KMS Cooks: Sizzling Tofu Recipe


I’m pretty sure you’ve been all waiting for this recipe so here it is! This recipe got a number of likes when I posted it in IG and FB and I’ve got a lot of queries about the recipe so today the long wait is over for those who are asking. I am just really happy that this recipe turned out just the way I like it. Our entire household love this dish too most especially my husband and my mother-in-law. Mommy (my MIL) said that it taste almost like a sizzling pork, if you’re not aware that it’s a tofu then most likely you would’ve thought that it is made of pork. Cj who seldom eat tofu surprisingly like this dish too. In fact, he can’t help himself from eating it hanggang sa maubos na. It’s supposed to be for our dinner but it was gone with the wind before I knew it. Oh nothing beats the compliment that I got from my family. Btw, this recipe was adopted from Max’s sizzling tofu recipe.

Now let’s move on to the recipe itself. Eggcited naba kayo? 🙂

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Pacham Pasta Dish Recipe

Hello world! It’s a wonderful day today! The sun is up and smiling! How’s your week so far? Mine is quite good, hindi masyadong loaded sa work (Thank you, Lord!) which is good because I’m still sick. Don’t worry lumalaklak nako ng gamot at Vitamin C. Sad to say Cyler got the bug already. He was coughing the entire night and he barely got any sleep. Poor little baby. Our household was getting attack by cold virus. Uggggh! I hate to say this but I super kaduper hate it! Damn this cold virus! I haven’t been sick in a long time and this damn cold virus is giving us a hard time. Buti kung ako lang kaso hindi! Megad!

Anyway, moving on with my Pacham Pasta dish. Do you know why it’s called “Pacham”? Simply because it’s a pachamba-chamba dish! Chambahan lang talaga. There is no specific ingredients here I just used whatever is available in our pantry. I guess, if you’re a Mom you should really know how to invent in the kitchen, used whatever ingredients is available in your pantry and cook it. This dish is supposed to be a veggie soup but I ended up making pasta sauce instead. Ze husband requested for pasta so I ended up cooking Pacham pasta dish. Obviously, we do love pasta so much because aside from the fact that it’s super easy to cook and it is also deliciously healthy too!

And in fairness, this pacham pasta dish didn’t disappoint. My husband, Cj and my toddler, Cyler liked it so much as well as my in-laws. 🙂


For this pacham pasta dish, here’s watchunid:

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Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli and Buttered Baby Potatoes Recipe

As promise guys, here’s my version and the easy-peasy recipe of the scrambled eggs w/broccoli and buttered baby potatoes that I mentioned in my previous post (read it here). You know what I like about this dish? It’s so simple, classic, and easy to prepare and it’s super yummy too not to mention really healthy! This dish is perfect for your health conscious family and friends.

I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and this dish is part of my experiment. It’s my first time to try adding veggies in an ordinary scrambled eggs and I must say that it’s really yummy! I don’t know what took me so long to discover this food, maybe it’s my katamaran or whatever. I don’t know. Whatever it is I’m just so happy that I discovered this because my family love’s this dish as much I do.


Scrambled eggs with Broccoli Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Anyhoo, enough for the long intro let’s proceed now to the recipe, shall we? I know you’ve been all waiting for this so here it is!

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KMS Cooks: Jazz Up Your Pancake

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? I hope everybody had a blast like I did! Did you notice that it’s Holy week already, ang bilis ng panahon noh? Hindi pa nga ako nakaka-move on sa Christmas at New Year eh. I swear! Did anyone of you (especially those reader in the other side of this planet) know that here in our country Holy Week is the most important holiday because majority of population is devout Catholics (that includes me!). Well, I’m actually Born-Again Christian but when I got married and transferred here in Manila I started attending mass in Catholic Church. It’s not a big deal though because I only believe in God– the one up there of course.

Anyhoo, going back to the main topic. Last Saturday, I cooked pancake(again and again) for brekky but this time I made it extra special. I added special twist in our pancakes. Pancake is one of my favorite breakfast that’s why I never get tired of eating it! That’s how I love it. And one of the things I love about cooking pancakes is the fact that you can put anything on it. I always try not to use the usual pancake syrup because it gives me the umay factor. So I checked what’s available in our pantry and I saw a bottle of nutella and ripe mangoes so I had this light bulb moment and decided to add nutella (yum!) and mangoes(my ultimate favorite fruit!) in my pancake, for Cyler I only added mango.

And this is how it turned out!

(insert ShaLaLa song here please!)

