really cute!

Try watching some episodes here:

I think this one is a great theme for his second birthday? Watchuthink guys?! Excited much?! 😛

This is a great program for babies and toddlers and it’s very educational. I bet your little one will surely love this once they watch it. Cyler used to dance everytime he watch this and his face never fails to lighten up every time he watch this. 🙂

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: The Outfit

Holla! I have some pahabol for the party details — the outfit! 🙂 Of course, hindi pwdeng mawala yan. Everyone was asking for the outfit details , so here it goes…

For Cyler’s outfit I decided to forgo the costume cause the main character in our theme (which is Charlie) used to wear green whole body suits which is not ideal for Cyler because he sweats a lot. So, I decided to look for other outfit that matches the theme. I want clothes that he can wear not only to the party but to every occasion as well. For his top, we purchased this checkered polo at Gingersnap, I really like the polo when I first saw it because it’s super cute and bagay na bagay sa bagets! The inner shirt he wore was from Gap, it’s simple but when he wore it.. it rocks! The kakki colored jeans was from Gingersnap also, it really goes well to the color green top. The shoes was from Nike, I bought the shoes 5 months before the party. When I saw it in Rustans I didn’t hesitate to buy it cause I really love the design plus the color combination of lime green and white, perfect for the theme!

Green checkered polo from Gingersnap and Green shirt from Baby GAP

Shirt from Baby GAP

Pants from Gingersnap

Rubber shoes from Nike

For me, I wore a green dress —  not your ordinary dress. A dress to kill they say. 🙂 Umiral nanaman ang kakikayan noh?! I really love dress cause it’s very comfy and so girly, not to mention very kikay. 🙂 They thought that they we’re in a debut when they saw me in the party. Hahaha! Actually, it was a 7 ways dress, I bought it The Ramp.

7 Ways green dress from The Ramp

You can wear it in 7 ways or more.  Depends on your imagination, mood and taste! 🙂

seven ways dress

For my husband, Cj  we bought this green checkered polo at Folded & Hung. Actually, we’ve been looking for his polo the month before the party but nothing suits to his taste. Luckily, we we’re able to buy his polo the day before the event. Finally, may pumasa din sa taste ng lolo ninyo! Suddenly, I realize that mas maarte pa pala sakin yung asawa ko. My gulay! Oh well, Filipinos are just fashionably fierce. It matches Cyler’s polo too and it’s really nice. 🙂

Checkered green polo from Folded&Hung

I do believe that when you wear something it’s important that you feel comfortable in wearing it and make sure that you can handle it because if not you’ll end up feeling uneasy and you might loose your self-confidence too. If you feel good on what you wear you will also look good. Self- confidence is the key, yes it iz!  Always remember the saying — “The true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  🙂

And remember, we Filipinos are fashionably fierce! 🙂

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Rounding Up the Details and DIYs

So, here it is the most exciting part of party planning– the party details and DIYs!  My husband, Cj would always ask me why do I need to DIY it if there’s a ready-made available in the market, I simply said “nothing beats DIY cause it’s unique”. Agree?! It’s still different when you do it yourself cause it was really self-fulfilling especially when you receive lots of compliments from other people. And besides I am really OC when it comes to details. 🙂

Balloon Decor: JD’s Party Shop

We really don’t want to spend much money for the decorations. So, this OC and Frugalicious Mommy look for suppliers that offers cheap price with good services. And so, after checking various forums and websites, I finally found the perfect balloon decor supplier for my son’s birthday party, it was JD’s Party Shop. I was stumbled when I checked the rates and packages. It was the most friendly budget balloon packages! The regular balloon packages ranges from Php2,000 to Php5,000. I just checked their site now and I found out that they have budget friendly balloon packages now that ranges from Php1,500 to Php3,000 only it includes the transpo fee. Sayang di ko na naabutan yang promo nila. Hehe  You can check out the prices here. The prices may vary if there’s an additional balloons. The one that I got was the regular balloon packages. In my case,  I ordered the regular balloon package 3,000-A,   but since I modified the designs and I added more balloons and our total bill became Php4,300. But its fine cause it was still cheap compare to the other balloon suppliers that sometimes costs more than Php10,000 pesosesoses. The regular balloon package 3,000-A consist of 50pcs ballonderitas without ribbon, 2pcs- 7 layer pillars with star mylar, 1 link cake arch and 10 simple centerpiece. Ms. Jesslyn of JD’s Party Shop is very accommodating despite of my demands. We corresponded via email and text too.  I booked them last March, we just meet at Trinoma Mall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Supposed to be the table centerpiece is a number mylar but unfortunately it wasn’t available to their balloon suppliers and so they changed it into star mylar instead. I was sad and hesitant at first but when I saw the centerpiece on the event I was surprised cause I love how it turned out. They arrived early at the venue and they finished the set up at 12pm, 1hour before the party started. Not to mention that Jesslyn and her assistant did the whole set up and they’re both girls pa. Hat’s off to the both of you! Oh well, what can I say? you did a great job! 🙂

