Cyler’s 3rd Birthday Celebration at Nurture Wellness Village


My family had the most relaxing, incredible, and amazing vacation at Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay last week. If I could only stop the clock and turn back time we will definitely stay there a little longer. But time didn’t allow us to do so, nevertheless we enjoyed every bit of our time together. I’m still grateful and happy that we were able to enjoy this short but meaningful family-trip. This trip is actually part of Cyler’s birthday celebration but this time we opted to have some family time. Just the three of us– Cj, Cyler, and me. And I must say we did have the most amazing time together. And I thank God for allowing us to enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest.


WARNING: This post is photo-heavy. Really. 🙂

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Company Outing at Eagle Point, Batangas


Hi guys! I know you’re wondering why I’m MIA for the past four days… I was pretty busy but in a good way. This time it’s not about work, I’m too busy with my family. Cyler is feeling under the weather since last Sunday so I was busy taking good care of him too. I also take a leave at work today because of that but don’t worry God is in control. Cyler feels a lot better now. He’s so energetic and playful again parang walang sakit.

Anyhoo, just wanted to share this unforgettable trip I had few weeks ago. It was our company outing at Eagle Point, Anilao Batangas.  This is the only time that I joined our company outing again after 2 years of not joining.Nope, it’s not because I’m KJ it’s because madalas natatapat ung outing namin sa birthday ni Cyler. So ayun 2 times akong hindi nakasama. In fairness, this beach is really nice though super-kaduper layo nya. I was literally scared-to-death going here because you really have to go thru cliff and mountains just to get here. In fact, there are only certain place for buses because they won’t fit in the road anymore. So we have to transfer in their shuttle (which is btw a jeepney). Our foreigner boss’ did enjoy the ride they said if feels like we’re riding a roller coaster (imagine?!). So while their having fun I’m dying deep inside of me. LOL! But it was all worth it, I tell ya. 🙂 Continue reading

Batangas Trip: Caleruega Church

Caleruega Church is our second destination in our Batangas trip. Since this church is just 10 minutes drive from Chateau Royale and since the sun was out full blast unlike the other say we decided to dropped by at Caleruega Church. The place was really peaceful and quiet, although there are lot’s of students who are having their field trip at that time. The Church was so beautiful, peaceful, and serene. Oh how I love the fresh air and the smell of the tree’s and the plants surrounding the entire place. I felt like I’m in heaven when I entered the place, but of course heaven is way better than what I saw here. I guess this is one of the best part of our trip, visiting God’s sacred place. I felt like I’m home when I’m here. 🙂

Familia Ricafort

The Caleruega Church

Look at this scenery, it’s definitely breath taking!

Don’t you just love this place?! And look at those tree’s and plants surrounding the entire place, isn’t it so beautiful? 🙂

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Batangas Trip: Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club

My friend, Anna (one of the celebrants) suggested this resort to all of us since she’s been in this place before. She said that this resort is indeed a perfect place to hang out, luckily we saw their promo at Ensogo two weeks prior to our target date and so we immediately purchased the deal. It was really a good deal because we we’re able to get a premium room that is good for four persons with a lot of perks included. We are a total of ten (including two kids), so they purchased two vouchers and they just added two more mattress in excess.

Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club is located at Nasugbu Batangas, actually it’s just one kembot away from Tagaytay, as in! Chateau Royale offers a fine accommodation that will surely take you away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life. It’s just an easy two-hour drive from Manila, perfect for a quick family getaway! This place will let you experience fun recreations while enjoying nature’s beauty and serenity. Chateau is a 15 hectares resort, now could you imagine how big is that?! Sad to say we weren’t able to visit the other facilities because it kept on raining and it was too cold go outside. An overnight stay is not enough to roam the entire place!

Chateau Royale gives you a handful of hotel facilities to cater to all your leisure. I love how elegant the place is.

See how lovely and elegant the place is, this is definitely a vacation!

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