Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ 2013

Hi everyone! Belated Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year!! How was your Christmas eve?! Well, me and my family celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with a bang! Every Christmas eve is memorable and unforgettable because we used to celebrate His birth like it’s his first Birthday though I must admit that we’re kinda sad this year because Mommy (my lola) and Tito Aaron weren’t here to celebrate with us. But I couldn’t be any happier because I know for the fact that they are celebrating this wonderful day together with our Lord God in heaven, right?! So there’s no reason at all to be sad. 😉


Home-made red-velvet cake from yours truly! 🙂

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SumoSam Olympia

We always wanted to try Sumosam Olympia at Somerset Building in Makati Ave because of its catchy buffet signage (READ: Php499 only!) outside the resto but t’was never (ever!) been push through. You know naman basta lafangan go na go ako dyan at hindi ko aatrasan yan! So when we had our post birthday celebration last May we decided to pay a visit. Sumosam Olympia is situated along Makati Ave at Somerset building right beside Manila Peninsula Hotel and across Ayala Triangle.


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Palm Beach Resort

As promise guys, here’s the behind the scene of our most awaited beach wedding slash outing slash reunion (as per Jerellt) that we’ve attended a couple of weeks ago. Our dear friends, Yen and Biboy chose Palm Beach Resort as their wedding venue, the beach is located at (READ:kadulu-duluhan at kasuluk-sulukan!) Bo. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, running along the same coastline of the now popular LAIYA. It’s really far! Pinky swear! As in when you get there wala ng signal ang mga phone ninyo (if you’re a globe subscriber), may konting signal pa naman pag smart subscriber ka so ganun kalayo. Can you imagine two days without network and internet? My gulay! Well, technically it’s only 1/2 days but it feels like forever pag walang internet connection. Oh there’s wifi….but it’s not working. Ugggh! But it was good at the same time because we were able to bond ng bonggang bongga! Madalas kasi nawawala na ung real essense ng “bonding” kapag may smart phone, diba?

Anyway, Palm Beach Resort is 3-4 hours drive from Manila depends on the traffic and the GPRS that you will use. In our case medyo hindi accurate yung mga drivers GPRS namin. You can actually check the direction here but they say mas nakakalito daw ung map dun sa site. Anyway, you can still check it if you want to. Good thing 4pm pa ang start ng wedding so were just on the right time when we arrived at the beach resort. 🙂

T’was really far but since it’s our friend’s special day we didn’t mind the distance at all even though deep inside of us parang gusto na naming umatras sa sobrang layo. HAHAHA! Buti nalang talaga loves namin sila! 😛

Anyway, allow me to roam you around the beach resort. The place is quite small unlike other beach resorts but it’s really nice and relaxing since it’s relatively unpopulated (kasi nga ang layo!).


Beach Cabana


Beach front

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Our Most Awaited Beach Wedding (a.k.a Outing)

Finally, the long wait is over for these two showbiz lovebirds. I bet you’re all wondering bakit may a.k.a pa ung title? It’s simply because we really thought that this is just an outing. When the groom invited us he said that this is just an outing. When I asked the groom kung sinong kasama namin ang sagot sakin “tayo-tayo lang” when I asked him to elaborate yung “tayo-tayo” he answered me with this “tayo nila master(referring to Cj and our other friends), family ko(groom’s family), at family ni Yen(the bride)”. BOOM! Alam na! Talaga palang kami-kami nga lang. LOL! So to make the long story short… confirm hindi nga eto simpleng outing.. eto ay wedding! Beach wedding, that is! Buti umamin samin kung hindi pare-parehas kaming naka swimsuit sa wedding! Imagine?! 😛

Fast forward, July 12 they tied the knot. We were just tremendously happy for these two. Superrrrrr! Wag ninyo ng tanungin kung bakit because it’s a looooooong story! Sakanila nalang yun. 🙂

Congrats Mr and Mrs Bobadilla! Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! 😛



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The Two Important “F” In My Life

I love being surrounded with people (super!), not just people people but good people. I love people who brings good vibes into my life. We will only live once so why not choose the right and better people who will go along the way, daba? As much as possible I try to avoid people who brings nothing but negativity to my life. That’s why I come up to this post to show you the two important “F” in my life. These are not things nor animals, these are people that I truly cherish and value the most.

