Foodtrip Galore at Whistlestop

What do you prefer the most every time you dine at any resto? Do your prefer the good ambiance of the resto or the delicious food they serve? If you will ask me, I prefer the good food. I don’t care kahit sa kanto lang yung kainan basta masarap yung food. I go for the taste rather than the sosy place. And of course, as a wife and Mom I go for budget friendly resto that serves good food at the same time. I’m very practical when it comes to that. There are times naman that I don’t care spending too much as long as the food is exceptional. Kaya If you will notice me and my husband, Cj seldom dine at expensive restos. Because aside from the fact na kain construction worker ang asawa ko eh nuknukan din yan ng kuripot. (Read: SUPER KURIPOT.PERIOD)


Whistlestop meets both our standards. Affordable na masarap pa! Whistlestop is located along Jupiter street, Makati. When my friends, Rachelle, Aaron, and Gerry had their joint birthday celebration two weeks ago, I highly suggested Whistlestop to them since most of them are picky-eater and since it’s one of the nearest resto in our office too. They used to serve Filipino cuisine here at Whistlestop, they don’t have a super nice ambiance pero winner ang mga food! I swear! Their price ranges from 100++ to 500. O diba swak na swak sa budget? 🙂

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SumoSam Olympia

We always wanted to try Sumosam Olympia at Somerset Building in Makati Ave because of its catchy buffet signage (READ: Php499 only!) outside the resto but t’was never (ever!) been push through. You know naman basta lafangan go na go ako dyan at hindi ko aatrasan yan! So when we had our post birthday celebration last May we decided to pay a visit. Sumosam Olympia is situated along Makati Ave at Somerset building right beside Manila Peninsula Hotel and across Ayala Triangle.


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Dinner with the “Baboy Gang” at Uncle Cheffy

I remember the last time I dine here at Uncle Cheffy was when I’m still pregnant with Cyler (that was more than 2 years ago) and t’was my friend’s birthday treat to our group, until now I can still remember the delicious food here at Uncle Cheffy. I guess, ganun ata talaga when the food is really good it leaves mark to your taste buds.

Then last Friday, when my closest office mates (whom I fondly called the “Baboy Gang”) set a dinner date I suggested Uncle Cheffy to them and they accepted my suggestions wholeheartedly (which seldom happens) since most of them haven’t tried Uncle Cheffy yet. So after our Town Hall Meeting at Makati Shangri-La off we went to Uncle Cheffy, Burgos Circle branch at The Fort. Maybe you’re wondering why did we chose to go far even though there are thousand of restos around Makati? It’s simply because the food here in Uncle Cheffy is travel worth it. Big word? IKR! 😛


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A Day at Makati Shangri-La

OMG! What happened to all media sites? Puro #Gilas ang laman ng newsfeed ko. Asan na ang #TheVoice? Akala ko championship na at last game na ng FIBA tonight, kung maka-sigaw at maka-tili ang mga kasama ko sa bahay at kapitbahay namin wagas! Pero Congrats, Team Gilas! Pusooooo!! Goodluck to your “FINAL” game tomorrow night, bukas nalang ako makiki-sigaw ah…tulog na anak ko eh. Go go go! Team Gilas! :p

Serious na. Back to the real topic…

As I was saying last Thursday, August 9, 2013 our company’s Town Meeting Hall was held at Shangri-La, Makati. We were not really excited about the news and announcement but we were all excited about the venue. Sino ba namang hindi diba? Ang totyal ng venue. Our previous Town Hall Meeting was held at Manila Peninsula but we were a bit dissapointed because there was no food after the meeting. HAHAHAHA! Yun naman pala eh. Puro tea, coffee, and water lang! LOL! Choosy pa talaga noh? :p

But this time around, we were all tremendously happy because of our magnificent and world class experience here at Shangri-La, Makati. From the venue, interior, to the food, lahat winner!


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Nolita, My Love So Sweet!

