First Movie Date with Cyler!


Ecstatic is an understatement when we had our first movie date with my son, Cyler. Finally, we had movie date together! YAY! Cj and I are actually more excited for Cyler. We watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 at Robinsons, Magnolia a couple of weeks ago and I’d say this movie didn’t disappoint. The scenes are perfect for Cyler because most of it are kid-friendly. Well except the part when Hiccup’s Dad died and they’re all sad and crying… because Cyler got emotional too. He got carried away with the scene that he also cried when he saw the characters crying. But it wasn’t the tantrums-level-cry so it was totally fine. He did know that we were about to watch movie but he didn’t know that we will watch it in the big screen. So he was completely amazed when he saw the big screen.ย  I was afraid that he might freak-out once we enter the movie house but thank goodness it didn’t happen.ย I can see on his eyes how mesmerized he was and the good thing was he watched attentively. So two thumbs-up for my brave little boy! I’ll consider that as a milestone. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Kevin’s Graduation Celebration

KEvin's Grad Celebration

Kevin is my youngest brother(that turned sister), he just finished his college degree (though it’s a vocational) last month so I thought of giving him a simple celebration. I’m not the eldest among our siblings but ever since I started working I also started supporting my sibling’s studies. Of course, as their sister I want them to have a better and brighter future. I want to secure their future in the best way I can. So even hirap sa buhay I tried to support their studies even now that I have my own family. It’s really self-fulfilling to see my siblings having a better life and no amount of money can ever beat that. Nothing compares than knowing that your loved ones are on the right track/path. Continue reading

Busy But Super Fun Friday

Hello there! How are you guys? I hope all is well! Sorry for the lack of post for the past two days, blame my super hectic schedule. I know excuses excuses! I can’t be a wonder woman because until now I still struggle on balancing my time. And today, I feel sort of under the weather and I have tonsillitis! Ughhhh…. I hate it!

Anyway, hows your Friday? Mine was really hectic! In the morning, I attended the launch of SM Kids Toon Fest at Megatrade Hall, SM Mega Mall. I tagged along Mama, Cj, and Cyler with me. The event was full of fun and it’s a pleasant surprise to see some of my mommy blogger friends there. Cj and Mama enjoyed the event too and it’s their first time to experienced it.


And here’s Cyler and Mommy in our street style outfit.

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Weekend Recap: It’s All About Food Trippin’!

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? I hope everyone’s having a real good time! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, before anything else I would like to share this good news to all of you! Cyler feels better now! YAY! That’s the most wonderful part of our weekend. The fever was gone although the cough is still there but it’s not as bad as yesterday. He was able to sleep soundly last night, in fact he woke up at 12pm-ish today which is good because he was able to gain more energy. When we brought him to Doc Vienne’s clinic yesterday his fever reached 40 degrees already, I know that’s pretty high. So she immediately gave meds to Cyler. For high fever she recommended Dolan. Also, Doc Vienne checked Cyler’s tonsil and ears, thank God it’s negative from any infections. The culprit of his fever was his cough. So she also recommended antibiotic for Cyler. She said that his fever and cough must subside within two-three days, or else Cyler must undergo a blood test. Thank heaven Cyler feels so much better now. Docky said that there is also a possibility that rashes will come out once the fever subsided, so far there are no signs of rashes to Cyler. Hopefully, magtuloy-tuloy na ung pag galing nya. His appetite is back to normal as well as his milk intake. That’s why I’m so thankful Lord! Truly, God is good all the time! And also thank you for all the prayers, we will never overcome this situation without your prayers. So from the bottom of my grateful heart, thank you so much. Iba talaga ang power ng prayers! Walang katulad!

Here is Cyler back to his old self– playful and energetic!


