Meet Samuel Caeden Ricafort!


1 day old Caeden

Hello World! Meet the newest member of #TheRicaforts…. Samuel Caeden Ricafort, our bunso! Last April 8, I gave birth to this healthy and bouncing baby boy via C-section. Continue reading


NYE Celebration 2015


Happy New Year guys!!!!! Oh ayan ah di na masyado late greetings. Medyo-medyo nalang. LOL! How’s your New Year’s eve?! I hope y’all had a blast! I have so many things to be thankful for last year, yung mga bagay na akala ko problema blessing in disguise pala. Minsan kasi masyado tau nagiging judge mental sa mga bagay-bagay diba, hindi pa ngyayare nagco-conclude na agad tayo. So isa sa mga natutunan ko last year is wag pangunahan ang mga plano ng Diyos sa buhay natin kasi He always has better plan for all of us. I also learned how to forgive and forget and let go of my problems, I realized walang mangyayare na maganda if maiinis lang tayo parati sa mga taong wala namang magandang nagagawa sa buhay natin. Kaya hayaan nalang natin sila at bahala na si Lord sa kanila. I also learned that next to the Lord, family ko lang ang next priority ko at wala ng iba pa. And most of all I realized ang daming blessing ang na-receive namin kay Lord last year including baby #2, this baby is also a blessing in disguise and for that I will always be grateful and thankful. I hope sana kayo din guys if may mga hindi magandang ngyare last year isipin nio nalang that this year is the year that God has prepared for you. I know He has a better plan for all of us. 🙂

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Another Year for Hubby, Another Blessing For Our Family!

Today is Cj’s birthday! So let’s greet him a Happy happy Birthday! It’s his 18th bday today…charaught! Wish nya lang daw! But I couldn’t be any happier because aside from fact that we are celebrating his birthday, today we are also celebrating a new life that God has given to my family. Today, we shared to the whole world the reason why we are so grateful and that reason is because I’m pregnant with baby #2! Cyler is soon to be kuya! Yep, I’m positively positive and baby #2 is on its way!


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A Weekend Story #12: Double celebration, double the Fun and Happy (and crazy!) Memories!


Just a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my sister and my cousin’s birthday in my hometown, Antipolo. Yep, it was a back-t0-back birthday celebration and it was double the fun and double the happy and crazy memories! Did I mention before that I have the craziest family ever?! If I haven’t well, I am telling you now that I have the silliest, funniest, and craziest family EVER! Wag na kayong magtaka kung bakit nagka-ganito din ako. WAHAHAHA! May kasabihan nga tayo…. “mana-mana lang yan!”. LOL!  Continue reading

A Weekend Story #11: Kids’ Day Out!

SM Kids' Fashion3

Hello girls and boys! I’m back balakubak! I super-kaduper-uber-mega miss you guys!!! Na-miss ninyo ba ako?! Raise your pwet! Charot! Thank God I feel a lot better than last week and the good news is…. the result of my urinalysis was negative so that’s something I need to celebrate, right?! I’m avoiding salty and junk foods na talaga. Promise totoo nato! At dahil dyan may kwento ako para sa inyo! LOL! Sabay segue noh?!

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Cyler’s 3rd Birthday Celebration at Nurture Wellness Village


My family had the most relaxing, incredible, and amazing vacation at Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay last week. If I could only stop the clock and turn back time we will definitely stay there a little longer. But time didn’t allow us to do so, nevertheless we enjoyed every bit of our time together. I’m still grateful and happy that we were able to enjoy this short but meaningful family-trip. This trip is actually part of Cyler’s birthday celebration but this time we opted to have some family time. Just the three of us– Cj, Cyler, and me. And I must say we did have the most amazing time together. And I thank God for allowing us to enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest.


