A Weekend Story #8: Busy Day!


Don’t we just love weekends?!

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That’s My Tambay!

Last week, I gave Cj a task and that task is to take a lot of photos of Cyler and his playmates while they’re playing outside the house because as I’ve said I wanted to document our son’s childhood memories. Yep, that includes his activity with his playmates, hindi kumpleto ang childhood memories if without your neighbor playmates, right?! And also para pag dumating yung time na nagtanong sya about his childhood at least I have something to share with him, diba? Minsan lang pati yan dadaan sa stage na yan kaya it’s better to document those moment. 🙂


Ang That’s My Tambay ng Caloocan City! LOL!

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Kara-Yokee Madness!

Have you ever heard the phone application called Yokee?! If you haven’t then download it now at the app store for you to find out. Simply type Yokee comma followed by your name space suking tindahan. LOL! Kidding aside. No but seriously, if you love singing (like my family!) but singing doesn’t like you this is the perfect app for yah, baby!


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Weekend Kwentuhan!

Hello guys! Happy happy weekend! Wow! what happened to your weekdays?! Mine was pretty tiring as usual but it was awesome! This month is indeed the busiest month of year, isn’t it?! So many project deadlines that needs to be finish before the year-end and Sweet Treats By Mommy Sha got a bunch of Christmas orders too! Not just orders but bulk orders! Last Wednesday after a long, tiring, and stressful day at work I tried to go home early and baked 14 dozen cupcakes. Imagine?!


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Cj’s Big Three-Oh Celebration!

Hello guys! I’m back balakubak! Sorry for the lack of post for the past two days! It’s not that I don’t have anything to share in fact I have lots of pending post in my drafts. Actually, nagpapa-miss lang talaga ako. LOL! #AsIfMayNakaMiss Anyhoot, grabe pinagod ako ni Cj last weekend! As you all know last Saturday, we celebrated Cj’s 30th birthday (batang bata!) at home. Sa house kami nag celebrate as per the birthday boy’s request, I spent my entire day being their cook-slash-yaya-dakilang asawa-slash-serbidora-slash-dish washer kulang nalang taga laba. That’s why I was literally tired the entire weekend. I’m not complaining though besides it’s his big day so pagbigyan, once a year lang naman. The birthday boy, Cj had the time of his life on his special day. I advised him to relax so he was just lounging, eating, and watching his favorite movies the entire day together with our unico hijo, Cyler while I on the other side are so busy in the kitchen preparing and cooking for our food.


So here’s what happened the entire day.

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Happy Birthday My Love!

Happy happy birthday to the man who stole my heart, my one and only true love, my life, the craziest and silliest person I know that makes me laugh endlessly like nobody can, my number one enemy, my forever love, my best-friend, the greatest father I know, and my soul-mate, Cj!


May God grant your wish, I know it’s for our family! Thanks for your undying and selfless love for me and Cyler! Let’s enjoy this day like it’s your 1st birthday! I love you, Hon! You know I always do!


I’m off now to the kitchen to prepare your favorite food! 🙂

Saturday Malling With My Boys

Our Saturday started with chasing and running, and we love it! Daddy left the house in the morning for his Basketball Tournament, so it’s just me and my toddler again.Cyler ate pancake, mangoes, and banana for breakfast. After feeding him, I gave him a bath. In this usual routine, Cyler’s favorite part is taking a bath. He used to say “Shower! Shower!” while we were in the shower! And he loves soaking in the pail full of water. He loves water so much that is why I am having a hard time getting him out of the bathroom, once he dip into the water he doesn’t want to go out anymore!

Goofing around while eating! Mommy’s bad! churi! Churi! 😛

Finally, after many attempts to get him out, he finally gave in to Mommy. Sa wakas nauto ko din! What’s the trick?! Well, I showed his favorite toy car to him. Hehe While waiting for Daddy, we tried playing this “ga-la-sses” (that’s how he pronounce glasses). He used to call eye and sun glasses as glasses. He enjoyed wearing it but after a few minutes he gets bored wearing it. Oh well what do I expect from a toddler? Hehe

In the afternoon, after his Daddy came back from his Basketball Tournament, off we went to the nearest mall in our place, SM San Lazaro. Tamang pasyal lang ng bagets.