So the question is.. who are the two F in my life?

It’s no other than my….


I am 1Billon % sure that they will never-ever leave me nor forsake me. Gumuho man ang mundo, pumuti man ang buhok ko, malagas man ang ngipin ko, at tumangkad man ako.. ang pamilya ko andyan pa rin sa tabi ko. Naks! But that’s true. Iwanan ka man lahat ng tao pero ang pamilya mo hinding hindi ka iiwanan nyan. Andyan lang yan para sau.. hindi lang minsan halata. 🙂

402417_2651400335716_1552260344_nAng pamilya sasabayan ka nyan sa mga kabaliwan mo pero pag sasabihan ka at itatama ka pag nagkamali kana. Agree or agree?! AGREEEEE!

The best people in the world - Family!

The best thing in the world – Family!

And of course the second important F in my life are my….

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Weekend Recap and Weekdays Rant

How come it’s weekdays again? Pwede bang magpalit nalang ang weekend at weekdays? Kahit one month lang, pleaseeee!

Anyway, last weekend I’ve had the time of my life with my family and today it’s back to reality again. Hay. It’s not that I’m complaining or what, don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I feel blessed and grateful because I have a stable job and income…it’s just that I always feel guilty whenever I go to work and leave my darling Cyler at home. Parating may kurot (ng very very slight!) sa damdamin eh, right mommies? I miss my son so badly, I wish I can be with him 24 hours 7 days a week!

Anyway, forget about the loneliness and guilty-ness let’s move on to the brighter side.

Last Friday night, I went to Glorietta for the midnight sale madness (that sent chills to my spine!) and when I saw Fluer’s post in Instagram I immediately asked her if we can meet there and she said yes! And so we met in the middle of chaos! Andaming tao sa mall at that time, oh well what do I expect? Midnight sale yun daba? Sabi ko nga eh! 😛

Me, Neva of ManilaMommy, and the mother of all mother’s, Mommy Fleur!

That is Neva of Manila Mommy and Fluer of Mommy Fleur, I bet you already know these two ladies. Naman! They already made THE name in Blogosphere and they’re one of the most famous mom blogger’s here in our country. As a matter of fact, I’m one of their avid reader’s too! These two fab momma’s are my bloggers peg! I’m just their avid reader before and now I can’t believe that we were already friends (please tell me if I’m just dreaming lang ah! Hehe). These two ladies are super kwela and down to earth. They’re very friendly too, as in! I didn’t expect na ganun din pala ka-kwela si Neva. She looks so serious kasi with her post. Anyhoo, t’was nice meeting you in person, Neva and t’was nice seeing you again, Mutherness! Looking forward on seeing you ladies again! Let’s push the playdate ah! 🙂

On Saturday morning, we went to St. Lukes, The Fort for Cyler’s check up with Dra. Vienne.

I took this photo when Cyler was crying. I found it too cute when I saw him crying because he seldom cries and when he do it’s for the strangest reason. I forgot what’s the reason why he cried in this photo pero basta I like his kawawa face, it’s so cute! Isn’t it?

Oh it’s crying time again…

And look at this photo, we were on our way to the hospital here. Cyler look like a big boy here already. Were like siblings noh? Hay. Time flies really fast. Hindi nako magtataka kung pati height ko maabutan na rin nya. *sniff sniff*

When we arrived at the clinic Cyler excitedly went to his favorite spot at Doc Vienne’s clinic. He was given a vaccine shot then and he didn’t cry at all. Watta brave little guy says Doc Vienne.

