Cyler’s 3rd Birthday Celebration at Nurture Wellness Village


My family had the most relaxing, incredible, and amazing vacation at Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay last week. If I could only stop the clock and turn back time we will definitely stay there a little longer. But time didn’t allow us to do so, nevertheless we enjoyed every bit of our time together. I’m still grateful and happy that we were able to enjoy this short but meaningful family-trip. This trip is actually part of Cyler’s birthday celebration but this time we opted to have some family time. Just the three of us– Cj, Cyler, and me. And I must say we did have the most amazing time together. And I thank God for allowing us to enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest.


WARNING: This post is photo-heavy. Really. 🙂

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That’s My Tambay!

Last week, I gave Cj a task and that task is to take a lot of photos of Cyler and his playmates while they’re playing outside the house because as I’ve said I wanted to document our son’s childhood memories. Yep, that includes his activity with his playmates, hindi kumpleto ang childhood memories if without your neighbor playmates, right?! And also para pag dumating yung time na nagtanong sya about his childhood at least I have something to share with him, diba? Minsan lang pati yan dadaan sa stage na yan kaya it’s better to document those moment. 🙂


Ang That’s My Tambay ng Caloocan City! LOL!

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Kara-Yokee Madness!

Have you ever heard the phone application called Yokee?! If you haven’t then download it now at the app store for you to find out. Simply type Yokee comma followed by your name space suking tindahan. LOL! Kidding aside. No but seriously, if you love singing (like my family!) but singing doesn’t like you this is the perfect app for yah, baby!


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A Weekend Story #4 + Crazy Weekday


Hi everyone! How’s your week so far?! Mine is horrible…this week was a crazy week for me! As in nakaka-windang to the highest level! It’s insane! Ang daming NKKLK na mga revelation sa office today. Kung pwede ko lang i-chika sa inio. Hayayay! For sure maloloka din kayo! Anyway, para makalimutan ko ang problema (for the mean time) let me share something good muna para pangpa-good vibes. If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know that weekends are the happiest days of my life.

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Weekend Kwentuhan!

Hello guys! Happy happy weekend! Wow! what happened to your weekdays?! Mine was pretty tiring as usual but it was awesome! This month is indeed the busiest month of year, isn’t it?! So many project deadlines that needs to be finish before the year-end and Sweet Treats By Mommy Sha got a bunch of Christmas orders too! Not just orders but bulk orders! Last Wednesday after a long, tiring, and stressful day at work I tried to go home early and baked 14 dozen cupcakes. Imagine?!


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It’s All About Cyler

Cj and I were talking last night and we were talking about Cyler. We were discussing how much Cyler has grown and how his character change from the time that he was born. Cliché as it may sound, but time really flies so fast 6 months from now and he will turn 3. Imagine?! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I’m pretty sure you know very well my son. Before, I was just sharing all his “first”– his first walk, his first word, his first soft meal, even his first bike, etc etc. And now I can see how much he change– he is full of character. He got some of his antics from me and some from his dad. The old saying is true enough “Kung anong puno, siyang bunga”.


Cyler at 6 months old

It’s been a while since I shared something about Cyler, so today our topic is all about Cyler. Pag chikahan natin ang bagets habang borlogs pa siya. Teehee! Bad mommy! Continue reading

Cyler’s Spooktcular Halloween 2013

I know what you’re thinking! Such a long overdue post this is! Sorry naman, tao lang! 😛

Anyway, it’s okay coz it’s better to be late than never right? And remember!…daig ng maagap ang masipag?! Anong konek? Wala lang may masabi lang. LOL! Anyhoo, November is not yet over so pasok pa sa banga itech!  But seriously, I always look forward to Halloween parties because this is the only time where I can bring my son at work. I bet all working parents can relate to this. And it’s the only time wherein kids are allowed to create some noise in the office; you’ll hear the kids laughing, shouting, tantrum-ing, or even crying. Such a sweet sound to my ears but…. not to everyone else’s ears. LOL! And this is the time where you can see the kids in their cutest costumes! 🙂

Trick or Treat

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Cyler’s Video of the Day

Good morning everyone! Starting today I’ll be having this new segment here at KikayMommySha and it will be called as “Cyler’s video of the day” and I’ll be posting random video of this batang makulit. Itago nalang natin sya sa pangalang, Cyler. Teehee!

And since today is Throwback Thursday here’s a TBT video of Cyler when he was a one year old. Hope it brings smiles on your faces!
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Cyler’s Writing Milestone

It’s been awhile since we talked about toddler’s developmental milestone so today allow me to share Cyler’s latest developmental progress. Last weekend, while we were playing iPad with Cyler I asked him write a letter because Mama told me that my two-year old toddler, Cyler can write a few letters already. So I told him, baby(that’s how I fondly call Cyler) can you write a letter A? And we were all surprised because he was able to write the letter A! Yes, he wrote that letter A below. Ang arte ng pagkakasulat ng A  noh?! #ManangManaHindiNgaLangSakin


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TBT: When He Was A Tiny Little Baby

While I was checking my instagram I keep on seeing old baby photos, so I decided to share Cyler’s random baby photos here in my blog. I won’t do the talking anymore, let the photos do the talking instead.



Cyler was 6 mos. old here


Cyler’s 1st trip at Tagaytay when he was 7 mos old.

Want more baby photos?

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