Strolling kung strolling ang bagets!

When we passed by at the movie house, Cyer was mesmerized by the moving led lights. He got really curious and stood (and stare!) in front of it for about 15minutes. He was so curious and was so giddy everytime he see the led lights moving. He was jumping and giggling the entire time. He looks so cute while watching the lights moving and he used to follow the direction of the lights. Silly and curious little boy, that is.

After watching the magnificent light show (for Cyler), we went at the arcade and we allowed our little boy to ride in the toy car and he enjoyed it A LOT! Well, it’s not a surprise because one of his current obsession is the car. This place is the best place for my two boys.

Too Fast, too Curious!

Broom! Broom!!

We went to Booksale (our favorite place!), we stayed there for about thirty minutes and I was able to purchased four books..only. Sob. These are some of our book loots, Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs by Karen Katz and Because You Are My Baby by Henry North. I’ll make another post for the book. These two books are my favorite!

After that, we went at the supermarket to buy some diapers and food for Cyler. I’m so happy because finally Cyler appreciates yoghurt, Dutch Mill yoghurt drink that is. I guess he is no longer a picky eater! Woohooo! And because of that we gave him reward– lotsa hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy! YEAH! 🙂

And there, that’s how my Saturday goes with my boys. Simple, cool, chillaxin’, and fun filled Saturday. 🙂


Ultimate Fri-DATE!

My family seldom go out during Friday, well technically Cj and I used to go out on a Friday night, sometimes we tag along our friends. But this time we tagged along Cyler and Isang (my sibling) with us. It’s Cyler’s monthly check-up with Doc Vienne, it supposed to be on Saturday but since we have orders and delivery on Saturday (coz my orders usually falls on weekends) we moved it on Friday. I took a half-day leave at work since Cyler’s check-up is at 3pm. They fetched me in my office at Paseo, then off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic at Paseo de Magallanes. Docky doesn’t have clinic at St. Lukes, Global during Friday btw. We arrived very early at Paseo de Magallanes so Cj and Isang decided to dine at Brother’s Burger first. And they we’re so lucky because Brother’s big burger was on 50% then! Brothers Burger is one of our favorite whenever we crave for burgers. Have you tried their hot bites? I tell yah it’s the best, it’s an uber-crispy chicken with teriyaki sauce, the chicken is uber crispy in the outside but really tender in the inside not to mention the yummy teriyaki sauce. It is actually a perfect combi and definitely a must try baby!

After eating, off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic. Cyler was playing (like there’s no tomorrow) while waiting for Docky, he surely miss the play area inside the clinic. I can’t remember when was the last time we went here, we usually go to St. Lukes, Global for his monthly check-up kasi.

He was the most talkative kid inside the clinic, he kept on singing, humming, and talking while playing. Finally after few minutes of waiting Dra. Vienne arrived. Cyler was so giddy when he saw his favorite pedia in the whole-wide-world! Everything went out very well. He gained weight especially height, his height now is 2 ft. and 10 inches. Naku sana talaga hindi nya manahin ang height ng nanay nya! LOL! Anyhoo, he made pasikat to Docky the entire time. He kept on talking and singing to Docky and was very cooperative. He didn’t even cry when Doc Vienne gave his vaccine shot, what a brave little guy says Dra. He says “Oh no!” when he saw the injection but he didn’t cry at all. Docky suggested that we should enroll Cyler in Kindermusik to enhance his passion and skills in music because he heard Cyler singing and humming the entire time. She says that Cyler is a very smart and active little guy especially on his age. Cj and I were so glad about it.

Spot the kalbo! Ay si MamyPoko din pala kalbo! LOL!