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What Keeping Me Busy These Days

Hello, hello! How’s everybody here?! I miss all of you already especially this little space of mine. Hay grabe! My goodness! Let’s do some catch up muna ah before I go to bed namiss ko na kayo eh kahit ako di ninyo ko namiss…chos! I didn’t notice that it’s been a week since I visited my blog! Super kaduper busy ng lola ninyo the whole week! As in! Kayod marino lang ang peg! Oh well, I bet most of the time people are really busy but I guess I’m 100x busier this week compare to the previous week. And you know what? Today, I went home at around 2:45AM from work…imagine?! My gulay! We have a project deadline that we have to meet and we’re so ngaragers na talaga to the highest level. Well, ang ending hindi pa rin namin tapos due to so many conflicts! I’m getting home late this past few days because of this project! Anyway, let’s change topic ang sakit sa ulo pag work ang topic eh noh? Baka ma-stress lang din kayo. Well aside from all the stress of course andyan pa rin ang nagbibigay ng happiness sa buhay ko– my friends and most especially my two baby boys (Cj and Cyler!). Even though I used to go home really late Cyler patiently waits for me until I get home and were inseparable once I enter our doorstep. And I’m back to myself once I see my son and my husband. Garantisadong tanggal ang mga ka-stressan ko sa buhay! They bring a never-ending joy to my life!

And of course, pag gising pa ang bagets I’d rather choose be with him than to write a post. So that’s why I’m really having a hard time to write a post during weekdays. During weekends naman, fully booked din ang schedule namin and pag nasa house lang kami I make sure that he’s sleeping already when I blog because he will surely drag me out of the computer. That’s why most of time I write a post while I’m on my way to work using my mobile, so I have my reason for my wrong grammar and spelling. LOL!

And also aside from getting busy with my work I also have a very demanding sideline which keeps me busier than everrr! Last week, I had an order for Mother’s day so I baked and customized the cupcake designs just for this special occasion. And here’s my finish product.

I finished doing that around 2 in the morning and was so groggy when I came to the office the next day. Now tell me, who has time?

Then last Sunday (that’s Mother’s day) we went to Laguna and rented a private resort together with my relatives. And boy oh boy did we have the most wonderful time ever! I’ll share it another post too because it really deserves to be remember and treasure forever. 🙂

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Ultimate Fri-DATE!

My family seldom go out during Friday, well technically Cj and I used to go out on a Friday night, sometimes we tag along our friends. But this time we tagged along Cyler and Isang (my sibling) with us. It’s Cyler’s monthly check-up with Doc Vienne, it supposed to be on Saturday but since we have orders and delivery on Saturday (coz my orders usually falls on weekends) we moved it on Friday. I took a half-day leave at work since Cyler’s check-up is at 3pm. They fetched me in my office at Paseo, then off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic at Paseo de Magallanes. Docky doesn’t have clinic at St. Lukes, Global during Friday btw. We arrived very early at Paseo de Magallanes so Cj and Isang decided to dine at Brother’s Burger first. And they we’re so lucky because Brother’s big burger was on 50% then! Brothers Burger is one of our favorite whenever we crave for burgers. Have you tried their hot bites? I tell yah it’s the best, it’s an uber-crispy chicken with teriyaki sauce, the chicken is uber crispy in the outside but really tender in the inside not to mention the yummy teriyaki sauce. It is actually a perfect combi and definitely a must try baby!

After eating, off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic. Cyler was playing (like there’s no tomorrow) while waiting for Docky, he surely miss the play area inside the clinic. I can’t remember when was the last time we went here, we usually go to St. Lukes, Global for his monthly check-up kasi.

He was the most talkative kid inside the clinic, he kept on singing, humming, and talking while playing. Finally after few minutes of waiting Dra. Vienne arrived. Cyler was so giddy when he saw his favorite pedia in the whole-wide-world! Everything went out very well. He gained weight especially height, his height now is 2 ft. and 10 inches. Naku sana talaga hindi nya manahin ang height ng nanay nya! LOL! Anyhoo, he made pasikat to Docky the entire time. He kept on talking and singing to Docky and was very cooperative. He didn’t even cry when Doc Vienne gave his vaccine shot, what a brave little guy says Dra. He says “Oh no!” when he saw the injection but he didn’t cry at all. Docky suggested that we should enroll Cyler in Kindermusik to enhance his passion and skills in music because he heard Cyler singing and humming the entire time. She says that Cyler is a very smart and active little guy especially on his age. Cj and I were so glad about it.

Spot the kalbo! Ay si MamyPoko din pala kalbo! LOL!

