A Trip at Mckinley Hill Clubhouse


Last week, we attended a Christening at Mckinley Hill Clubhouse, Taguig City. I was kinda (I mean totally!) impressed with their clubhouse interior. The venue is indeed perfect for any kind of gathering plus it’s centralized too so that’s a two thumbs-up for me. And I also love the fact that they have swimming pool and outdoor playground too for the kiddos and feeling kiddo (like me!). 🙂 Continue reading


Weekend Kwentuhan!

Hello guys! Happy happy weekend! Wow! what happened to your weekdays?! Mine was pretty tiring as usual but it was awesome! This month is indeed the busiest month of year, isn’t it?! So many project deadlines that needs to be finish before the year-end and Sweet Treats By Mommy Sha got a bunch of Christmas orders too! Not just orders but bulk orders! Last Wednesday after a long, tiring, and stressful day at work I tried to go home early and baked 14 dozen cupcakes. Imagine?!


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Day 2 at Canyon Cove: Beach Bumming and more Tanning!

Good morning guys! Belated Happy Mother’s day to all your amazing Mommies, single Daddies, Mom-to-be, and Mother figure out there! How did you spend your Mother’s Day? I hope you give all your Mom’s a special treat and I hope hindi lang pag Mother’s Day nio sila bigyan ng special treat sana everyday! Kami naman, we spent the Mother’s Day at Laguna, we rented a private resort in Pansol, we swim, eat, and play all day long! We did have fun! I’ll share it another post. Anyhoo, today let me just share my pending post about my Birthday trip last month, sorry it took me so long, I’m in whirlwind last week so I didn’t have the chance to visit this little space of mine. Sorry for that. Anyhoo, let’s start now.

Our day 2 here in Canyon cove was spent mostly at the beach, beach bumming that is. Tinodo na namin at nagpaka-negro’t negra na kami to the highest level! Who cares about our skin color?! Tan is in! You know! 😛

We’re not a morning person (alam ninyo yan!) but surprisingly we woke up so early that day! As in early– 6AM in the morning! Isang malaking himala! Cyler knew that we were going to swim that day that’s why he woke up early. Beach lang pala ang katapat nitong mag-ama ko eh. We ate our breakfast inside the room, we ate the leftover hashbrown from Bag of Beans and we brought some instant cup noodles(Thanks again Em for the heads up about the food!). I asked the receptionist how much is their breakfast and she said that it cost Php300/plate and Php600 if you want to upgrade for buffet and we found it too mahalia (pricey)! To think that they only serve ordinary breakfast and I read lots of rants about their food. So in short, hindi na namin kinuha it’s not worth it eh. We just brought our own food for our brekky. One of my mistakes then was that I didn’t read the voucher carefully, I thought the breakfast was included in the deal hindi pala. My fault. Anyway, after having breakfast, off to the beach we went! And boy did we have the most wonderful time eveeeeer!

The boys played on the sand while I’m busy capturing their father-and son moments. Cj tried to build a sand castle however our super duper kulit toddler kept on destroying the castle that he made. HAHAHA! Mag-ama nga sila! So ang ending, walang sand castle na nabuo! LOL! We were at the beach as early as 7am (imagine?!) and good thing the sun wasn’t too hot. We intended to go there that early kasi ibang level ang init ng araw ngayon, hindi normal at hindi rin nakakatuwa! So we stayed there for about an hour then we transferred to the pool again. We all had the time of our life! We did enjoy the sun, sand, and the water so much! Sa sobrang enjoy namin ayaw na naming umuwi! I bet your wondering kung bakit ganyan ung shades ko, parang Cyclops lang ang peg noh? That’s my eyeglasses kasi, I was too lazy to wear my contact lenses that time and besides baka maanod sa tubig, and I can’t leave without my eyeglasses kaya pinag tyagaan ko nalang din. Fashion statement din yan, Cyclops sunglasses! LOL! So there, just so you know. 😛

After enjoying the water, we went back to our room and get ready for our check out. Cyler and I had a warm bubble bath again, sulit na sulit ang bath tub samin! I told yah I love bath tub so mucho!

