KMS Cooks: Pork Chop with Sweet Peppers


I’m a big fan of Gordon Ramsay, halos lahat ng cooking video nya sa youtube pinanood ko na. Ganun ako ka-elibs sa cooking skills nya. And because he’s one of my chef idol, everyday I tried to copy his recipes. He has this segment in youtube which is called Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking and that’s where I got this Porkchop recipe.

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KMS Cooks: Ginataang Alimasag


I’m allergic to seafood particularly to shrimp and crab (Booo! IKR?!) but this allergy only occurs when the seafood isn’t fresh. That’s one of the reason why I love eating at Dampa because aside from their delish cuisine, I’m 100% sure that their seafood is fresh kasi alive na alive pa sila when you buy it, diba? Now this recipe that I am gonna share with you guys is one of my favorite dish.
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KMS Cooks: Asian Baked Chicken


I am so excited to share this easy-peasy and oh-so-yummy recipe to y’all!I’ve cooked this several times (I lost count already!) and those who tasted this dish can attest how perfectly good it is. Nanunuot hanggang laman ang sarap, I swear to God that’s how good it is. If you really want to know what I’m sayin’ then you better try this recipe baby! May kasabihan nga tayo… “To taste is to believe!”. #Charaught

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KMS Cooks: Egg and Tortilla Cups

IMG_9844-001 Hallow! Hallow! Did you miss my recipe post?! Raise your left eyebrow (Uy nag-attempt syang itaas ang left-brow nya. NYAHAHA! ) if you miss this segment here in my blog. To be very honest kahit ako na-miss ko ng mag-share ng mga recipes here. This post has been sitting in my drafts for such a long time and this is the only time I was able to share it. I told you naman I have bunch of backlogs and this is just part of it. Anyway, I’m glad I was able to squeeze in some time to share this uber easy,healthy, and hearty recipe to y’all. This recipe is perfect for family breakfast because aside from the fact that  it’s very simple to make this recipe is also pack with vitamins, nutrients, and energy booster that will keep you going all throughout the day! Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Ginataang Bilo-Bilo



Ginataang Bilo-Bilo(glutinous rice ball) is another authentic Filipino favorite and is widely popular here in our country. If you’re Bicolano/Bicolana (like moi!) then you probably know this Filipino dish. Bilbil (short for Bilo-bilo…chos! #imbentowords) is one of my favorite merienda, my paternal grandmother introduced this dish to me. And I swear my Lola cooks the best Ginataang bilo-bilo ever! She really is one of my pegs when it comes to cooking. Bilo-bilo is one of her specialties too so last Holy Week when we stayed in our house in Antipolo I tried to cook ginataang bilo-bilo. In fairness, my version of bilo-bilo was edible though I must admit that still nothing beats my Lola’s ginataang bilo-bilo. Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Beef Lasagna


If you’re an avid reader of this blog, I bet you know that I’m a sucker for pasta dishes and I loooove cooking pasta. Aside from baking cakes and pastries, I also considered pasta as one of my specialties and my entire family can attest to that. I always cook pasta but I’d never tried lasagna for one reason– I’m too lazy to try it. Just having the thought of doing all the process makes me really go crazy and lazy. It’s kinda matrabaho kasi the layering and all, diba nakaka-shomad? But when I’ve tried it last week I realized it’s not nakakapagod at all. I mean it does but it’s really worth it. Minsan nauunahan lang talaga tayo ng katamaran natin. Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Avocado Ice-Cream


It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday here in the Philippines so most of the people are craving for something cold to eat or even drink. Eating ice-cream is indeed our number heat-buster. So I guess this post is on right timing since its summeeeeerrrrr! I know some people who doesn’t like eating avocado because it has a bitter aftertaste but when they tried this avocado ice-cream they begun to appreciate the goodness of avocado. I know it’s really hard to love their silky texture and versatile flavor BUT did you know that avocado has bunch of health benefits? Yes, this fruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins. And it also considered as one of the healthiest food in the planet. Peksman! If you still don’t believe me read this (click this link). Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Chicken Afritada Baby!


