KMS Birthday Celebration (Part 3)


Promise last na’to! Hihi

At dahil love na love ako ng mga boys ko, they treat me all the way on my birthday. Sky’s the limit level! Chos! Of course kung may birthday dinner (read KMS Birthday Dinner here) dapat may lunch din diba? LOL! Continue reading


My Perfect Birthday Staycation At Ace Hotel & Suites (Part Duex)


As promise guys here’s the 2nd part of our wonderful staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites in Pasig (read 1st part here).If you’re an avid reader of this blog I’m pretty sure you know that we are not morning person…. surprisingly we all woke up before sunrise and we were able to capture this breath-taking view. Super nice noh? So can you imagine how early was that?! Dapat pala parati kaming mag-stay dito para maaga kaming nagigising noh? :p Continue reading

My Perfect Birthday Staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites (Part 1)


This is actually the 1st part (read the 2nd part here) of my birthday celebration. I had a pre-birthday celebration-slash-staycation at Ace Hotel & Suites last April 20. Yes, that was Easter Sunday. Its actually my birthday salubong, my real birthday kasi is April 21 and it just so happened that in my birth certificate it was set in April 22. Yeah, it’s a typo-error kind of issue, I only discovered that it was wrong when I entered high-school. Kalurks diba? Pero it’s okay kasi dalawa ang birth date(s) ko. O diba bonggels?!

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KMS Birthday Dinner at Movie Stars Cafe & Restaurant


 Last Tuesday, I celebrated my birthday at Movie Stars Cafe, Mall of Asia. It was sponsored by Mommy Blogger Philippines (Thanks a lot, Ms. Lani!) and Movie Stars Cafe so imagine how happy I was on my special day. I definitely had an extravagant and extra-ordinary birthday celebration here at Movie Stars Cafe. I did enjoy everything– from the superb food to the excellent service and to their one of a kind theme. They definitely have it all!

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