And before we left the place, we did photo ops galore!! We had an amazing time here in Canyon Cove! We will surely come back here maybe with other set of friends. Wanna come? Cyler had a great great time and he did enjoy his first-ever-beach trip with us! Yay! Cj and I will start a family tradition, we will go to the beach every summer since we loves the water and sand so much!

We had our lunch at Buon Giorno, The Cliff house Tagaytay, this is one of our favorite place here. We’ve been here a couple of times (you can read it here and here) and we never get tired of eating here. Whenever were here, we make sure to drop by here in Buon Giorno. We ordered our favorite food in our favorite resto! 🙂

I really really love the ambiance of this resto, it’s very cozy and inviting. And it makes you want to stay longer for a nice chit-chat.

We ordered pasta which I forgot the name, New York Pizza, and Mango shake. We love the pasta so much it’s so delish and it’s a bit spicy which I like the most. Cj ordered New York pizza, his favorite! We tried this pizza before and surprisingly mas gusto ko sya ngaun. I don’t know, blame my tastebud! And I love the mango shake simply because it taste soooo good! It’s creamy and full of flavor! Meron kasing mango shake na color yellow lang pero it taste bland. After our sumptuous lunch, we ate Mochi at Mochiko! I don’t like buying Mochiko here in Manila kasi ang tigas tigas sobra! Pero the one in Tagaytay ang bilis nya lumambot, maybe because super frozen na yung mga nandito sa Manila. They said Mochiko in Tagaytay is their main branch. Anyway, we all had a great time! It was super fun! Our tummy was full and hearts was filled with so much joy that we can’t really hide in our faces! My goodness, I can’t wait for our next family trip!

Since I’m the planner in our family, can you help me find our next family trip destination? And it must be child-friendly! Any comments and suggestions? 🙂

The Spectacular Christmas Light and Sound Show at Ayala Triangle

 The Ayala Triangle Christmas Light and Sound Show was spectacular! The Ayala Triangle has been actively doing this light show for the past three years. And they never fail to awe the audiences including me, of course. Yesterday, I took my boys at the Ayala triangle to watch this magnificent light show. We are so delighted when we watched the show, it was indeed awesome and great! I’m not really good in taking photos, so you must watch the show and see it yourself. I guess these images wasn’t justifiable. Honestly speaking, I like the light show in the previous year compared to this year’s light show. Anyhoo, it was still awesome!  If you’re here you will feel like you’re in the Avatar movie. Remember, the Pandora Tree of Life in the Avatar movie?! The lights was similar to that! 🙂

With Mommy

Cyler was literally hooked by the lights, as you can see in the photo. He couldn’t take his eyes off to the colorful and blinking Christmas lights. Continue reading

Home Sweet Home at My Hometown!

Hooray for the looong vacay! Last week we spent our long vacay in Antipolo (my hometown). Boy oh boy, we had a wonderful stay there, sad to say hubby didn’t enjoy his vacation that much because he has work to do. BOOO! He was working on Sunday and Monday, now how terrible is that, right? Anyhoo, it was Cyler’s 3rd time here, still everything seems new to him. Everyone was so happy to see him again after six months. You know what he did in our whole stay there? He walked and played A LOT, as in A LOT! Our house is a bit spacious so he had a wide space for running. So my little one runs here and there, he’s so handful! We can’t let him run alone because he’s still in a stage of balancing. So everyone’s patience and energy was tested by Cyler. Tahee! 🙂

We also celebrated Mommy’s (Cyler’s great grandma) 85th birthday, that’s the main purpose of our vacation. We want to be part of Mommy’s special day. Could you imagine she’s 85 years old now, I wish I can live that long. Thank God for giving her a wonderful life and hopefully more years to live.

Day 1: Play all day long!

First thing that he noticed was the grass. Told yah he likes nature so much!

