Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ ’14


Merry Christmas guys! I know my greeting is kinda late (I mean super late dahil 2015 na! LOL!), sorry my bad! I guess this was the busiest Holiday for me, we were out the entire Holiday so I don’t really have time to write but if you’re following me on Instagram (it’s kikay_mommy_sha) I bet you know what kept me busy these past few days. I’ve actually attended tons of Christmas reunion, events, birthday celebrations, and other gatherings. I was literally dead tired the entire Holiday but I’m not complaining though because those days are the happiest days of my life! I was already on Holiday leave two weeks ago so I made sure that I spent it well with my friends and family. Yes, nakakapagod ang kaliwa’t kanan na mga gatherings pero masaya diba?! It’s the time of the year talaga that I’ve been waiting for.  Continue reading