After his check-up we went back to Makati, we went to Glorietta for his haircut and meet our friends. He had his haircut at Cuts for Tots(as usual), well actually I am eyeing a new toddler salon for Cyler t’was recommended by Je but since atat na atat na ang Tatay nya na pagupitan ang bagets we decided to brought him at Cuts for Tots instead. He was behave the whole session, most of the kids were crying their lungs out inside the salon, Cyler is the only one who didn’t cry at all. He just kept on pulling out the razor from the barbero because he was bothered by the sound. And did I mention that Cyler is kalbo already? Yes, he is now kalbo, not really kalbo just semi-kalbo (tumawad pa eh noh?). His father insisted it, so don’t give me a why-did-you-do-that look. Hehe It looks good on him, he looks like a errrrr…newborn baby (?) on his new haircut! 🙂

Side kwento: There was a brat little boy inside the toddler salon and he kept on pushing Cyler. He kept on saying “No!” to Cyler because he doesn’t want to share the toy with Cyler, so Cyler got this kawawa look. The parents we’re there pero NR, they we’re sitting right behind the brat kid. I got pissed off so I poked the kid, no just kidding I didn’t do that, I told the kid “you should share the toys with other kids”, nilakasan ko para marinig nung mga magulang nung bata. But to my surprised (my gulay!) NR pa din ang parents ng bagets! So kinuha ko nalang si Cyler at nilayo dun sa bata. Hay. How in the world is that?! And how could the parents take that?! My goodness! They left the salon like there’s nothing rude happen. Hay. Hay. Hay.

Anyhoo, after the haircut we waited for our friends and we had dinner together. We ate at Red Kimono in Glorietta. One of our friend, Biboy just came back from Japan and we forgot that he’s already sick and tired of eating Japanese food. Hahaha! Eh naman kasi di naman nagsasalita, pag upo namin bigla nalang bumanat “namiss ko Japanese food ah!” and we were all laughing at him! Sorry naman, bawi bawi nalang next time teh! Oh and he gave us pasalubong from Japan! Thank you, BHEboy (that’s how we spell his name, pang asar lang namin sakanya. Hehe)!

From L-to-R: Mich, BHEboy, Jim, Isang, Me, and Cyler’s head. Cj took the photo so he’s not included in the photo

Our night was filled with nothing but laughter and joy! Oh how I miss these guys so much! I guess this is one of the best Fri-Date ever! I had my friends and family altogether! And I couldn’t be any happier than that. 🙂

How about you, how do you spend your Friday? 🙂

Holiday Vacation with Friends and Family!

This post is part of my 2012 backlogs. Sorry for that, my bad . This post has been sitting on my draft folder since the first week of January, finally today I was able to share it with y’all. We had a holiday getaway together with our friends during the last week of December. We used to have our Christmas celebration here in Tagaytay because we so love this place! As a matter of fact we used to celebrate our Christmas get-together here for over three years now. Aside from the fresh air and cold breeze, Tagaytay is  the easiest and quickest getaway when you want to have a break from the hustle and bustle life in the city.

Side Kwento: We left Manila at around 9AM in the morning, we we’re in Sta.Rosa, Laguna at around 10AM and since our check-in time was 2pm we decided to go to Paseo de Sta.Rosa first. Whenever we go to Tagaytay, we make it a point that we drop by  Paseo de Sta.Rosa  to check out if we can score a great finds. This is a great place to shop because there are lots of factory outlets there, name it get it! This is definitely the perfect place for all shoppingera’s and shoppingero’s out there!

Here’s my OOTD!

White Tank Top from Penshoppe, Denim skirt by Calliope, Belt from The Ramp, and flip-flops from Ipanema

We left Paseo de Sta.Rosa at around 11AM, off we went to Tagaytay. We had our lunch at The Cliff House. Whenever we go here we usually dine at Buon Giorno but since we wanted to try something different we decided to dine at Platito. They used to serve Filipino cuisine as you can see in the photo below. Our lunch turned into a brunch because of the food that we order. We ordered bangus, longganisa, spam with lotsa eggs! My friend, Jim who’s not a rice lover ordered some burger (BOOO!). Our order comes with three eggs! Parang hate na hate nila ang itlog dito noh? 🙂

The food price ranges from 100++ and above, it really is way cheaper compare to other Resto here in The Cliff House.