I love to eat (hindi lang halata!) and I love trying out different food and restos wag lang super exotic like snakes, snails (may ganun ba? or imbento ko lang?), crickets, etc. kasi di ko talaga keri yan. I’ve once tried eating palakang bukid in Binondo and it taste like chicken na super mabuto. Hanggang dun lang keri ng powers ko mga ‘teh at kuya, more than that I’m not sure kung kakayanin ko pa.

Anyway, last month we invaded the pizza and burger haven in BGC , itago nalang natin siya sa pangalang…..Nolita (my love so sweet!)!

Nolita is short for “North Of Little Italy” and they say it’s a street in New York (hindi sa Cubao ah!). I must say that they have the yummiest and tastiest New York Pizza and burger….ever! I discovered Nolita thru my CIL, Ate Maggie’s post. Like me she was also captivated by the magical taste of Nolita’s Pizza.

The restaurant’s ambiance is very inviting and the interior is quite impressive (BIG WORD!). Perfect for friends or family’s meet ups. Also, Nolita is a self-serve pizzeria here in BHS.

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Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli and Buttered Baby Potatoes Recipe

As promise guys, here’s my version and the easy-peasy recipe of the scrambled eggs w/broccoli and buttered baby potatoes that I mentioned in my previous post (read it here). You know what I like about this dish? It’s so simple, classic, and easy to prepare and it’s super yummy too not to mention really healthy! This dish is perfect for your health conscious family and friends.

I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and this dish is part of my experiment. It’s my first time to try adding veggies in an ordinary scrambled eggs and I must say that it’s really yummy! I don’t know what took me so long to discover this food, maybe it’s my katamaran or whatever. I don’t know. Whatever it is I’m just so happy that I discovered this because my family love’s this dish as much I do.


Scrambled eggs with Broccoli Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Anyhoo, enough for the long intro let’s proceed now to the recipe, shall we? I know you’ve been all waiting for this so here it is!

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Weekend Recap: It’s All About Food Trippin’!

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? I hope everyone’s having a real good time! 🙂

Anyway, before anything else I would like to share this good news to all of you! Cyler feels better now! YAY! That’s the most wonderful part of our weekend. The fever was gone although the cough is still there but it’s not as bad as yesterday. He was able to sleep soundly last night, in fact he woke up at 12pm-ish today which is good because he was able to gain more energy. When we brought him to Doc Vienne’s clinic yesterday his fever reached 40 degrees already, I know that’s pretty high. So she immediately gave meds to Cyler. For high fever she recommended Dolan. Also, Doc Vienne checked Cyler’s tonsil and ears, thank God it’s negative from any infections. The culprit of his fever was his cough. So she also recommended antibiotic for Cyler. She said that his fever and cough must subside within two-three days, or else Cyler must undergo a blood test. Thank heaven Cyler feels so much better now. Docky said that there is also a possibility that rashes will come out once the fever subsided, so far there are no signs of rashes to Cyler. Hopefully, magtuloy-tuloy na ung pag galing nya. His appetite is back to normal as well as his milk intake. That’s why I’m so thankful Lord! Truly, God is good all the time! And also thank you for all the prayers, we will never overcome this situation without your prayers. So from the bottom of my grateful heart, thank you so much. Iba talaga ang power ng prayers! Walang katulad!

Here is Cyler back to his old self– playful and energetic!


And since Cyler’s appetite is back I cooked veggie soup for him. The soup is made up of sayote and carrots. Of all the veggies why sayote and carrots? Because that’s one the softest veggies that he can swallow immediately. Ayoko namang biglain yung tummy nya kakagaling pa lang sa sakit eh. Surprisingly, he was able to finish his food in no time. 🙂


I also cooked scrambled eggs (with broccoli, basil, and cheese) and buttered baby potatoes for our brunch. Cyler is not a big fan of potatoes but he loves my buttered baby potatoes so much. YAY! He thought it was a french fries since it’s a potato too. 😛


I’ll make a separate post for the recipe of the scrambled egg and buttered baby potatoes. 🙂

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Fri-Date at Soi Thai Restaurant

Have you tried thai cuisine? Do you like it? Me, I do! I really really do! I love pad thai. Sobra! I discovered pad thai thru my office mates, they are the one who introduced this dish to me. And I must say that it’s a wonderful food discovery. I love discovering and trying different cuisine!

