Weekend: It’s All About Cooking and Family Bonding!

Do you believe in the saying that “the family that eat together stay fat together”? I do! How often do you enjoy family meals together? In our case, since Cj and I are both working we usually enjoy our family meal together every weekend. In as much as we want to unfortunately we can’t do it everyday because we used to go home very late from work most of the time. That’s why I make sure that I always prepare special meals for my family every weekend or whenever I’m home. Unfortunately, the only time I have is mostly during weekends. Oh the life of a working Mom. Sabi ko nga sa inyo if and only I have all the time in world, I will surely give my 101% time to my family. Oh well the travails of a working mom. Period.

Anyway, I did a lot of cooking since we stayed in the house the entire weekend because I’m not feeling well (I still have tonsillitis!Uggh!) and since Cj had to worked on Sunday(BOO!) too. All we wanted to do was to relax the whole weekend since we had a super tiring but fun Friday already. So today, allow me to share what I cooked the last weekend. Please get your tissue or hanky and prepare yourself to drool!….Choz lang! 😛

For our brunch (yes we love to stay up late and wake up late during weekends!), I prepared fruits salad. Cyler and I are sucker of fruits! Grapes, mango, mandarin orange, peaches, and kiwi are our favorites! Any fruits paired with cream or yogurt are perfect combo! It’s heaven and healthy too!


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KMS Cooks: Super Easy Corn in Butter Sauce

What’s your favorite side dish or merienda? Mine is corn! I love corn whether its side dish or something to snack on. I love any dish with corn even if it’s just plain corn. Japanese corn is my favorite and kernel canned corn from Del Monte.

Corn is also one of my favorite food when I was preggy with Cyler, I love it with butter and salt just like this easy peasy dish that I’m going to share with you. All you need in this recipe are butter, corn (I used canned kernel corn because it’s better than the frozen ones. It’s softer and yummier!), and iodized salt.


Easy Peasy Step:
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KMS Cooks: Maqui’s Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Hello everyone?! How’s your long weekend so far?! I hope y’all are having a good good time! My family’s long weekend is all about food tripping and bumming at home. And so I just wanna share this quick ice-cream recipe that I learned from Maqui. I tried it last weekend and I’m happy to say that it was…..success! YAY! Thank you so much Maquibels for sharing this recipe! Not bad for a first try, right?! I placed the ice cream in the freezer for almost one week that’s why it didn’t melt so quickly.

And the good thing about this homemade ice cream recipe? No need to use ice cream maker!


Banana Split Ala Kikay Mommy Sha


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KMS Cooks: Homemade Burger and Potato Fries

Kung ikaw ay masugid na mambabasa ng aking talaan sa web (aka BLOG), malamang sa malamang alam ninyo na kung gano ako katakaw. LOL! This post is all about home cooking and food tripping at home. Hooray for long weekend because I have more time to cook for my family! Hooray! Don’t we just love long weekend? It simply means more quality time for the whole family, right? 🙂


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Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli and Buttered Baby Potatoes Recipe

As promise guys, here’s my version and the easy-peasy recipe of the scrambled eggs w/broccoli and buttered baby potatoes that I mentioned in my previous post (read it here). You know what I like about this dish? It’s so simple, classic, and easy to prepare and it’s super yummy too not to mention really healthy! This dish is perfect for your health conscious family and friends.

I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and this dish is part of my experiment. It’s my first time to try adding veggies in an ordinary scrambled eggs and I must say that it’s really yummy! I don’t know what took me so long to discover this food, maybe it’s my katamaran or whatever. I don’t know. Whatever it is I’m just so happy that I discovered this because my family love’s this dish as much I do.


Scrambled eggs with Broccoli Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Anyhoo, enough for the long intro let’s proceed now to the recipe, shall we? I know you’ve been all waiting for this so here it is!

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