Message Board:

The message board was DIY also. I got this idea from Smart Parenting May issue. Instead of buying a guest book, we just made our own message board. It was printed in oslo paper, thanks to my CIL Jus (our official graphic artist)  for the layout design. And then I added colorful pens cause I know not all the guests  have their pens on them. The kids were able to take home the colorful pens too. 🙂

I asked the guests to drop their messages in the fish bowl. 🙂


Nowadays, invitation cards is not necessary at all since we are using the events in Facebook. But of course we need to attach the soft copy of the invitation and map to Facebook event. We only print 20 copies of invitations, we distributed it to our big boss’ at the office and to our neighbors and relatives who is near to our place. For those who live in  far places we just invited them thru Facebook events.


All  party tags was DIY-ed. We also had “Thank You” cards in every table. My initial plan was to put the characters of Charlie and the Numbers in the table just like what I did in the candy buffet  but I decided to forgo it cause not everybody will notice that especially if they’re not so OC  and Usi like me. Hehe

Thank you cards


The party hat is my favorite in all the DIYs, cause its super cute! I really enjoyed doing the party Hats ,yes I did! I got the idea in the awesome site Oh Happy Day. My BIL, Kuya Francis, my CIL,Sharmaine and my sister, Isang helped me in doing the party hats. We used cartolina ,ribbons, crêpe paper in this party hat. The number 1 center design was made by my CIL, Jus (I owe him a lot!), it was printed in a sticker paper. You can check the easy-peasy step on how to make a party hats here.

Even the kids likes it too! Most of the time the party hat wasn’t noticed by the kids but this time (surprisingly) most of the kids wore  the party hats!


The tarpaulin was a gift from our doting friend, Lhei and his hubby, Hansel. Thank you guys for this wonderful gift. I really love the layout ah, in fairness! And of course, what I really like about the tarp? It’s unique! 🙂

Hmmm.. what else?! I guess that’s all the details and DIYs. Oh, I’m really blessed to have worked with such really good suppliers who really delivered. Special  thanks to my very kind and generous family and friends who helped us in organizing this birthday party. I owe you a lot! 🙂

JD’S Party Shop Contact Info:

Visit their site: socheap.multiply.com

Mobile No: 0946-5422493; 0915-8635414

Email: jdpartyshop@yahoo.com


Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party: Candy Buffet

I have attended lots of birthday parties and I noticed that the Candy Corner wasn’t noticed by most guests and even by the kids and I guess the main reason behind that is because the design is not so catchy to the eyes and tummies. And so, I spend much time conceptualizing the candy buffet on how to make it feast for both eyes and tummies. As I mentioned in my previous birthday post, I want the theme to be consistent in everything — this includes the candy corner. My BIL, Kuya Francis and my CIL, Jus helped me out in conceptualizing the design for the candy buffet. The candy buffet didn’t hurt our bank accounts (that much), since most of the sweet treats were gifts. I got really inspired by all the candy buffet that I saw in the awesome site Hostess with the Mostess.

