It’s All About Cyler

Cj and I were talking last night and we were talking about Cyler. We were discussing how much Cyler has grown and how his character change from the time that he was born. Cliché as it may sound, but time really flies so fast 6 months from now and he will turn 3. Imagine?! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I’m pretty sure you know very well my son. Before, I was just sharing all his “first”– his first walk, his first word, his first soft meal, even his first bike, etc etc. And now I can see how much he change– he is full of character. He got some of his antics from me and some from his dad. The old saying is true enough “Kung anong puno, siyang bunga”.


Cyler at 6 months old

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Cyler’s Writing Milestone

It’s been awhile since we talked about toddler’s developmental milestone so today allow me to share Cyler’s latest developmental progress. Last weekend, while we were playing iPad with Cyler I asked him write a letter because Mama told me that my two-year old toddler, Cyler can write a few letters already. So I told him, baby(that’s how I fondly call Cyler) can you write a letter A? And we were all surprised because he was able to write the letter A! Yes, he wrote that letter A below. Ang arte ng pagkakasulat ng A  noh?! #ManangManaHindiNgaLangSakin


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Cyler’s Reading Comprehension

Two nights ago, when Cj, Cyler, and I are about to sleep we decided to play the iPad but this time we played with letters. We know that Cyler can really recognize the entire alphabet (he sings and recite it every single minute!) but last night we tried to test his reading comprehension. Reading for two years old toddler? Yep! The earlier you teach your kids the better! We started writing up three letters in the iPad using an app then we showed it to Cyler. We were just trying and testing if he can really recognize and read the word. To our surprised, Cyler read it right!

We started with the words that composes three letters like cat, dog, pig, owl, and car, and he read it all right! See the clip video below.

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Cyler Love For Books

As a parent, one of the best and biggest accomplishment I did for my child is introducing him to books at an early age. Back when I was a small (maliit pa rin pala ako until now btw) kid, I remember I never had the chance to experience reading books together with my parents or my siblings and as a child that’s one of my frustrations. They never buy us books and maybe that’s the reason why I never like books. I remember those times na nag-self pity ako whenever I see mother and child reading books together. I see it kasi as a good form of family bonding even when I was a young kid.


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Toddler’s Speech and Developmental Milestones

Our favorite pedia, Dra. Vienne Saulog says that Cyler has a good and bright memory considering that he’s not even two years old. At this point of his life he already knew so many things like numbers (he can count now from 1-30!),human body parts, alphabets, objects, and animal sounds. He can now construct two to three words like “open the door” although he’s still on bulol phase. And his still sociable just like before, wag mo nga lang patatawanin kasi mabibigo ka lang. He rarely smile to strangers although sumasama naman siya. Madali nga daw makidnap especially when he hears the magic word “bye!” because he loves going outside the house. Kung may Dora the Explorer, si Cyler ata ung nawawalang kapatid nya. LOL! Certified lakwatsero ang bagets! Oh well kanino pa ba magmamana? Hihi We told Docky that Cyler is musically inclined too. We always hear him singing or humming even without the music. Doc Vienne didn’t require Cyler to go on a toddler school since he’s developmental milestones are really fast. But she suggested that if we want Cyler to develop more his music skills then we can enroll him to a toddler music class when he reach two. So we are planning to enroll him in either Gymboree or Kindermusic maybe after his 2nd Birthday, we are still undecided though. Both toddler school are really really good (based on my fellow moms review) that’s why it’s kinda hard for us to decide. But we’ll see.

Who knew that something so simple could be so much fun for the little ones? My little Mr. Curious guy get so amazed and giddy everytime he hears the sounds of the animals. Last month, he learned how to mimic the sounds of the animals. His favorite among all the animal sounds? The growling sound of the Bear– RAWR!

Doc Vienne kept on telling to us that we are on the right track because despite of our hectic schedule still we we’re able to teach our toddler. Well technically, it’s not only us who taught him those things. Like the alphabets he learned that from watching Brainy Baby, he learned counting from watching Charlie and the Numbers, he learned the animal sounds from a particular app which I don’t remember the name already, BUT we constantly teaching him how to say those words over and over again until he get it right. See it’s not only us who influence’s our child, TV and gadgets can really influence your child too. Nowadays, modern technology becomes your parenting partner (agree mommies?), whether we like it or not, children of today are going to be involved with technology. Gadget aims to help entertain our toddlers especially while you’re doing household chores or work, and it also helps your child’s developmental milestones but I’m not saying that Television and gadgets are a good source of learning, still everything has to be on moderation. Too much use of gadgets can isolate your child from the real world. I’m no expert in parenting but I’m saying this based on my own and real experience. I bet every parents can relate to me.