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KMS Bake: Chocolate and Green Velvet Cupcake

I’ve been so addicted in making cupcakes ever since I started doing it last week. Everybody was asking for it and I can’t help but… do it! Do it! Do it! Last NYE, I decided to make a chocolate and green velvet cupcake for a change, since I made red velvet cupcakes last Christmas. I was really aiming for green velvet cupcakes since green is the color of the year. The chocolate cupcake wasn’t really included in my plans, I just wanted to try it. Singit lang talaga yan. The recipe for the green velvet cupcake is just the same as the red velvet cupcake ( check the recipe here), all you have to do is to use green food coloring instead of red. And viola! There’s your green velvet cuppies! As easy as that!

Technically, this post is dedicated to the chocolate cupcake. 🙂

Chocolates Vs Green Velvet

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KMS Cooks: Tuna Pesto Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Oh-my-gulay! It’s been a long time since I cook! Boy oh boy, I can’t imagine life without this cooking errands! The last dish I cooked was gising-gising (read the recipe here) and that was one month ago! I was insanely busy (and lazy) these past few weeks! I know, I know lame excuses! But that’s true though. Anyhoo, last Monday I took a leave from work and was able to cook again after 48years! LOL! Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong “CHEF” na kaluluwa! PAK!

Before we begin cooking, let me tell you briefly on how did I come up with this dish. While I’m thinking what to cook, I checked our pantry and found a pesto sauce in the shelves. I bought that pesto sauce three weeks ago but I wasn’t able to cook it or even touch it. Geez! I hate to say this but that’s how lazy I am! Good thing we have century tuna in the shelves too. And so I decided to cook tuna pesto pasta. If you’re an avid reader (naks!) of this blog, for sure you know that I’m a sucker for pasta! I love pasta dishes so much not because of the carbs (of course!) but because it’s really yummy, healthy, and easy to prepare and to cook. It’s very minimalistic. Like what I’m always telling you.

Good thing, the husband was able to master how to cook pasta al dente already. Because hubby is always in charge of cooking the pasta while I’m in charge of cooking the sauce. Yes, we share our loads with each other, aside from eating, cooking is one of our bonding time too. I usually cook red pasta sauce and it was my first time to try something new, so I was kinda experimenting here.

Here’s watchunid, baby!

• Olive Oil
• Lenguine Pasta (not included in the photo)
• Tuna
• Onion (finely chopped)
• Garlic (finely chopped)
• Basil
• Pesto Sauce (I used Clara ‘Ole here)
• Rosemary herbs
• Parmesan Cheese

And here’s the super EZ-PZ steps, baby!
1. Saute garlic and onion in a pan.
2. Reduce to medium heat, add tuna and pesto sauce. Mix well. Let it simmer 5 minutes.
3. Sprinkle more basil and rosemary herbs for richer aroma and yummy taste. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add pesto to cooked pasta. Toss to combine.
5. And tadaah! Serve with smile! Best serve with garlic bread and sprinkle some parmesan cheese!

Bonus Tip: When cooking pasta, always use a good quantity of water to prevent pasta from sticking. You can add pine nuts to your ingredients too. And if you have plenty of time you can use fresh basil leaves to your sauce. Just place it in blender or food processor. And also, you can use all purpose cream for more creamier and yummier sauce! Oh andaming tip ah! Next time may bayad na! Joke! :p

Ladies, gays, and gentlemen! I am proud to present my Tuna Pesto Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha!

(insert Gangnam Style song here!)


I know what you’re thinking.. bagsak nanaman sa plating! Please disregard the plating because it was really delish (peksman!) that my husband had this for his merienda, dinner, and midnight snack! And my sister, Isang had 3 servings of this! Good thing, I was able to keep a little for myself and brought some left-over pasta for my baon (lunch). Wew! My closest friends was able to taste it too (kahit tikim lang!) and they said it were really yummy kaso… bitin!

Need I say more? 🙂

Try it! For sure your family and friends will gonna love it too! You can cook this dish in no time! And it’s perfect for all types of occasion (even for staycation!) most especially this holiday season!

Happy cooking, baby! 🙂

KMS Cooks: Gising-gising Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

 I’ve always wanted and dreamed to cook this dish and I’m glad to say that finally it has been push through, medyo sablay nga lang pero keribels na! I’ve been craving for gising-gising ever since I have tasted it at ABE Restaurant in Trinoma. It was really heaven! This dish is indeed economical, and if you’re a frugalicious momma (which I am trying to be) this is the perfect dish for you! And if you’re Bicolana (like me!) this is definitely a big hit for you! Dishes that combine coconut milk and chili’s traditionally originate from the Bicol Region but boy oh boy I was wrong because this is a Capampangan dish but is relatively similar to Bicol express. It is made up of pork, shrimp, or fish cooked in coconut milk. Most people use shrimp paste or bagoong in this dish but I didn’t add it anymore since I’m using shrimp already. I wanted to cut cholesterol because shrimp is really high in cholesterol. Ayoko naman ma-highblood lahat ng kakain ng niluto ko! Hehe

Here’s watchunid baby!