After his check-up we went back to Makati, we went to Glorietta for his haircut and meet our friends. He had his haircut at Cuts for Tots(as usual), well actually I am eyeing a new toddler salon for Cyler t’was recommended by Je but since atat na atat na ang Tatay nya na pagupitan ang bagets we decided to brought him at Cuts for Tots instead. He was behave the whole session, most of the kids were crying their lungs out inside the salon, Cyler is the only one who didn’t cry at all. He just kept on pulling out the razor from the barbero because he was bothered by the sound. And did I mention that Cyler is kalbo already? Yes, he is now kalbo, not really kalbo just semi-kalbo (tumawad pa eh noh?). His father insisted it, so don’t give me a why-did-you-do-that look. Hehe It looks good on him, he looks like a errrrr…newborn baby (?) on his new haircut! 🙂

Side kwento: There was a brat little boy inside the toddler salon and he kept on pushing Cyler. He kept on saying “No!” to Cyler because he doesn’t want to share the toy with Cyler, so Cyler got this kawawa look. The parents we’re there pero NR, they we’re sitting right behind the brat kid. I got pissed off so I poked the kid, no just kidding I didn’t do that, I told the kid “you should share the toys with other kids”, nilakasan ko para marinig nung mga magulang nung bata. But to my surprised (my gulay!) NR pa din ang parents ng bagets! So kinuha ko nalang si Cyler at nilayo dun sa bata. Hay. How in the world is that?! And how could the parents take that?! My goodness! They left the salon like there’s nothing rude happen. Hay. Hay. Hay.

Anyhoo, after the haircut we waited for our friends and we had dinner together. We ate at Red Kimono in Glorietta. One of our friend, Biboy just came back from Japan and we forgot that he’s already sick and tired of eating Japanese food. Hahaha! Eh naman kasi di naman nagsasalita, pag upo namin bigla nalang bumanat “namiss ko Japanese food ah!” and we were all laughing at him! Sorry naman, bawi bawi nalang next time teh! Oh and he gave us pasalubong from Japan! Thank you, BHEboy (that’s how we spell his name, pang asar lang namin sakanya. Hehe)!

From L-to-R: Mich, BHEboy, Jim, Isang, Me, and Cyler’s head. Cj took the photo so he’s not included in the photo

Our night was filled with nothing but laughter and joy! Oh how I miss these guys so much! I guess this is one of the best Fri-Date ever! I had my friends and family altogether! And I couldn’t be any happier than that. 🙂

How about you, how do you spend your Friday? 🙂

What If

…. you see a celebrity standing or sitting in front of you? What if he’s a super duper sikat celebrity? As in bigatin like….

Manny “Pacman”… Pakyaw!

Pakyaw! Pakyaw! Pakyaw!

Ahh basta ako, walang keme-keme I’ll take a photo of him or magpapa-picture ako katabi nya! Hihihi

Who would’ve thought na artistahin pala ang asawa ko?! Edi siya.. ung asawa ko mismo! Haha!

Peace, Hon! Wag mo kong kakalimutan pag sikat kana ah! Wahahaha!

Wedding Anniversary Date at Italiannis

We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary last Saturday, November 11 ’12 at Italiannis, Glorietta 4. We started the day by attending the mass at Greenbelt 3, after giving thanks to the Lord we headed to Gelatissimo, since the weather was really hot then and I was craving for gelato (don’t worry negative, nag crave lang talaga ako. LOL). #DefensiveMuch I know it’s our wedding anniversary and it should be for the two us but we can’t resist not to bring this little boy with us. He’s the fruit of our love, so I guess he should be part of this celebration. Last year, we had our celebration at Seasons, Manila Pavillion Hotel. We just had a simple buffet dinner together. See photos here.

The scenic view from where we sat

After that we headed to Glorietta for Cyler’s haircut. When we arrived at Cuts for Tots the kiddie salon was really jam-packed already and so we decided to postponed his haircut. We went for shopping instead. We let the little one ran the entire time until he gets tired and fall asleep, para makapag-dinner kami ng bonggang bongga after! When he’s already sleeping we took the chance to have dinner. We decided to dine at Italiannis since that’s the nearest resto to us and while the baby still sleeping. Ika nga nila para-paraan din! LOL!

When it’s just the two of us, we talked about everything under the sun. While we’re waiting for our food to arrive the restaurant’s manager approached us and offered us to avail the Bistro circle discount card. It costs Php1500 that includes lots of perks and freebies to all Bistro group of restaurants, that includes Italiannis. Actually, I’m not interested to buy it but to my surprised the husband wanted to avail the card. Imagine?! My frugalicious husband wanted to buy this discount card! Huuwaat?! Eh nuknukan at ubod ng kuripot yun! As in! And so it has been decided that we will purchased the Bistro discount card. Tapos! Madali naman ako kausap eh. Haha!