And since Cyler’s appetite is back I cooked veggie soup for him. The soup is made up of sayote and carrots. Of all the veggies why sayote and carrots? Because that’s one the softest veggies that he can swallow immediately. Ayoko namang biglain yung tummy nya kakagaling pa lang sa sakit eh. Surprisingly, he was able to finish his food in no time. ๐Ÿ™‚


I also cooked scrambled eggs (with broccoli, basil, and cheese) and buttered baby potatoes for our brunch. Cyler is not a big fan of potatoes but he loves my buttered baby potatoes so much. YAY! He thought it was a french fries since it’s a potato too. ๐Ÿ˜›


I’ll make a separate post for the recipe of the scrambled egg and buttered baby potatoes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Palm Beach Resort

As promise guys, here’s the behind the scene of our most awaited beach wedding slash outing slash reunion (as per Jerellt) that we’ve attended a couple of weeks ago. Our dear friends, Yen and Biboy chose Palm Beach Resort as their wedding venue, the beach is located at (READ:kadulu-duluhan at kasuluk-sulukan!) Bo. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, running along the same coastline of the now popular LAIYA. It’s really far! Pinky swear! As in when you get there wala ng signal ang mga phone ninyo (if you’re a globe subscriber), may konting signal pa naman pag smart subscriber ka so ganun kalayo. Can you imagine two days without network and internet? My gulay! Well, technically it’s only 1/2 days but it feels like forever pag walang internet connection. Oh there’s wifi….but it’s not working. Ugggh! But it was good at the same time because we were able to bond ng bonggang bongga! Madalas kasi nawawala na ung real essense ng “bonding” kapag may smart phone, diba?

Anyway, Palm Beach Resort is 3-4 hours drive from Manila depends on the traffic and the GPRS that you will use. In our case medyo hindi accurate yung mga drivers GPRS namin. You can actually check the direction here but they say mas nakakalito daw ung map dun sa site. Anyway, you can still check it if you want to. Good thing 4pm pa ang start ng wedding so were just on the right time when we arrived at the beach resort. ๐Ÿ™‚

T’was really far but since it’s our friend’s special day we didn’t mind the distance at all even though deep inside of us parang gusto na naming umatras sa sobrang layo. HAHAHA! Buti nalang talaga loves namin sila! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, allow me to roam you around the beach resort. The place is quite small unlike other beach resorts but it’s really nice and relaxing since it’s relatively unpopulated (kasi nga ang layo!).


Beach Cabana


Beach front

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Mother’s Day Celebration!

Yep! I know what your thinking (I can read your mind!… Of course that’s a joke!) this is a super kaduper late post! My gulay! What took me so long?! Dalawang K lang yan… Katamaran at Kabusyhan! I supposed to write this yesterday, but I was dead tired already so borlogs agad after playing with Cyler. As a matter of fact naunahan ko pa sya matulog. LOL! Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post (read it here, baby!) that this celebration needs to be remembered because this day was a special day for me and my family. T’was so memorable, exciting, and super fun!

We rented a private resort in Pansol, Calamba Laguna last Mother’s Day and the best part of this celebration?! T’was my SIL, Tenten and CIL’s mother’s day treat for the whole family! Ang bonggels diba?! Ganyan sila ka-sweet and generous samin! Sana next Mother’s day mag level up… Boracay naman sana! Todohin na dapat ang pagiging generous 1 beses lang naman sa isang taon, why not diba?! LOL! The bad news is… I forgot the name of this private resort! HAHAHA! Sa sobrang delayed ng post nato nakalimutan ko na rin pati name ng resort… blame my MOMnesia! Don’t worry I’ll ask my SIL tomorrow kung anong name ng resort then I update this post.

The facilities of the said resort is so-so meaning pwede na for a simple family trip (if you’re not so OC). Libre naman ‘to kaya magre-reklamo paba ko?! LOL! And as long as the water in the swimming pool is clean, I’m fine with that! Well, you all know how Cyler loves the water diba? That’s why I’m really OC when it comes to swimming pool. In fairness, kakapalit palang ng water sa pool when we arrived at the resort kaya pinagpahinga ko lang ng mga 20mins si Cyler then swimming na agad. Agad-agad! Day tour lang kasi kami kaya time is gold!

The house consists of two bedrooms with bathrooms. There’s no TV, the bathrooms isn’t that clean, and the aircon looks like kopong-kopong pero medyo lumalamig naman. Sorry for the rants, oh well we were there to have fun so dedma nalang! Anyway, we stayed in the pool most of the time so hindi talaga nagamit masyado ung room. They also have refrigerator and gas stove so we cooked most of our food there.They have videoke too, kaya buhay na buhay ang dugo ko that time! Di ninyo po natatanong nasa lahi talaga namin ang mga “songer”, di lang halata. LOL!

This post is quite photo-heavy so get ready baka di ninyo kayanin ang mga 2pc shots ko!… CHOS! Isang malaking CHOS! No, but seriously each photo has lots of happy and fun memories that’s why I wanted to share most of the photos with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

with Daddy

Anak, maghunus dili ka may bukas pa! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ligayang ligaya ang bagets!