This is my cousin Rex, he is completely incapable of hearing, yes he is deaf. But despite of that he is so smart and very kind. He is one of my closest cousin.

Cyler rarely laugh or even smile to strangers, surprisingly Rex was able to make him laugh without exerting extra effort. Hehe

One thing I love about our vacation — I had a quality time with my son! 🙂

This is what I really miss here– plants, fresh and cold air!

Cyler was busy watching TV while his cousin Civ striking a pose!

Our little bookworm was also mesmerize with the bookshelf in our house, however I forgot to take photos of him. We have lots of books in our house because my late grandfather loves reading so much.

Day 2: Mommy’s 85th Birthday Bash!

Happy 85th Birthday to the world’s Greatest Grandma!

The foods are from Kubyertos Catering. It was all delish! 🙂

Make a wish and blow your candle!

She can’t really walk now and all she wanted is to see all of us beside her. This made me cry. Hay.

They are nine siblings, three of them are working abroad. (From left-right: Tita Bing, Tita Nanin (I always mention her in most of my posts, she’s my second Mom and I grew up with her), Mama, Tito Boyet, Tito Aaron, Tita Mane (not included in the photo)).

From left to right: My sisters Sacha and Isang, Mama, Tita Lolit, and Cyler who is so busy watching TV. 🙂

Here’s my twin nephew, Roa and Askja! They are sooo adorable!

We also went to Antipolo Cathedral. They built a mall in front of the Cathedral, which I don’t really like. The attention of the people are diverted to the mall which is not good. I believe, the Church should be the center of all and this place should be holy. Anyway, wala nakong magagawa andyan na yan. This is just my point of view.

Cyler together with his Tita Anie (my eldest sister).

He walked here and there!

Here’s my super kaduper cute niece Civ, while striking a pose! Watta pose! 🙂

Cyler while munching some fries. Yum, yum, yum!

The balloon vendor was blowing some bubbles while I’m taking this shot. Para daw may effect. Hahaha! Nice idea Manong!

I am the official photographer that day that’s why I am not included on the photos, as you can see. But wait, I have my solo picture! Hahaha! Kala ninyo ah! 😛

Here I am and my kikay outfit of the day: Green dress from Cosmopolitan, The Ramp and Gold Spartan shoes from LYN. 🙂

Before bed time, Cyler played with his Tita and Lola! 🙂

Cyler while playing with his Lola Mane! Nothing beats that happiness!

Day 3: Walking and Baking!

Morning walk with Tita and Tito! 🙂

Walking with axe? San ang laban Cyler?! 😛

And again, he was mesmerized with the plants!

Look how happy is my toddler. Now how in the world is that?! 🙂

Before we go home, we baked some carrot cake (as mentioned from my previous post)! Together with my sister Isang and nephew Panong. 🙂

Here’s Civ while munching one of our ingredients. Hmmp! Kundi ka lang cute! 😛

Manang mana sa pinag-manahan! 🙂

And finally, it’s time to go home.. 😦

Oh well, like what I said in my previous post our stay there was not enough, super bitin! Cyler enjoyed his vacation there so much, I bet if he can talk he will tell me that he doesn’t want to go home yet. Hay. Anyway, there’s still more time, sweetie. It feels so great because I spent quality time with my family, unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet my friends because I wanted to give my whole time to my family. But I will definitely meet them on our next vacation there. Truly, a four day long weekend is a luxury to all working parents like us.

Also, I wish that God will give Mommy more time to live, if only I can stay beside her all the time and take good care of her, I will. But I also have my own family who needs me and I have my work here in Manila. Oh life. I know God is always with her, and I leave everything unto Him.

Life is indeed wonderful when you spend it with your beloved family. 🙂

Kubyertos Catering Info:

Check out their site: Kubyertos Catering

Phone Numbers:
Email Address:
info @ kubyertos.net

Catering by Kubyertos
420 Dama de Noche St.
Nieves Hills Subdivision
Angono, Rizal 1930

Happy Weekend with my Boys!