Our pedia always tell us that the more we talk to our child, the more they learn. So for those mommies who keep on asking me what’s secret and how did my toddler learn those things? My answer– constant communication with your child is the number one key to your childs milestones. And also make learning a fun time for your toddler. So make it a habit, talk to your child even though he/she is not yet talking. Just say anything and be constant, you’ll be surprise one day your baby is mimicking what you’re saying. Remember, parents are the first and most enduring educators of their children. 🙂

Cyler’s List of Spoken Words and Other Milestones at 19 Months Old

At 19 months old, my tot has become more talkative than ever. He communicates well compare before. He can now answer some of my questions by saying yes or no, wag lang talaga e-eksena ang mga cars kung hindi deadma nanaman ang lahat ng tao sa mundo! I think he is so eager to talk because he is trying to cope up with all the adults around him. He’s the only kiddo in our house. I mentioned from my previous post how talkative he is and that he is indeed a HUGE talker(like her mom and dad)! Oftentimes, he talk while sleeping (sometimes he counts pa nga) and talk nonstop from the moment he open his eyes. Sometimes he garble the letter and sounds like a chinese little boy especially when he tries to sing. In fairness to him he really sings well and he knows how to follow the rhythm. Yun nga lang most of the time he has his own version of lyrics. He actually memorized all the soundtracks of his favorite cartoons from BabyTV and Disney Junior, even the soundtrack of Showtime in channel 2 and other commercials in TV. He’s very music inclined. And you know what’s the weirdest thing he does? He used to recite the alphabet while crying, as in may masabi lang talaga sya habang umiiyak. So most of the time we ended up laughing at him. Hehe

And here’s the list of Cyler’s spoken words at 19 months:

Let’s start with the sound of the animals and other things that creates sounds:

• Choo! Choo! (Sound of the train)
• Row! Row! ( a.k.a sound of the Lion. Less the “R” at the end)
• Meow- meow!
• Croak! Croak! (Sound of Frog)
• Bee! Bee! ( a.k.a sound of the car– beep! Beep)
He learned all these sounds from his favorite App, Pocoyo.

And here’s the songs that he already memorized by heart:

• Birthday Song (I taught him how to sing this song just last week. And he sings it by heart. Sometimes with matching papikit-pikit pa at the end of the song)
• The Wheel On The Bus (The best part of this song is when he says open and shut, he used to say pupuchi-pucha! Oh pero teka hindi po sya nagmumura! :p)
• If You’re Happy (He can actually clap and nod his head, but still working on stamping his feet. Naa-out of balance eh!)
• Hi-5 ost (He used to say “pa-pab” instead of hi-5!)
• Showtime ost (He said “Showta” instead of showtime)
• Jake and the Neverland Pirate ost
• Mickey Mouse ost and other Disney Junior cartoon’s official soundtrack (Yun nga lang parating dulo lang ung nasasabi nya. Hehe)
• Alphabet Song (He already mastered this song)
• Twinkle-Twinkle
• A Sailor Went to The Sea (He says “chi” instead of sea)

Here’s the other words that he can actually say, although he still on his buyoy(bulol) phase:
• Oh no! (he says that whenever he stumble or drop something)
• Airplane
• Dirty
• Stop! (He usually say this when our dogs are maligalig and sometimes he says that to me every time I tickle him. Hehe)
• Mickey Mouse
• Truck
• TV… Patwow! (TV Patrol)
• It’s Showta! (It’s showtime!)
• Pupuchi pucha! (Open and shut)
• Manga (But he is actually saying BANANA. This is the weirdest thing he say. No matter how we insists that it’s banana he would still call it manga! NKKLK!)
• Mommy (Yes, he can now say Mommy! With matching sigaw pa yan. Before he used to call me as Mama, he still call his Daddy as Papa though.)
• Cellphone
• Pa-pab! (Hi-5)
• Yeyow (Yellow)
• Orange (orange)
• Pepel (Purple)
• Bwu (Blue)
• Cookies
• Shower
• Yipeee!
• Ayus Sky-ler (Cyrus Schuyler, yes that’s his name! He can actually say it now)