It’s the start of the week again, I bet you’re preparing for this week’s family menu, right? Fret not because you can add this super easy, sarap to the bones Chicken Afritada to your family’s menu this week. Sounds good,right? If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you know that I’m a sucker of tomato-based dishes. This dish is super easy lutuin pero winner sa sarap! Definitely not your ordinary ulam that your family will surely love! 🙂

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KMS Cooks: Italian Pasta Casserole


I don’t always have enough time cook at home especially during weekdays since I’m working but once I cook I make sure that it’s always special. I can turn a simple dish into a gourmet dish, just like what I did in this recipe that I’ll be sharing today. This is not an ordinary pasta dish because I used two different kinds of cheese here. It has mozzarella and  cheddar cheese, and it was baked too. The cheese definitely gives this pasta dish an extra kick and distinctive taste. I bet all cheese lover will surely love this! Mozzarella is to die for!

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KMS Cooks: Pepperoni Pizza


Hooray for Holidays! Tomorrow is holiday here in the Philippines so I thought of sharing this no-brainer pizza recipe in case you’re still preparing your family’s menu for tomorrow. So first things first– why did I come with pizza? Well, my carnivore husband kept on bugging me to cook this because he was craving for pizza and I was craving for it too after reading Pepper’s post about Pepperoni pizza. And so it has been decided that we’re having home-made pepperoni pizza for dinner. 🙂

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KMS Cooks: Alfredo Pasta

Hello guys! The weekend is not over yet so I hope you are having a great time with your family. I just woke up from my afternoon nap and decided to share this last pasta dish that I cooked last NYE. Cyler is still sleeping so I just sneak off and write a quick blog post. I guess this post is on perfect timing because it’s Sunday and it’s family day, right?! So why not prepare or cook something special for your family. 🙂


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KMS Cooks: Tomato Cream Pasta


I and my two boys are sucker of pasta dishes. Well obviously, we never get tired of eating pasta so my challenge is to cook a different pasta dishes. This pasta dish is part of my experiments. Cyler and Cj loves tomato based pasta so in this dish I still used tomato but I added cream and lotsa cheese to give it more distinctive taste. I bet cheese-lovers will surely love this pasta dish!

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KMS Cooks: Buko Pandan

Hi everyone! Good dawn! It’s already 2am-ish as I write this post. My energy and brain cells are so drained at this point of time and guess what! I’m still in the office! Yay…. not! I’m soooooo tired and sleepy but I have to work on so many things. Is there any vitamins that can regenerate brain cells? I need it now! As in now na!

So while I’m recharging some energy I decided to make this post and share this super easy recipe to y’all. This post has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now and I guess this is the perfect time to share this because it’s weekend! And weekend means more time for the family and more time to prepare meals for the family! How I wish I can still do that when I get home later, for sure I’ll be snoozing the whole day because I haven’t slept for more than 24hrs! Zombie mode it is!


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KMS Cooks: Fresh Basil Pesto Sauce

I really thought that it’s so impossible to make your own pesto sauce at home kasi feeling ko ang hirap nyang gawin but boy oh boy….. I was wrong! Totally wrong! Just a few weeks ago, I decided to make a fresh basil pesto sauce from scratch so I asked my very reliable friend, Mr. Google for the recipe. When I saw the recipe in the world-wide-web I was thrilled because the ingredients are so easy to find in the market plus the recipe was so easy to do! It’s indeed a no-brainer recipe, all you need is food processor, basil, nuts, and garlic and you’re good to go!  As easy as that!

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Happy Weekend + BitterSweet Monday

Hello guys! I feel a bit sad today…. sad yet excited. I’m flying in tomorrow for a business trip, ang corny no time to gala puro work lang. Plus having the thought na malalayo ako kay Cj and Cyler for a few days makes the trip more sadder. Hay. But I just think of the bright side. More career opportunity and career growth, right? Pero aanhin ko naman yun kung malayo ako sa pamilya ko. 4 days lang naman ako mawawala pero that four days feels like forever pag malayo ka sa pamilya mo especially if you have kids. I’m so gonna miss the batang makulit and my uber corny husband! I don’t know how I will survive the first few nights without Cyler sleeping by my side. Usually kasi nalalayo lang ako sa mag-ama ko pag may company outing which is usually overnight lang so keribombels lang, eto 4 days! Hay kalurks!