Well actually, I must admit that it’s a good discount card because of its freebies and discounts. You can avail a 20% off discount to all Bristo restaurants plus the freebies. After purchasing the card we immediately got the 20% off discount plus the free silican salad! Now how good is that, right?! Indeed this Bistro Circle Discount Card comes in handy!

After the negotiation and everything with the discount card finally our food just arrived in perfect time! Of course, a complimentary bread was served while we are waiting.

Complimentary bread

We ordered the Farmer’s feast, it only costs Php1,125 and consists of Baby back ribs, Herb Roasted Chicken, and flavourful Aglio Olio.

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Top Of The World!

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! I can’t believe that two years have already passed, it feels like we got married yesterday. Time flies so fast! My gulay! Actually, I really don’t know where or how to start this post, I feel so overwhelmed and I feel grateful. I feel like I’m on the top of the world right now. Life has been so good to us although I must admit that we’ve been into our lowest low, but still here we are alive and kickin’!

We’ve been girlfriend/boyfriend for 3 1/2 years before we got married. We met each other through Yahoo Messenger, cliché but for me it’s destiny. He courted me a couple of times but I always turned him down because I’m not ready for a long distance relationship. I live in Antipolo back then and he lives in Caloocan, so can you imagine the distance?! He was working already and I was in my 3rd year in college when we became couples, that was year….uhmmm… secret! LOL! Ang kulit eh so sinagot ko na! We already talked about getting married but before it happened we found out that I’m pregnant with Cyler. Everything happened in a flash! I know, I know. I was surprised and thrilled on the pace of the events, but I feel grateful about it and will be forever grateful! Everybody was happy and excited about it, especially the two of us! It’s a blessing in disguise! Life is indeed full of surprises, I must say. Everything was like rushing as if there’s a bigger climax that’s coming in. November 11, 2010 was our wedding date, we had a simple yet a very solemn civil wedding. We shouldered all the expenses in our wedding and we didn’t ask anything from our parents, which I think was the best thing we did. We may not have a posh and fab church wedding, but our wedding day was truly filled with so much love. All our family and closest friends are there to celebrate that very special day with us. That day is one of the most memorable and best day of my life! And I thank God for it.

I grew up in a broken family , I must admit that I’m scared of getting married and having my own family. There are lots of what if ‘s running in my mind but Cj proved that as long as we have each other and God is the center of our relationship, it will not gonna happen to us. Not even in a glimpse. He may not be the perfect person in the eyes of the others but for me he’s heaven-sent from above. We’ve got a lot of differences but still we jive! I guess the only key is acceptance on top of love and trust. He’s a die-hard fan of PBA, I’m not. He likes K-Pop, I don’t like it either. But we both love RNB and dancing though. He doesn’t eat veggies, I do. He’s sporty, I’m not, in fact I don’t know how to play any sports. Pakantahin at pasayawin nio nalang ako please. But most importantly we both laugh on our corny jokes! See our differences? We’re really opposite, but that’s the power of acceptance.

Until now I still don’t know what’s the secret of a successful marriage because I believe that where just getting started. But I do believe that as long as God is within us and around us, we will gonna conquer everything! And we will fight, fight, fight for love and for our family! Thanks Hon for being the best father to our son, if I can give you an award everyday, I will! I surely will! And thank you for always staying at my side and for being my best friend and my one true love. Thank you for your kindness, support, and undying love for me. And sorry for the bad things I did to you, for being makulit and pasaway always, and for being moody. I guess the word I love you is not enough to say how much I love you. Believe it or not, your love puts me at the top of the world! Happy 2nd year anniversary, Hon! More wonderful kids to come! LOL! You know I love you and I always will!

Mr and Mrs. Ricafort


San mo ko ide-date?! 🙂

Cyler’s First Spooktacular Halloween (Part 1)

Warning: This post is photo heavy, I’m telling you!