Other milestones:
• He can now actually read the letters. Before he can only recite it, but now he can actually distinguish it.
• He can recognize more colors like purple, orange, yellow,and blue. Before he only knew green, but now level up na ang bagets!
• He can solve puzzles in his favorites App.
• He likes art activity.
• He’s no picky eater anymore (prays the Lord!) although it takes him forever before he swallow what he’s eating.
• He doesn’t like sweets, which is good. Really, really good.
• He knows what’s the use of yes and no at marunong na din mamilosopo. One time I was calling him and he didn’t respond to me, so I asked him if he heard what I’m saying and he said “No!”. Ay hindi nga nya ko naririnig! My gulay kang bata ka!
• He learned the art of tantrums although he still give us his crocodille tears. I’m not sure if I will consider this as a milestone though. Hehe
• He also learned the art of running, so his more handful now. Mas nakakapagod na din habulin! As in!
• He knows how to cry now, with real tears ah. Kasi Cyler is not a cry baby, he only cry when he get hurt so badly. And he’s not fearful, most of the time I’m the one who get scared everytime he get hurt. Mas nauuna pa akong umiyak sknya. As in!
• In terms of his social skills, he’s still the friendly little boy I know. But he prefer playing with adults than other kids, maybe because he is always surrounded by adults. But as time goes by I know he will learn how to play with the other kiddos. I’m just happy because he loves being surrounded by many people.
• Aside from counting 1-10, he can now count from 11-20! Medyo sablay pa nga lang but we’re still working on it.

So far those are the things that I remember, hopefully in my next post I could jot down (or remember) more milestones. My only problem with Cyler is that we are having a hard time from weaning him in thumb-sucking. Dra. Vienne says that we can actually put chilli sauce on his thumb to prevent him from thumb-sucking. Actually, we already did that before but it didn’t work. And take note we used the real one, not the chilli sauce pero parang wala lang sa kanya ung anghang! NKKLK talaga! Hopefully we can wean him from that habit before he reach three yrs old. Sana ma-achieve namin yan ng bonggang bongga!

Cliche as it sound but I really can’t imagine how time flies. I can’t believe (or I just can’t accept) that my baby is no longer a baby. Hay. I just want to cherish every moment with my son and I want him to feel that he’s one of the greatest thing that happened in my life! And I want him to feel that he is always loved and not alone. I know time will come and he will be opting to be on his own, so when that time comes I’m pretty sure that he’s ready to face the world.

And yes, I’m looking forward for his more milestones, big or small, whatever it is I will always be a one proud Momma. 🙂

Meet Cyrus Schuyler a.k.a Cyler

This month my son is already 10 months, and I’m glad that at this stage he is very active and enthusiastic in learning things. Like every family out there we also celebrate Cyler’s monthsary every month. It’s good to see him learning and growing so fast, and it makes us a proud parent. Cyler never fails to make us smile and I want to thank God for giving us the most precious gift that anyone could ever had. Oh I’m starting to weep now.. I’m such a drama queen, really! I am more iyakin than Cyler! Hehe

Btw, here’s Cyler’s milestones now:

He can say “Ma-Ma” for Mommy

And “Da-da” for Daddy

He even say “Tata” for Tita

And “A-mah” for Sama(come), his lola taught him to say Sama.

He likes throwing stuff out of the playpen.

He is so eager to learn how to walk, actually I let him practice walking everyday at the house or in our veranda.

He knows how to open the pages of his book on his own and it’s accompanied by narration (pretending he can read already). Hihi

His teeth are almost complete and molars are starting to peek out on his gums (it gives him a hard time to sleep at night, but good thing he doesn’t experience any fever).

He is starting to bite everything even Mommy and Daddy’s arms (sob.. but that’s totally fine sweetie).

Here’s Cyler’s 10th month celebration.

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P.S. Mommy and Daddy will always be here for you in every step of your life! We love you so muchooo Cyler!