I’m gonna miss you baby!

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KMS Cooks: Yang Chow Fried Rice

Hello guys! How’s your weekend so far? Me, Cj, and Cyler were in food coma. I bet you already know the reason if you’re following me in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Yes, I cooked a lot for my boys during weekend since that’s my only free time. Cj doesn’t like going out on weekends anymore because he wants me to cook instead of going out and eating in a resto. And as a wife I’m feel really flattered and overwhelmed whenever my husband say that to me. Talaga namang makalaglag panty pag asawa mo na ang nagbigay ng compliment sau. LOL! Agree mga misis?! Aminin! Wag echosera! 😛

Anyway, tonight I’ll be sharing this super-kaduper-mega-ultimate-no brainer Yang Chow Fried  recipe to all of you. This dish can be done in no time so it’s perfect in case you run out of idea what to cook for your family this weekend.


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KMS Cooks: Scrambled Egg Muffins


Since I’ve been cooking and sharing a lot of recipes here in my blog I decided to add “KMS Cooks” in the title of my recipes. I’ve been using this hashtag(#kmscooks) in my instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account too so I decided to used it here as well para madaling i-search. Taba ng utak ko noh? Puro aligue nga lang. Teehee! Btw, KMS stands for Kikay Mommy Sha, just so you know. 🙂

So there, let’s move on to the recipe. Recieving my package from King Sue Products was just on time because I used bacon in this recipe. And can I just say that King Sue’s bacon taste superb?! It is! Most especially when it’s crispy and hindi sya puro taba unlike other bacons. I really think that any dish paired with bacon taste really good! I tried this recipe last weekend when we went home to Antipolo, we stayed there the whole weekend so alam ninyo na ang ngyare sakin.. tumambay nanaman ako sa kitchen the entire day. Kaya super happy nanaman ng mga kapatid at tita ko kasi ipinagluto ko nanaman sila. Once I enter the house they would always ask me kung anong iba-bake or lulutuin ko for them. I guess that’s something they lookward to everytime we go there. And that’s something makes me really happy whenever I go home at my hometown. Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Sizzling Tofu Recipe


I’m pretty sure you’ve been all waiting for this recipe so here it is! This recipe got a number of likes when I posted it in IG and FB and I’ve got a lot of queries about the recipe so today the long wait is over for those who are asking. I am just really happy that this recipe turned out just the way I like it. Our entire household love this dish too most especially my husband and my mother-in-law. Mommy (my MIL) said that it taste almost like a sizzling pork, if you’re not aware that it’s a tofu then most likely you would’ve thought that it is made of pork. Cj who seldom eat tofu surprisingly like this dish too. In fact, he can’t help himself from eating it hanggang sa maubos na. It’s supposed to be for our dinner but it was gone with the wind before I knew it. Oh nothing beats the compliment that I got from my family. Btw, this recipe was adopted from Max’s sizzling tofu recipe.

Now let’s move on to the recipe itself. Eggcited naba kayo? 🙂

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KMS Cooks: Classic Quick French Toast Recipe and Side Chika

As promise! Here’s my version of french toast recipe. But before that chika minute muna. Remember when I told you guys that I feel sort of under the weather? Today, natuluyan na sya! I’m super sick! I have colds and cough and worst…nahawa na din si Cyler sakin. We co-sleep kasi that’s why ang bilis nahawa ng bagets. Hayayay!


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KMS Cooks: Homemade Crepe Recipe

Amidst the heavy rain yesterday, I couldn’t stop myself from cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. When I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday, suddenly I had this light bulb moment. I thought of cooking homemade crêpe for our merienda, so I googled the recipe right away! Agad agad! Wala ng patumpik-tumpik pa baka masira ang moment! Thank goodness because I got the right recipe for my homemade crêpe. And you know what’s good about this recipe? No need to use a special gourmet crepe pan or crêpe maker! A small nonstick pan will do the trick.

All you need is kasipagan and kagandahan! Choz!


Here’s a simple yet delicious crêpe batter recipe which can be made in a minutes! Making crepes at home is as easy as cooking pancakes. Yep, as easy as 1,2,3! Bongga diba?

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