From the candy to the costumes, Halloween is a fun-filled time for everyone especially to my son, Cyler because this is his first ever Halloween Party! Yes it is! We attended two Halloween Parties, one in Daddy’s office and one in my office. Since this is Cyler’s first-ever Trick or Treat everyone was so excited to see him wearing his costume… especially me, of course! I went to Rustan’s and SM to look for my little boy’s costume but I didn’t like any because I found it so common. And so my biggest challenge began. But did you know what?! God is so good to me because I didn’t spend any penny for his costume! I was lucky enough because my office mate, Anna lend her son’s costume to Cyler! Woo hoo! Problem solved! Cyler got an instant costume! Thanks Tita Anna for lending this supah-cute costume to our cutie patootie! 🙂

Now here’s our cutie patootie on his adorable costume!

Now how in the world is that?! He’s indeed the cutest!

While waiting for the party to start I let my toddler scribble so he won’t get bored. This is an effective way of conquering my toddler’s boredom.

The party started at 3pm and look who’s giddy and excited for the Trick or Treat!

Moving on with Trick or Treat. Here’s some of the adorable costumes from the other kiddos!

Prince, Buzz Lightyear, and Belle (Thank you, Je for correcting me!)

Woody, Tiger, and Spider Man!

Lowdown: I guess they’ve got more than 200 participants that’s why they don’t have any award for the best costume at all. BOOO! Another rant about the party is that it wasn’t so organized, it’s so difficult to find where to go. We have designated groups but some of the kids we’re mixed up with the other group.

Upside: But the good thing is they really prepared their booths, it all looked so awesome! They exert so much effort decorating their workstations! I was really amazed and mesmerized at the same time. 🙂

Here’s more!

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A Sweet Surprise From My Boys!

Don’t you just love surprises?! I definitely love it and I bet everyone else loves it too! Sino ba namang hindi, diba?! Naman! Yesterday, my boys surprised Mom-me! It was morning then when I saw something different inside my bag, it wasn’t fishy but it catched my whole attention because I know this thing doesn’t belong to me. And guess what, I found out that my bag was played by someone else when I am not around. And I bet you all know who is the culprit…. yes, it’s my toddler.

Cyler: Mommy guess what?! I have a surprise for you!

Mommy: You do? What could it be?!

Look closely inside my bag, can you guess what it is?!

He left his….. drumstick on Mommy’s bag! Such a silly and sweet little boy! Oh what joy! Can you feel how surprised I was?! Abot langit!

I bet the reason why he left it in my bag is because he wants Mommy to remember him all the time. Sweetie, your always in my mind and in my heart every seconds of my life, no matter what I’m doing and wherever I go your the only one that I could think of. That’s how I love you, sweetheart.

But the question is… Anong gagawin ni Mommy sa drumstick?! Next time anak ilagay mo na din ung drum para magamit ko naman yung drumstick. Sayang effort mo eh. LOL

And oh but wait there’s more! Daddy has a surprise for Mommy too! Di ata magpapahuli si Daddy!

The hubby gave me a VS Body Mist. He gave it to me yesterday morning before we go to work, and I was really surprised because he gave it to me out
of the blue. It seldom happens that’s why I feel glad, happy and was really surprised kasi nuknukan ng kuripot yang asawa ko! As in! But then he knew that I love perfumes and body mist so much that’s why he gave me one although I still have lots of perfumes stock in our cabinet. I really thought that he was just joking around and making fun of me(because he always bully me!) but I am wrong. From that moment I felt like I have butterflies on my tummy, lakas maka highschool ng feeling, kinilig ako ng bonggang bongga! I hugged him tight and whisper… “Nagdidiliryo kaba, Hon?”. Hehe

Pero napaisip ako bigla.. baka ang baho ko kaya nya ko binigyan ng pabango! LOL!

I know, I know these are just material things but it was extra-bonggels and special for me because it came from my boys, my true love, my family. My life. My joy. My happiness. My heart. My everything. And nothing really beat that! Thank you guys for surprising Mom-me! I really appreciate it! Oh how I love you so!!!!! *group hug*

P.S Thank you Lord for bringing joy into my life. And thank you for giving me a wonderful and happy family. My very loving husband, Cj and our happy active baby, Cyler is too much blessing and I could not ask for more. I O U a lot! Thanks again!