KMS Cooks: Cheese Quesadilla Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Are you tired of serving and eating the usual/common food?! I do, really really do! That’s why every time I cook I try not to cook the usual thing, I love jazzin’ up my dishes and I love how it turns out! So ladies, gays, and gentlemen worry no more because I’ve got something special for you, it’s a simple yet delicioso dish! Yes it is! This is a classic Mexican simple dish that you can have in no time , sounds great right?! This is one of my favorite food whenever I go to Army Navy, Taco Bell, and Mexicali. Can you guess what it is?! Oh yeah, it’s written on the title above– Cheese Quesadilla, that is. Aw!

Alright, so let’s start with ingredients! Here’s watchunid baby!

Cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese
Flour Tortillas

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KMS Cooks: Chinese Stir Fried Chicken and Eggplant

These past two weekends we didn’t do our usual thing which is leaving the house and going somewhere else, we chose to stay at home and just have fun with our little shaolin, Cyler. Talaga namang F na F ko ang pagiging housewife-slash-mommy-slash-cook-slash-yaya (lahat na!) ko these weekends and I’m loving it! One of the things that I really enjoyed the most is being with my boys (of course) but this time it was a bit different because I focused more on them. The hubby and I had more cuddle time (and flirting time? LOL) and we had a perfect quality time with one another, and that’s what I really miss the most because it seldom happens. It was nothing spectacular but it was wonderful. Time together– nothing beat that! Sometimes it’s really difficult to have a quality time with your partner especially when the kid is around because you we’re both busy playing your role and giving attention to your child. But thank God for this opportunities and for creating weekends! I can’t imagine life without weekends.

Moving on with my recipe, I mentioned from my previous post last week that I wanted to cook gising-gising but I wasn’t able to due to lack of time, surprisingly today I asked my BIL if I can cook for our dinner and he allowed me to do the cooking and so I came across with this dish. I’ve seen this recipe at Hunts Facebook Page and it is indeed mouth-watering, so I give it a try since the recipe is so easy to prepare and to cook. This dish is a bit different from my previous dishes because it’s not a pasta dish although I used Hunts Spaghetti sauce here. This dish will really jazz up your ordinary fried chicken dish.

Alright, so here’s watchunid momma’s and papa’s!

KMS Cooks: Fresh Garden Salad Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Hi friends! My gulay! Its been awhile since I created a post. I have been in an involuntary hiatus these past few days, and I guess every writer/blogger are experiencing the same thing, just like what Ate Maggie said in one of her post. Maybe it’s because of my hectic sched or maybe the gloomy weather affects my mood, I don’t know. Whatever the reason is.. today I’ll try to make a post to help me get started.

Alright, so moving on amiga’s and amigo’s, today I made some fresh garden salad to healthify our lunch. Actually, I wanted to cook gising-gising but then my little shaolin, Cyler woke up at around 12pm-ish  and I couldn’t go downstairs to prepare my ingredients. So, instead of cooking gising-gising, I just made some home-made fresh salad.  I have a confession to make but please don’t tell anyone about it, ok?! (Baliw-baliwan lang ang peg ko today) So here’s my confession I copied Italianni’s Silican Salad here, but I used different dressing in my salad and I didn’t add any mayo chicken and croutons at all because I forgot to buy these ingredients yesterday when we we’re in grocery. Andun na eh, nakalimutan pa! Sorry, it’s my mom-nesia, sisihin ninyo po yun. 🙂

Of course, this green salad is so easy to prepare, you just need a little cutting session and you’re done. And here’s what you need, baby.


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KMS Cooks: Spanish-Style Sardines Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

It’s been a long time since I cook! No weekend cooking for me these past few weeks because I was insanely busy with so many things. Our weekends we’re always fully booked, but good thing last Sunday I got the chance to cook again. My gulay! I miss cooking A LOT! Anyhoo, I got this yummy recipe from my dear friend Anna. We both love experimenting in the kitchen that’s why when I tasted her Spanish Sardines Pasta I told myself that I need to cook it! Last Sunday, we had a mini post-birthday celebration for hubby in our house, we just bought some pizza and roasted chicken, in additional to his mini-celebration I decided to cooked this pasta dish.