Presenting our very own Candy Buffet

We had various candies in the buffet like gummy bears, gummy worms, jelly, lollies, assorted candies, smarties and marshmallows c/o of my CIL, Ate Gigi. Most of the candies are bought from S&R and SM Supermarket. The candy buffet also had cookies, I bought 4 boxes of cookies at S&R for Php99/box only. The cookies caught my attention when we went shopping at S&R cause it’s very colorful, the designs was so cute and was really catchy to the eyes. When I tasted the cookies, I find it not too sweet, the taste was just right and it melts on your mouth, and I think it’s perfect for the kids!  My office mate said that his son love the cookies from the candy buffet. And we also had chocolate flavored cuppies or cupcake from Sweet Creations by Mums (they’re my cake supplier too). The cupcake cost Php40/ea including the topper. My CIL, Jus made the design layout for the topper, we just gave the soft copy of the design to our supplier and they are the one who print it out.  Most of the guests said that the cupcake was very moist and not too sweet, just right. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste it cause it was almost wipe off even before the party started! Everybody likes it! Supposed to be our supplier for the cupcake was my previous supplier, the one that I had in Cyler’s Christening, but one week before the event she backed out due to personal matter, which is totally understandable. Even though she wasn’t able to accommodate our order, she still allowed us to borrow her cupcake tower, how nice,right?! Another good thing was my cake supplier, Sweet Creations by Mums was able to accept my order for cuppies even if they only had one week prepping time. God is really good all the time! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, if there’s upside there is also a downside. Last March, I saw a cake-pops promo at Ensogo the price was really cheap and so I bought 4 dozens of it. After buying, I immediately called the supplier  for my reservation. The pick up date I gave them was June 2, the day before the event. Fast forward June 2, we went to the bakeshop to pick up my orders. I approached the counter and asked for my reservations then she told me that I don’t have any reservations to them. WATDA.. FUDGE! Na-highblood ang lola ninyo! Imagine, I called them twice, tapos sasabihin nila wala?! Oh common, mamon, hamon! Anyare?! My goodness! They told me to re-schedule my reservation and I said “NO” because we need that tomorrow. I told them that if they won’t make it today they need to refund my money. They are selling cake-pops but they don’t have any cake pops available on their shop, now how in the world was that? My gulay! So, they don’t have any choice but to refund my money.  Super duper EPIC FAIL! The name of the bakeshop was Ciocolato Cupcakery it is located at Hobbies of Asia Macapagal Blvd.,Pasay City. Oh well, first impression lasts they just gave a negative impression to their shop. I hope you won’t experience this epic supplier tragedy. Alright, forget about the cake pops mishaps, the party must go on no matter what happened.

Anyhoo, here’s some of the DIYs in the candy buffet:

The cast of Charlie and the Numbers

Birthday banner c/o my in-laws

Personalized name banner

Moving forward, besides from the yummy treats we also had DIYs on the candy buffet. We print all the characters of Charlie and the Numbers in a short bond paper; we cut it, glued it on a stick and poke it into the Styrofoam. We also had a birthday and name banner in the candy buffet.  And I also added some “eat me” sign in every cups and candy container. And viola! Our candy buffet was indeed very appetizing for both eyes and tummies to all our guests. I’m so happy because everybody loves the candy buffet not only the kids, but the kids at heart as well. The sweets are almost wipe off even before the party started. Good thing there’s still few more left for the late comers. Also, it feels so great with all the compliments that I received from our guests, it was priceless. Thank you so much! 🙂

Special thanks to my BIL, Kuya Francis for helping me conceptualizing this candy buffet and the party as well, to my CIL, Ate Gigi for the candies, to my CIL, Jus for all the designs layout, and to all our guest for munching the yummy treats! 🙂

Sweet Creations by Mums Contact Info:

Tel: +632 – 477 – 9874
Email: jtuazon@scbymums.com
Mobile: +63927 – 251 – 1922

Like them on Facebook: SBCM


Every mother wants to take good care and be with their family 24/7 and I really wish to be a “full-time Mom”(Sino bang ayaw?)too. But for working mom like us, it’s really hard to do that because we need to balance our work and family. And ofcourse, we just want to secure their future. It’s for their own good, right? That’s why weekends are very precious to me, coz that’s the only time that I can give to my son and my hubby. And I make sure that I give them quality time that they really need.

But you know what, most of the time our little Cyler used to wake up at night when we come home from work. He used to play with us before he get back to bed. So what I do is I read his book to him every night, then afterwards I let him watch his favorite cartoons at my mobile. Btw, his favorite cartoon is Charlie and the Numbers from Babytv channel, this cartoon will teach the baby to count from 1-10. Cyler’s favorite part is the Number’s Party( where Charlie and the Numbers will sing and dance), he dance and clap when he heard the song. He really takes all our worries and fears away when we saw him really happy.

Btw, here’s the epic photo of our daily playtime at night.

This is how he looked like when he’s watching Charlie and the Numbers, very serious. Hehe

While playing hide and seek, Hmmm.. where is Cyler?!


Cyler: The playpen is mine noow! Rooaar!

Is that a beautiful eyes?! Hehe ( He really likes making funny faces in front of the camera)

Bedtime is fun time for the Ricafort family! (Cyler: Hey Mommy and Daddy you doesn’t look funny here. You’re soo scaaarry!)

How I wish we can play with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! #wishfulthinking