Soi is one my favorite thai resto because aside from the affordable food they also have the most delish authentic thai cuisine that I’ve ever tried so far. I’ve been here a number of times but this is the first time that I am sharing this with you guys.

I bet your wondering who’s my date, of course it’s none other than my one and only love of my life…. Cj! 🙂


“Malayo ang tingin di naman marating” lang ang peg. :p

While waiting for our order a complimentary appetizer like crackers and peanuts was served. The staff were very polite and accommodating too which is two thumbs up for me. I wasn’t able to take photos of the restaurant’s interior but Soi has Thai inspired interior in case your wondering. Just imagine or google it. Haha! :p

Here’s what we order:

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Fri-Date at Red Kimono

Don’t we just love Friday?! I bet we all do! Friday is so precious for me and my husband because that’s the only time that we have to go out on a date. Sometimes juggling my marriage,family, and work are the hardest thing to do most especially when you have kids already. But I’m glad because despite of our insane schedule and busy life still we were able to sneak out and have a quality time together. Yung time na kaming dalawa lang ng asawa ko. I swear ang hirap pag sabayin most especially pag may kids na because mas naka-focus na kau sa kids and sometimes nakakalimutan nio na ang isa’t isa. It happens in real life. Trust me. Most of the time we were so busy doing our role as a parent and we tend to forget that we have partners too. Agree, mommies and daddies? Aminin natin yan!


Kaya naman my husband, Cj and I always find time to go on a date kahit twice or thrice a month lang. Ang importante hindi nawawala ung quality time namin together. Iba pa rin kasi when you hang out together at nagkaka-usap kayo ng maayos bilang mag-asawa and magkaibigan diba? It strengthens the relationship and keeps the fire alive. Diba?

Cj nd I loves to eat a lot so every time we go out we used to try different Restaurant around Makati. One of our go-to Japanese resto is Red Kimono simply because were both a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I love ramen, Cj loves sushi and sashimi but were both kuripot so Red Kimono is the perfect Japanese resto that meets our standards. 🙂

We ordered the following:

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ChopStop: The New Chop On The Block

Before I start this post I just wanted to share this good news to all of you even though I know that this is off topic. Anyhoo, last Friday night I registered my blog at Top Blogs Philippines on Home & Living category. Top Blogs Philippines is a site that ranks Filipino blogs here in our country. I actually don’t mind being rank I just wanna try it out of curiosity. But to my surprise on Saturday morning my blog was placed at #237 then on Saturday noon it went up to #137 and then yesterday I was really shocked, overwhelmed, and surprised because it went all the way up to #37 and just today it goes up to #31! YAY!!! I considered this as a milestone for this little space of mine. Thank you so much for spending your time reading this blog I know how precious and important your time is. So from the bottom of my grateful heart… Thank you, thank you so much! 🙂

So there, going back to the real topic.

It’s been awhile since I last posted about my food discovery so while I’m still in the mood to write (naks! Parang tunay!) please allow me to share it with y’all. 🙂

Every Friday me and my officemates used to have lunch out, we have this bawal-magbaon-ng-Friday rule in the office. Actually, samin lang magfri-friendship yang rule na yan. So every Friday we used to try every resto around Paseo, Valero, and Ayala Triangle Makati since our office building are located there. Last Friday we discovered that there is a newly opened resto in Valero. The name of the resto is ChopStop. It is located in front of Valero Parking and beside Army Navy in Valero. Isang kembot lang from our building.


The interior of the resto is very modern and it reminds me of Yellowcab interior design. Perfect siya if you and your friends are planning to make tambay and kwentuhan. Very inviting yung ambiance, in fairness. Kung wala lang kaming work that day baka tumambay nalang kami dyan.



And before I proceed with the food, here’s my outfit of the day (may ganun?!). Segue segue din pag may time. I used to post selfie in my Instagram account every Friday because that’s my favorite day. Anong konek? Wala. Nasabi ko lang. HAHAHA!

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