Anong tawag sa pose na yan, anak? ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh and while I’m writing this post he’s here lying on my lap while trying to turn off the laptop. HAHA! Okay, sige bilisan na natin! Sleepy na daw sya..pati ako kaya kung ano-ano ng nasasabi ko! ๐Ÿ˜›

We took turns in accompanying Cyler at the water kasi ayaw ng umalis ng bagets sa pool (as usual!)! Good thing kasama ang buong barangay so inisa-isa sila ni Cyler. Hehe

with Tito Jus

We played non-stop in the water like there’s no tomorrow!

It rained for half an hour and we allowed Cyler to experience bathing in the rain. That’s his 1st time to experience bathing in the rain! And boy did he have so much fun!

We all had a good good time! It was indeed a fun family bonding and a special Mother’s day celebration.

Daddy and Cyler trying out the slide!

It was Cyler’s 1st time to slide and he loved it! He was giggling and so giddy the whole time while I’m having a heart attacked! My heart skipped a bit because he tried it not once, not twice, but thrice! My gulay, anak! Oh well what do I expect? He’s a boy. Fine. I rest my case.

And wait there’s more!

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Independence Day at Amana Waterpark Resort

As I promise on my previous post, here’s my official post for our family outing at Amana Waterpark resort. The resort is located in Santisima St. Brgy. Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan. It’s almost a 7 hectares of developed leisure resort surrounded by a wide green of farmland, which makes it more a breathing place of fresh air of nature surrounding the place. The family outing was sponsored by our balikbayan relatives Mama Encar and Papa Semmy, they’re both on hubby’s side. It was also their farewell party for the family.

The Montegrejo Clan

Splish, Splash!

Mommy, I super like the water!

Cyler: I’m one of the ‘big’ boys!

The resort was 40 minutes to 1 hour drive from Manila. The resort claim to be the biggest area of wave pool in Bulacan with 3,500 square meter of wave pool area and showcase 13 type of wave with the newest wave technology that came from Canada and Germany. It wasn’t my first time to experience a wave pool, my first wave pool experienced was in Club Manila East at Taytay, Rizal. Aside from the wave pool, one of their biggest attraction are the life-size cartoon character figurines.

With Shrek and the rest of the family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hubby and our bundle of joy, Cyler.

Justice League

They also had carousel and mini train inside the resort vicinity, which I found very unique. And also who could not enjoy the same Horse ride and zipline that Baguio and Tagaytay has, yup they also have this on their resort.


Choo! Choo!

Cottages are inspired from different tourist destination such as Tagaytay, Boracay, Palawan, Baler, Laoag and many others in the Philippines. We reserved the Vigan room for Php 2,200, I think the price is a bit pricey because the room is too small and it can only occupy one bed. You can check out the room rates here.

Vigan Cottage

Nipa Hut Cottages.

Also, they don’t allow any beverages inside the resort except water. I think they’re not really strict with the swimming attires cause I saw some people wearing colored shirts in the pool. Cyler really enjoyed the splash of the water, in fact we stayed in the pool for almost 2 hours. He just got scared in the wave, so, we decided to go back in our cottage. Oh, I forgot to bring his cleanser that day(oh-oh! it’s my momnesia again), so, I don’t have any choice but to use the only body wash in my toiletries. Good thing I brought my VMV Hypoallergenic body wash, the little boy’s delicate skin didn’t get irritated by the body wash. Wew! Lesson learned: double-check the diaper bag before leaving the house. After taking his bath, the little boy fell asleep and he slept for about 4hours. Daming pagod ng bagets!

More fun photos here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, it was a tiring but a great family bonding for the whole family. Cyler was able to enjoy his first swim, he surely did. We had SO much fun! Special thanks to Mama Encar and Papa Semmy for sponsoring this outing. Sa uulitin po! ๐Ÿ™‚

The best thing in the world – Family!

Nothing beats the family bonding!

Amana Waterpark Contact Details:
Manila Line: (02) 299-66-12 or (02) 299-67-03
Tel #: (044) 661-23-83 or (044) 661-23-84
Cell #:
Sun : 0922-8708428 or 0923-7135874
Globe : 0917-8866220
Smart : 0908-8736353
Facebook Account: