Introducing Baby Jesus to Baby Cyler

I always say that I want my child to grow in love and with God because I want my child to become God fearing and to build his “faith” in God. Of course every parents wish that too. I believe that if a man believes in God, he can do anything with God who strengthens him. And God will lead him to the right path. I guess, this is the biggest challenge to all the parents and this is the most important thing that we can teach to our child — to become “God fearing” and to have “faith”.

I was introduced to God by my Tita Nanin when I was a little kid. I was very active in our church at Antipolo before and I’m a child of daily vacation bible school or DVBS. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, at the same time I was able to build my faith with God at an early age. And now, I want Cyler to be able to learn and experience the same thing too.

When I found this book at Booksale I immediately bought it coz it’s very kid friendly and at the same time it’s like a baby bible. Lemme share the content of this book to all of you. The title of this book is “Mary and Baby Jesus” by Zonderkidz.

So here it goes..

That’s it! The book was simple but the content have it all. It’s all about Baby Jesus, our Lord and saviour. I usually read this book to Cyler almost every night because I want him to be able to familiarize with Jesus and to build his faith at this early age. I believe that this the best time to teach him how to grow with God.

So, share your first bible experience with your child, I love to hear it! 🙂