Cj’s Birthday Treat at Esprimere Italian Deli

Before anything else let us all greet the birthday boy, my husband Cj. 🙂

The Birthday boy on his Kore-Korean pose!

Alright, so there you go, happy birthday Hon!

I discovered Esprimere Italian Deli at the awesome site Run Around Girl. Her post about this Italian deli/restaurant is indeed mouth-watering and convincing, so I decided that we will going to celebrate my husband’s birthday there. Esprimere Italian Deli is located at the heart of Ortigas, you need to have a keen eye for you to discover this wonderful place because the resto is quite tiny and you can find it at Pearl Plaza ground floor just across the University of Asia Pacific and a few blocks away from the Philippine Stock Exchange. Esprimere serves authentic Italian food, yes you read it right. They serve an authentic Italian food like cold cuts,cheese, roasts, pizza, pasta,wine,and beer.

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To the Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Hon! My goodness, birthday mo pala! Happy Yipee Birthday, honey bunch! Can’t imagine that you’re forty years old already! Parang kailan lang! Hahaha! Alright, I know it’s your birthday so I’ll stop bullying you, at least for today. I guess no words can express how I really feel for you. You know what? I love you though most of the time you sleep very late and you hate veggies, daig mo pa si Kuya Germs of Walang Tulugan kung mag puyat. I know I kept on nagging you to sleep early because I am just concern to your health. And you know that, right?! (with matching taas kilay!) Sometimes I wanted to ask you this– in scale of Kuya Germs how puyat are you?! 😛

Alright, let’s get intimate now este serious pala.. Continue reading

The Love of my Life

Hi friends?! How’s your week?! I bet you are all waiting and excited for the long weekend! I am really excited about it too! We’re going to my hometown this coming weekend because it’s my Lola’s birthday. Gosh! Can’t wait to see my family and friends there, it’s been six months since I last saw them. I miss them A LOT and I miss the cold breeze and fresh air in Antipolo! 🙂

Anyhoo, I’m pretty sure you already know who is the love of my life, yes you are right! It’s my son, Cyler! Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?! Hehe It’s true that when you’re having fun you didn’t notice how time flies. I can’t imagine that my little baby is now a toddler. I don’t wanna think about the future, I just want to enjoy my time with him and make the most out of it. Having a toddler is no joke at all because it test my patience and limits. I’m not complaining though, I feel so blessed because God gave us the most precious gift that anyone could ever had, which of course my son, Cyler. Being a parent is one of the toughest job on earth but it’s one of the greatest job too!

My son, Cyler is the fruit of our love and he is definitely the “love of my life”. Our life became more meaningful since the day he was born. Motherhood taught me to be selfless and to love unconditionally. No words can tell how much I love you, sweetie!

Photo collage c/o my CIL Ate Mimi Photo collage c/o my CIL Ate Mimi

I love him so much though..

Most of the time he occupy the whole bed and..

20120816-101239.jpg..sometimes he kick his Daddy’s face. Aw! Poor daddy, it’s funny though! This moment are precious and priceless to me. Maybe it’s a sign that he’s going to become a football player someday! Who knows, right?! #AssumingLang

20120816-101826.jpgMotherhood is the sweetest thing on earth!

20120816-102210.jpgNow how in the world can you resist that?! His smile is the sweetest smile for me, of course!

20120816-102538.jpg He is the king of my world! My precious! :p

20120816-102734.jpg You will always be my cutie patootie!

You are the source of my strength. My life revolves around you, sweetie! (Cyler was two months old here)

When I’m sad, I just look at you and I feel good again.

Oh boy, they are God’s precious gift to me and I could not ask for more. These two boys are the best people in the whole wide universe!

Lord, thank you for giving me such a wonderful and happy family. And thanks for bringing joy into my life. I feel so blessed to have them. Thank you, thank you, oh Lord. I owe my whole life to you. 🙂

Happy Weekend with my Boys!

Howdy! How’s your weekend?! Hope you’re having a good one! Anyhoo, I just want to share a little escapade we had at Greenbelt 5 (our all time favorite hangout place) recently. Supposed to be we’re going to meet our cousins there, however due to some errands we didn’t have the chance to meet at all. Anyhoo, this day was a super kaduper fun day for the family after the stormy days. Our little shaolin kid was very excited to go out, actually he really likes seeing different people and surroundings. He is a certified lakwatsero like us! 🙂 Cyler is very sociable, that’s one thing I really like about him. He’s so easy to handle.