After our errr…egg-ish lunch we decided to go the Hotel. Off we went to PiĂąa Colina Resort.

This year we didn’t stay at Hotel Dominic (our all time favorite Hotel in Tagaytay. Haha!), we reserved a two-story unit in PiĂąa Colina Resort instead. For a change. This unit is good for 15-20 people, and did you know how many are we?! We are only six! KALOKA! So super kakalog-kalog kaming lahat dun sa bahay. Our three friends backed out on the same day, so we don’t have any choice but to avail it. We tried to asked the Receptionist if we can change our room, unfortunately they we’re fully booked at the moment. My gulay! So we didn’t have any choice but to get it, kahit masakit sa aming damdamin at bulsa.Ang mahal eh! Ang sakit sa bulsa! 😛

The only problem with this resort is that it’s quite difficult to find their exact location. They are located at Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Highway, so you need to have a keen eye for you to be able to see it.  I think it doesn’t really look like a resort, it looks more like a small village. Their staff was really kind and friendly though, which is a must for me. And they never failed to greet us with simple hi and hello whenever they pass on our way.

Anyhoo, here’s our casita (a.k.a semi-mansion sa sobrang laki): Continue reading

Reunited with the Viva Hotdogz!

One thing I love about Christmas– reunion! It’s that time of the year once again for reunion with family, friends and loved ones. This is the only time where I can see my good old friends back in my hometown. After one year of not seeing my high-school friends finally last Christmas eve I got the chance to see them again! Oh how I miss them so badly!! If they only knew how I miss them! Gossh! Thank God for giving us the time to bond and laugh once again. It’s our ritual to have a Christmas get-together before Christmas eve, I think we’ve been doing this for over a decade now. We’ve been together since high-school, could you imagine how long is that?! They are more than my BFF’s, they’re my family! They say count your age by your true friends and not by number, and I guess I lost count already! I have LOTS of true friends, like them!

Meet The Viva Hotdogz (L to R: Reine, Kat, Lai, Cliff, Jessa, Jhell, Steph, and Me!)

You know what I really love about them? They’re the funniest and craziest person I know. They’re so TRUE. We’ve done all the craziest and silliest thing before and now we’re all grown ups! We’ve got our own separate lives now but still here we are. The friendship still remains no matter what happens. We’ve been through A LOT of things! But still we’re complete. And I guess that is what TRUE FRIEND is all about. 🙂

Side Kwento: Viva Hotdogz is the name of our group. Yung mga schoolmate namin ang unang tumawag samin nyan since then yan na yung tawag nila samin.

Here we are together with our kiddos!

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Happy Friday the 13th!

We all know that yesterday was Friday the 13th and I’m glad to say that it’s one of the luckiest day of my life because I got the chance to see and catched up with my kumare’s-slash-kikay barkada-slash-college buddies last night. We rarely see each other that’s why I feel very happy when we had the chance to see each other. We have separate lives right now but despite of our supah hectic schedule we make sure that we still have time for one another. My friends are one of my greatest treasure in life because they’re my family. I had them with me for the long haul and they are proven and tested. They say count your age by friends and not by years and I must say I have so many friends that I can consider true friends. True friends are hard to find and when you had the chance to meet them don’t ever try to loose them.

Meet Marla and Earleen. I fondly called them Marlita and Erlinda. 🙂

Moving forward, last night we did our normal routine – eat, chat, and had fun. We had dinner together. I brought them at my favorite resto at Spaghetti Factory in Glorietta 5. Part of our dinner is our non-stop chikahan (catch up). Though we rarely see each other we make sure that nothing’s change and we know what’s happening to one another. They’re still uber kulit and crazy, I feel ageless when I’m with them. There is no dull moment with my girls, I must say.

Foodie + Friends + Fun = Happy Friday the 13th!

After having dinner, we had coffee at CBTL to continue the fun. We’re just laughing the whole night and didn’t mind the time. And indeed, we had a great time. I wish we have more time to for one another, to bond some more but I know it’s really different now. No matter how long we didn’t see each other our friendship will always remain. I love you both Mars (short for Kumare) and thank you for the wonderful time! It was a great time, yes it iz! Till our next kitakits! 🙂

How about you? How’s your Friday the 13th?! 🙂