I’ve seen few Spanish sardines pasta recipe but most of them are mixed with white sauce or pesto sauce, sometimes they just mix it with olive oil. This one is a bit different because I used red sauce here. Just like my other pasta recipes this one is so easy to cook as well, perfect for all on-the-go people, like me. Alright, so let’s start now.

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KMS Cooks: Not Your Ordinary Cream of Corn Soup

Hi friends! How’s your weekend?! Hope you’re having a really good one! Gosh! I can’t imagine it’s ‘BER‘ month already, time flies so fast! There’s so many things that I’m looking forward with ‘BER’ months. First, this month is hubby’s birth month! I still don’t know what to give him but he was asking for Kobe Bryant shoes! Kamote! Poorita lang ang lola ninyo! Second, it’s our second wedding anniversary on November! Yay! Gastos nanaman! chos! Of course it should not be expensive, but I was planning to have a simple dinner with him just like what we did on our first wedding anniversary, we just dine at Manila Pavilion. Third, September 5 is the final day of Voting for Hunt’s and Jean’s Fan Recipe Folio, so please if you haven’t vote for my recipe please vote now! Check out the mechanics here. Sana manalo kahit 10th placer lang. Haha! Fourth, it will be Cyler’s first trick or treat on November! Yahoooo! I’m so excited to see him wearing his cute costume! Ano kaya pwedeng suotin nya?Hmmm.. Any suggestions?! And last but never the least, what comes to your mind when people say it’s BER month already?

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KMS Bake: My Family’s Very Own Carrot Cake Recipe

Hi friends! How’s your long vacay?! Bitin noh? Hay. Anyhoo, guys this is it! Finally, nakapag-bake na ang lola ninyo! I had the chance to bake when we visited Antipolo (my hometown) this long vacay. We stayed there for three days, pero it was still bitin. Time is like a blink of an eye when you’re enjoying. Hay. Anyhoo, I will share with you about our stay there after this post. But for now lemme just share my family’s very own carrot cake recipe.

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KMS Cooks: Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

I’m not a big fan of cheese, in fact the only cheese I love is Mozzarella. Have you ever tried Amici’s mozzarella cheese sticks? Oh my, that’s one of my favorite! It never fails to satisfy my taste buds! I usually go there whenever I crave for Mozzarella cheese sticks. But this time it’s totally different because I cooked my very own mozzarella cheese sticks at home. Oh yeah, I did it, I did it! Hooray! #LakasMakaDora

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

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Cj Cooks: Hon’s Easy Buffalo Wings



Yesterday, while we are on the grocery..

Cj: Hon, parang sarap mag buffalo wings oh! (while pointing to McCormick Buffalo mix)

Me: Oo nga noh! Tara luto tayo! Naglilihi ka Hon?! 🙂

Cj: Ay wag na.. Next time nalang.

Me: Wenk! Toink! Hmmp! Luto na tayoo! 😦

Cj: Sige na nga! :p

Me: Lech! Nagpa-excite pa! 🙂

And so, this morning we decided to cook our very own home-made buffalo wings. Continue reading

KMS Cooks: German Franks Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

WARNING: This post is mouth-watering. Get your tissue and hanky ready! 😛

Hi Folks! Finally I was able to cook again! Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong Chef na kaluluwa! Hehe Anyhoo, maybe you notice that I rarely post home-made recipes here in my blog. And the reason behind that was because I was insanely busy at work (palusot #1) and my in-laws usually do the cooking in the house (palusot #2). I really want to cook all the time but weekend is my only free time sometimes hindi pa because I am so busy taking good care of Cyler, remember we don’t have any yaya. So, those are one of my million reasons why I can’t cook though I know how to cook, hindi lang talaga halata. Hihi

Moving forward, I am really a pasta lover and for me pasta is the most easiest food to cook. Yez it iz! And so, today I did my pasta experimenting again. I cooked a simple yet delicious German Franks pasta made with Purefoods German Franks. This dish is very easy to prepare and can be served anytime anywhere. This meal is perfect for all ages! And who can resist the German Franks, ayt?!

Lemme introduce the main cast of my German Franks Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha: Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Eggplant Parmigiana Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

After 3 years finally I have the guts to cook again! I used to cook before, but I was insanely busy at work so I wasn’t able to. This dish was introduced by my office-mate Anna, she’s really a pasta lover and most of the time her baon is pasta. One day she shared her pasta with us, Oh-my-gulay! her Eggplant Parmigiana is so tasty! It makes my mouth watery. I must say that Binuhay niya ang natutulog kong chef na kaluluwa! Anyhoo, let me share with you my version of this dish.

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