Here’s a tiny peek at a day in our life!

He was so amaze with the plants, look how curious he is. Oh, it was his first time to feel and touch the plants, and he really enjoyed it. He surely did! I really love nature, unfortunately in our house we don’t have any plants there, it was all concrete, I think that’s the sad part of living in the city. 😦

He enjoyed playing here A LOT! Thanks to Greenbelt’s outdoor garden. Nature is the best playground ever, it’s a giant toy box for Cyler. Nothing beats the nature! 🙂

My gulay! Cyler sat on the ground and didn’t want to leave the place anymore, Oh how I wish we have a little garden in our house. Don’t worry sweetie, Mommy and Daddy will try to buy a house with mini garden…. soon. 🙂

Now that he can walk, he doesn’t want to ride on the stroller anymore. His stroller just became our instant push cart. Hehe

Oh, I love this picture of him! It seems like he is peeing on the glass! Hahaha! Bad Mommy! 😛

He’s such a handful now! He runs here and there! @_@

Sorry for the poor resolution, while I’m taking this shot, Cyler ran fast inside the toy store and so I immediately ran to catch my too fast, too curious toddler . My gulay! Thiz iz it! Umpisa na ng habulan! 🙂

How about this pose, Daddy?! Can I pinch your cheeks, baby?! You looks so adorable here, sweetie! 🙂

While Cyler was playing around, I took the chance to pose! 🙂 Oh, I miss posting my kikay outfit details! So friends here it goes: Top from Greenhills Tiangge, Leopard printed gypsy pants from The Ramp, Brown Bejeweled flat shoes from Charles and Keith. There you go! 🙂

Actually, our first plan was just to eat and buy some groceries there, however my cousin Ate Maggie informed me that LYN shoes was on sale (SHOES ko po! that sent chills to my spine!), and so I braved the shop with so much excitement. 🙂 Shoes– my weakness! ugghh.. Ate Maggie kasi eh but thanks for the info, cuz!:)

So the big question here– how “many” pair of shoes did I purchased?! I purchased THREE pairs for Php1,785 only! Could you imagine that?! This kikay momma is supah kaduper happy! 🙂 Oh, I only buy shoes when there’s clearance sale, I remember the last time I bought shoes was on Charles and Keith clearnace sale at Trinoma last Mother’s day. I swear! #DefensiveMuch

Cyler: I wonder what’s inside this huge bag. Hmmm…
Mommy: Oops! Sorry, Cyler that’s for mommy! 😛

Here’s what I purchased, friends the prices are unbelievable!

Sale Price: Php695
Orig Price: Php3,995

Don’t you just love the wedge shoes?! @_@

More flats here:

Sale Price: Php595 ;
Orig. Price: Php2,595

Sale Price:Php495 ;
Orig Price: Php2,695

Don’t you just love these shoes?! I-so-love-it!
We also dropped by at Japan Home Centre at Greenbelt 1. Cj was so addicted buying stuff there, so quits na kami nag shopping din sya! Haha! Kidding aside. Anyhoo, we just have simple family fun. Our life after having Cyler gotten much simpler but more fun! The whole family enjoyed this day a lot! Oh, I so love weekends because that’s the only time where I can focus more on my family. I want more weekends and holidays!!! And there you go, till our next family getaway! 🙂

LYN shoes available at the following locations:

  • Greenbelt 5, Makati City
  • SM Ortigas Department Store, SM Megamall

Cj Cooks: Hon’s Easy Buffalo Wings



Yesterday, while we are on the grocery..

Cj: Hon, parang sarap mag buffalo wings oh! (while pointing to McCormick Buffalo mix)

Me: Oo nga noh! Tara luto tayo! Naglilihi ka Hon?! 🙂

Cj: Ay wag na.. Next time nalang.

Me: Wenk! Toink! Hmmp! Luto na tayoo! 😦

Cj: Sige na nga! :p

Me: Lech! Nagpa-excite pa! 🙂

And so, this morning we decided to cook our very own home-made buffalo wings. Continue reading