WARNING: This post is photo-heavy. Really. 🙂

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The Ricafort Family Reunion 2014 (Part Deux)


Finally guys, here’s the 2nd part of my previous post about our family reunion (read here) that happened three weeks ago at Lucena City. So going back on the topic…the committee also prepared a program during night-time. At 4ish the first part of the program was ended and it was the time for kids and the kids at heart to go swimming. As usual, my little bunny was so excited to dip in the pool! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know how Cyler loves the water, I swear he super-kaduper love every bits of it. He can even stay in the pool for more than 2hrs, wapakels if below zero lamig ng tubig. Continue reading

The Ricafort Family Reunion 2014


Last weekend, we attended the Ricafort family (on Cj’s side) reunion. The event was held at Nap and Rose Private Resort, Lucena. It was indeed a day filled with so much happy and unforgettable moments.  I was pregnant with Cyler  when they did the reunion 3 years ago, so technically it’s Cyler and my first time to attend this family event kaya naman I’m sooo excited about it. The location was really far but the 4hours travel was worth it, super-kaduper worth it.

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A Weekend Story #6


It’s been awhile since I brought my son, Cyler at the park so last weekend when we went to Makati and visited our friend we dropped by at Ayala Triangle first. Mababaw lang kaligayahan ng anak ko, makakita lang yan ng lupa at halaman (even damo!) masaya na yan. Cyler is an outgoing type of kid kaya walang mapaglagyan yung kaligayahan nya when we brought him at the park. Continue reading

A Weekend Story #4 + Crazy Weekday


Hi everyone! How’s your week so far?! Mine is horrible…this week was a crazy week for me! As in nakaka-windang to the highest level! It’s insane! Ang daming NKKLK na mga revelation sa office today. Kung pwede ko lang i-chika sa inio. Hayayay! For sure maloloka din kayo! Anyway, para makalimutan ko ang problema (for the mean time) let me share something good muna para pangpa-good vibes. If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know that weekends are the happiest days of my life.

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Timezone: Our Newest Happy Place!


I remember back when I was a small child going to an arcade was a luxury for me and my siblings kasi I used to lived in Antipolo way back then so by that time wala pang Mall na malapit samin not to mention na super bundok pa ang Antipolo before. Unlike today kulang nalang kada kanto tayuan na ng mall. Bundok pa rin naman ang Antipolo ngayon but it’s more civilized and super dami ng establishments.

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Christmas Eve Family Photos 2013

Hello everyone! As promise here are my family’s Christmas eve photos taken not so long ago. It was taken last month lang or should I say last year?! Sorry kung 48 years bago ko na-share, ngayon ko lang napansin na na-upload na pala ng cousin ko sa FB Account nya. Teehee! Forgive my kashongakan and katamaran! LOL! Anyhoot, it’s better to be late than never ika nga nila so here it is and let the photos do the talking instead! 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my cray-cray family– The Cadiz Clan(maternal side of the family)!


Meet my siblings, my cousin’s, and my Tita! Kayo na mag-decide kung sino sknila yung mga yun. LOL! 😛

Look up, look up din pag may time pero bawal daw mag shake-shake-shake! LOL!

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NYE Celebration 2014!


Hello guys! I haven’t shared my family’s New Years eve celebration yet, so here’s my NYE celebration post! Back to work nanaman tomorrow so might as well bonggahin ko na ang mga post ko! I still have backlogs though.

Anyway, our family has bunch of traditions every NYE and we really make it a point that we celebrate the NYE with a blast. But no we’re not really into fireworks, as a matter of fact lusis lang ang bukod tangi naming fireworks every NYE, then we used to watch fireworks in our roof-deck instead. Happy na kami dun.

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Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ 2013

Hi everyone! Belated Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year!! How was your Christmas eve?! Well, me and my family celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with a bang! Every Christmas eve is memorable and unforgettable because we used to celebrate His birth like it’s his first Birthday though I must admit that we’re kinda sad this year because Mommy (my lola) and Tito Aaron weren’t here to celebrate with us. But I couldn’t be any happier because I know for the fact that they are celebrating this wonderful day together with our Lord God in heaven, right?! So there’s no reason at all to be sad. 😉


Home-made red-velvet cake from yours truly! 🙂

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