Howdy! How’s your weekend?! Hope you’re having a good one! Anyhoo, I just want to share a little escapade we had at Greenbelt 5 (our all time favorite hangout place) recently. Supposed to be we’re going to meet our cousins there, however due to some errands we didn’t have the chance to meet at all. Anyhoo, this day was a super kaduper fun day for the family after the stormy days. Our little shaolin kid was very excited to go out, actually he really likes seeing different people and surroundings. He is a certified lakwatsero like us! 🙂 Cyler is very sociable, that’s one thing I really like about him. He’s so easy to handle.

Here’s a tiny peek at a day in our life!

He was so amaze with the plants, look how curious he is. Oh, it was his first time to feel and touch the plants, and he really enjoyed it. He surely did! I really love nature, unfortunately in our house we don’t have any plants there, it was all concrete, I think that’s the sad part of living in the city. 😦

He enjoyed playing here A LOT! Thanks to Greenbelt’s outdoor garden. Nature is the best playground ever, it’s a giant toy box for Cyler. Nothing beats the nature! 🙂

My gulay! Cyler sat on the ground and didn’t want to leave the place anymore, Oh how I wish we have a little garden in our house. Don’t worry sweetie, Mommy and Daddy will try to buy a house with mini garden…. soon. 🙂

Now that he can walk, he doesn’t want to ride on the stroller anymore. His stroller just became our instant push cart. Hehe

Oh, I love this picture of him! It seems like he is peeing on the glass! Hahaha! Bad Mommy! 😛

He’s such a handful now! He runs here and there! @_@

Sorry for the poor resolution, while I’m taking this shot, Cyler ran fast inside the toy store and so I immediately ran to catch my too fast, too curious toddler . My gulay! Thiz iz it! Umpisa na ng habulan! 🙂

How about this pose, Daddy?! Can I pinch your cheeks, baby?! You looks so adorable here, sweetie! 🙂

While Cyler was playing around, I took the chance to pose! 🙂 Oh, I miss posting my kikay outfit details! So friends here it goes: Top from Greenhills Tiangge, Leopard printed gypsy pants from The Ramp, Brown Bejeweled flat shoes from Charles and Keith. There you go! 🙂

Actually, our first plan was just to eat and buy some groceries there, however my cousin Ate Maggie informed me that LYN shoes was on sale (SHOES ko po! that sent chills to my spine!), and so I braved the shop with so much excitement. 🙂 Shoes– my weakness! ugghh.. Ate Maggie kasi eh but thanks for the info, cuz!:)

So the big question here– how “many” pair of shoes did I purchased?! I purchased THREE pairs for Php1,785 only! Could you imagine that?! This kikay momma is supah kaduper happy! 🙂 Oh, I only buy shoes when there’s clearance sale, I remember the last time I bought shoes was on Charles and Keith clearnace sale at Trinoma last Mother’s day. I swear! #DefensiveMuch

Cyler: I wonder what’s inside this huge bag. Hmmm…
Mommy: Oops! Sorry, Cyler that’s for mommy! 😛

Here’s what I purchased, friends the prices are unbelievable!

Sale Price: Php695
Orig Price: Php3,995

Don’t you just love the wedge shoes?! @_@

More flats here:

Sale Price: Php595 ;
Orig. Price: Php2,595

Sale Price:Php495 ;
Orig Price: Php2,695

Don’t you just love these shoes?! I-so-love-it!
We also dropped by at Japan Home Centre at Greenbelt 1. Cj was so addicted buying stuff there, so quits na kami nag shopping din sya! Haha! Kidding aside. Anyhoo, we just have simple family fun. Our life after having Cyler gotten much simpler but more fun! The whole family enjoyed this day a lot! Oh, I so love weekends because that’s the only time where I can focus more on my family. I want more weekends and holidays!!! And there you go, till our next family getaway! 🙂

LYN shoes available at the following locations:

  • Greenbelt 5, Makati City
  • SM Ortigas Department Store, SM Megamall