You’re the Man

This post was dedicated to my loving Hunky-hubby-slash-super-daddy, Cj. This is my husband’s 2nd Father’s Day already and I must say that he is absolutely doing a great job to our kid.  Between the two of us, he is the one who stays awake at night to play with Cyler when our little one is on graveyard shift and when I can’t get up. He is the one who wakes up early in the morning to prepares Cyler’s milk bottle. I was happy that I had him with me for the long haul. The man is understanding and patient, a perfect foil to my ka-kulitan and ka-sungitan. He even do  the laundry all by himself, yes he does it for us. Tigasin yan eh! He is also our family driver who can moonlight as a taxi driver for all the shortcuts he knows around the city.

Cyler was 2 months old here.

I am really blessed to have him as a partner, though sometimes we argue over little things, oh well, I guess it’s normal to all married people or couples. At the end of the day it’s still the two of us. Though he is a terrible picky eater and he doesn’t eat veggies, I still love him for who he is. His fart is the most terrible smell in the world, yes indeed, but I still love him. Nothing can change my love for you, Hon. He slept on the floor when my Mom or my sibling is with us to look after Cyler during weekdays and he doesn’t flinch.  Now, how in the world can you resist that? He is absolutely the perfect father who is willing to sacrifice everything  for us.

This is Cyler’s 1st Christmas eve.

He was there for me to support me when I was dealing with my postpartum blues after giving birth to Cyler. He was my caregiver and he never get tired of taking good care of us. He is a good provider, sensible but at the same time he can be silly, funny, corny and senseless. He always make us laugh even on his corniest joke. He is a big fan of basketball, in fact nobody can get his attention once he started to watch it. For me, he is perfectly imperfect husband to me and father to Cyler. He is the man, yes he is! I can’t imagine myself without him, like what I always say he is my cushion when I fall.

On our 1st Wedding Anniversary. 🙂

Hon, happy father’s day! Thank you for being such a role model and a very good father to our son.You are such a cool Daddy and having you in our life is such a big blessing. I could not ask for more. Thank you for always being there in our challenges and wins. I had you through thick and thin. For me, you’re the worlds #1 Daddy!  I can’t imagine myself with anyone else but with YOU.

We love you from infinity and beyond!

You’re the man! I love you! And happy father’s day again!

P.S. Happy father’s day to all the Father’s and father figure out there! Hat’s off to all the Father’s!


Which is Witch?!

They say Cyler’s look alike is hubby (bitterness in the house! Hehe).

Here’s Cyler and his Daddy, kayo na bahalang mag judge! Hehe

Spot the difference!

Bad smell look is his fave pose. Hay grabeycious!

Sa dinami-dami ng pose sa mundo , eto talaga ang pinaka fave niya. Grabeycious!

Cyler: Mommy, Daddy keeps on bullying me!

Cyler: Daddy your so funny!

I looks like Mommy here.. #SigeNaNga Hahaha!

Now, who’s the real look alike of this cutie patootie? I leave the decision to you guys. 😛

The Best Birthday Gift Ever, A Love Letter!

Today, I received the best birthday gift ever…. a love letter from my loving hunky loveydududz Cj. When I came home from work, I’ve found a white envelope inside the cabinet. I thought it’s a phone bill or credit card bill, but it’s too big so I checked it. When I opened it, I’ve found out that it was a love letter from my one and only bebe damulag! I got really excited to read it coz it’s been a long time since he write a letter for me. Anyhoo, I was supah dupah extremely kilig to the bones and supah drama when I started reading the letter. Hon, I feel so lucky to have a husband like you , Ikaw ang katuparan ko sa di karaniwang pangarap. I love you so mucho!

Look what I found on my drawer (actually it’s my undergarments drawer, kaw hon ah. Hehe)

Cover palang kinikilig nako! Hihi

I need more tissue please..

Hon, you really know how to touch my heart. (Pang MMK ang letter ah.. in fairness Hon!)

Thanks Hon for the letter!

P.S. Here’s the three letter that describes my feelings for you… I-O-U!